How A Dissertation Can Boost Your Employabilty


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How A Dissertation Can Boost Your Employabilty

The thought of undertaking a dissertation can be frightening for most students. Depending om your course and qualifications, most universities require their students to write dissertations ranging from ten to twenty thousand words. Writing a paper of such length requires discipline, commitment and dedication.

 If you are a disciplined and committed student, nothing can stand on your way. Take a moment and imagine that you are a very hardworking student. You have been spending most of your time studying and you’ve passed beyond the average mark or grade.

However, the chances of you getting invited to University Challenge is quite low. You worked hard during the first two years and now, the idea of completing a tone of work that will play a huge role on your final grade is starting to fascinate you.

To add on that, you’ve also remembered how empty your CV is with regard to work experience and skills. You don’t have any valuable contacts to call when you graduate and start looking for a job.

When you start applying for jobs, how are you going to show your employers that you are the best candidate for the job? Should you surf the site for information or visit the employer before the interview to create a positive impression? Do you have any student debts that are starting to feel like a heavy burden that you have this need to get employed as soon as possible? A well written dissertation can work like magic when presented to employers. It will definitely boost your employability.

Being able to write clearly and concisely is the most important skill you need to have to excel not only in school but also in your career. Communication is an important skill regardless of the subject or career you choose to specialize in. Human beings are social creatures. There is no way we can survive without communicating with each other.

Employers look for candidate who can clearly express his or her ideas clearly. When working, you’ll spend most of your time writing letters, emails or reports. You can also be asked to prepare presentations or give a short speech. If your career requires you to use language in a stylish way, such as copy writing or journalism, it’s very important for you to understand how to write and communicate effectively.

With most students going for internships and various graduate schemes, it’s important for you to be ahead of the crowd. Don’t just depend on your internship as a way of having an edge over others. You need to get everything you can have. Since most students and learners hate writing dissertations, you should go for it.

When something seems challenging, be grateful because only a handful will go for it. You should be among the few. In general, candidates who have well written dissertations clearly prove their researching, writing and communication skills not only to their potential employers but also to themselves.

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