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Chapter 1-Im Not In Love.

Trey woke up, the sun beamed through his windows like every morning. He stood up slowly and sighed, he’d slept in. Again. Trey huffed and went down to the kitchen, He looked around and found another note. Like always. His mom of course was at ‘work’ already. Trey sighed and quietly made himself breakfast and got dressed.

He left off for school, and started walking while reading (BAD IDEA.) a book due to a pop quiz, Another Jock looking guy was headed towards him and was RUNNING and yelling “SHOOT! I FORGOT MY HISTORY BOOK!”  Trey shook his head but didn’t look up. CrAsH! (yes. Onomatopoeia) They collided, The jock landing on top. They just…sat there for a moment before pushing eachother off. Trey stared “So..uh…you need an extra history book?” The jock nodded and he handed one of his. *(yes. He has multiple) Trey began walking off “Wait up!” He turned at the voice and paused, the jock smiled and walked to him “I’m Henry,” Henry flipped his Dark brown ponytail, and his blue eyes shone。Trey shook his head “I - Uh..I need to Go!” He ran for it , slightly red In the face. 
   Trey got to school and huffed, he’d never ran that fast in his life. 2 girls stood in front of him “Hey trey! We were…totally not stalking you just for the sake of shipS…?” He face palmed “Lucy. Charlotte. I’m not in love.”


End chapter 1 (please recommend ideas <))

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William King

It needs some work. "He left off for school..." set off would be correct. The capitalisation is not necessary. "2 girls stood in front of him..." Two. "Hey trey!" Trey, his name should be served up with a capital. Honestly, it looks like you just scribbled something down and never looked at it, or am I wrong?


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