This Is Your Future


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 Addison paced the length of his room, biting his nails. It had been going in for ages now and he still hadn't told anybody about it. In fact, it had been going in for just over a year. He looked out of the window. 'I guess nonody else can see into the future,' he thought.

The next day, he attended school as normal but had one question on his mind, 'is it just me?' He walked over to his friends. ' 'Sup mate!?' Jayson said, fist bumbing Addison.                                                                 'Alot,' Addison said, quietly.

It wasn't till a week later that something happened. The one thing Addison had hoped he wouldn't be able to see, Death.

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 When he entered the gates of the school he walked straight through without stopping to say hi to his friends. He couldn't face it, not yet anyway. 'Add??' He heard his friends shout behind him. He kept on walking, resisting the temptation to look behind him. 

At lunch he finally decided. 'Jay, sorry about earlier,' he said' I wasn't thinking properly. Can I talk to you a second?'                                              'Sure, go ahead,' Jay replied. Addison looked at him meaningfully.         'I. . . I. . . umm. . .' Addison stammered, 'I kind of meant, alone. Sorry guys.' Jack, Evan and Noah looked at him understandingly. 'Thanks.'

'Ok, so, I have alot to tell you and you will probably think I'm lying but I promise i am not. Okay, I have had this thing for just over a year now but i was scared to tell anybody, including my mum and dad, they still don't know. I can see into the future-' Jay opened his mouth to talk,'-Shh Jay, basically, well, you are going to, well, erm,  you are going to die.' 

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 'WHAT?! When!?' Jay yelled.                                                                      'Not for a while yet!'                                                                                                      'OH YEAH!' Jay shouted, furiously,'it doesn't matter that i'm going to die because "its not for a while yet".                                                                   'I never said that! I told you because i care for you and i want you to know! It won't be untill the 1st of  April though. . . Oh wait, that is 15 days. . . ' Addison had been keeping the secret for so long. When he first found out it was 2 months untill Jay died. He was going to have to make the most of it. Jay began to cry and Addison hugged him tight, tears spiling from his own eyes, 'I am sorry. . .'

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