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Sad Short Story

Once there was an old man and a young girl

he liked what he saw, so he told her to twirl

she did as he asked, even when he said strip

he admired her body from her breasts to her hips

then mom came in and made her get dressed

and told him off for being a pest

she got grounded for over 8 months

and thinks others are calling her sl*t

so she hides her body with sweatshirts and jeans

hoping people aren't really that mean

she found a guy who treats her right

but nothing erases memories of that night

she's thankful her sis couldn't keep her mouth shut

cuz she had been rescued by her mum

now you know a sad short story

about a girl who says she is very sorry

so i think you should know who she is

since she's brave enough to share this

the girl who suffered this event is me 

and the man was hiding behind a screen.

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