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Story 1(In The Night Time)

 It was a casual morning when I was in bed seducing myself into the wonders of the deep dark areas and big powerful fluffy feathers (jk its just my bed). As I yeeted myself onto the floor I rolled until I reached the door and stood up. After about 5minuets of standing I decided to go downstairs and eat the breakfast that I don’t eat. So I leave for school and I get there 10 minuets early which is the worst. The school day was boring and I did absolutely nothing apart from doing the actual work and talking to any of the friends that I don’t have. Right after the bell went to go home I ran. Like I literally ran because you know, why not? When I got home I threw myself onto the stairs and the stairs and went to sleep. When I woke up it was 3am (the devils hour) so I went to my bedroom. I got in my room and I saw a black figure laying in my bed. It looked like a Teletubbies character. Then it stood up and came into the light and screamed “HI SISTERS” it was James Charles. 

Should I carry on the story? 

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