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Chapter 1

The year 32,850 will not be Like any other year you have passed. Neither will it be a year you will pass. 


‘Control A-major to C-major do you read me?’.‘Yes but there is a little bit of break down but it will not interfere with our conversation.’ ‘I heard of the major malfunction that happened  yesterday. You have troubled C-major too much. I will have to put you into Z-major. Do you have anything to tell me before i cut the connection?’ I gasped. How could she know? It‘s not like I accidentally chopped someones feet (I did).  Hi, i’ am Kelly QWERT and i am a engineer at C-major the third highest class! But what you have witnessed was me being but into the lowest class! I replied ‘not really you may cut the line.’. ‘Very well then bye KELLY’. I can not believe it. i just have to suck it up. I mean how bad can Z-major really be?

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