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Jan. 16, 2018

    Hey readers, I decided to do a public diary because I'm having difficulty thinking up other ideas for stories. At least this way, i don't have to follow a specific story-line. ^w^ 

I was thinking every new chapter could be a new day and if you guys like it, then my life story actually has a use. If you don't, oh well. There are plenty more things for me to write about... if i can think of them. *strained laugh* Anyway, hope you all enjoy, cuz I'll keep doing this even if you don't. X3


Until the next update: 

Melody Bettencourt (*._.)

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Jan. 17, 2018

    Hey readers, another update to my "public diary." My headphones broke and no one in class has any spare pairs so i can't watch Jacksepticeye in class for a while until i get a new pair. But i do have an excuse to add another entry to this now., so that's good...

I can't think of anything that would be interesting to add. Most people reading books or fanfictions tend to want to escape their current situation and i'm afraid i don't have any real situations in my life that you might want to escape into. Sorry if this is just wasting your time. Then again, if it is wasting your time, you can just stop reading and go read or do something else... if you want...

I just paused writing this so i could do a vocab test in language arts. i don't understand why we still need those in high school though. I mean, i'm acing almost every one of them. I just remembered an anagram for language arts, L.A. Like Los Angeles. X3 i feel smarts... not really. 

... I guess i'm only doing this because i'm bored.

Sorry for wasting your time reader.



Melody Bettencourt

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