Best Mathematics Problem Solving Strategies


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Best Mathematics Problem Solving Strategies

Ever sat on a math test in a class where the use of calculators is prohibited? Without applying the best math problem solving strategies, you can find the math test more daunting.

Instead of relying on calculators, it would be good for students to learn techniques to solve math problems fast and with ease. This way, students can boost their concentration.

In this article, you will learn the best problem solving strategies for math.

Read and Understand the Problem

First things first: You must read the problem attentively to know what the problem requires you to do. Skipping this first step can make your problem solving strategy math impossible.

Also, as you read the problem, ensure to mark the key points (you may underline the key points) so that you don’t skip important information that could affect the answer you get.

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Once you have read and understood the problem, you picked problem solving strategy math that works for you and made a plan, use these strategies to solve math problems.


Create a Diagram


We assume that you’ve read and understood the problem carefully and you can use the information in the problem to draw a diagram. Solving math problems using a diagram can help to figure out the problem and get the solution much easier. You can then use the diagram to work out the solution.




Here, you can use two strategies to solve math problems.

Guess and Check: This strategy is applicable to multiple kinds of math problems. In this strategy, students can make a sensible guess using the information provided and then confirm whether they have guessed correctly. While the guess might not be accurate, it needs to be closer to the answer until a student gets the correct answer.

Guess and check is the simplest math problem strategy because anyone can guess the answer.

Guess and improve: The guess and improve strategy is somehow complex. In this strategy, students will guess and when their guess is inaccurate, they use it to make a better guess again. The good thing about the guess and improve strategy is that students can see how to improve their next guess. However, depending on the variables, it can be hard to know how to improve the next guess.


Create a Table or Make a List


Another problem solving strategy math is to use a table to organize the information provided in the math question. By organizing the information in a table, students can get the correct solution with ease.

Another best way is to make a list of the information provided in the problem. This will help students to get a clue about the possibilities of the answer so they can try working out the problem.

Using these mathematics solving problem strategies, you can easily maths problems.

The best part?

They have been applied by many students and they have found them useful.

Check to ensure your plan is helping you answer the problem.

Use the plan to solve the math problem

Pick a strategy that works for you and plan how you will execute it.

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