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How to Write Like a Pro

When I started out my writing career, I noticed that there were two types of writers. The ones who succeed and the ones who don’t. I asked myself, “Why are some writers more successful than others?”

Well, it definitely wasn’t their brainpower because no human being is twice as smart as another. It wasn’t their physical ability because we have strong and energetic unsuccessful writers. So what was it?

I later found out that attitude is the determining factor of success in writing. Successful writers have a different attitude towards writing compared to the unsuccessful ones. They write because they love writing. They just don’t write to earn a living.

They write to be the best in their field. Unsuccessful writers write because they don’t have an option. They write because it’s the easiest option available. They start writing when the deadlines are around the corner and they avoid doing any extra work.

For you to write like a pro, you have to do what successful writers do. As the popular saying goes, success leaves tracks and so does failure. Here are some of the tips that can help you write like a pro.

1. Proofread your work

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of proofreading your work. If you do not proofread your articles, you have failed. You might think that your article has no spelling and grammatical errors because you wrote like a pro but you’ll be surprised if you go through your work again. Failing to proofread your work is like someone who does not use a mirror. Always proofread your work at least three times before submitting or publishing.

2. Know your audience

Who are you writing for? Always do some research before writing to understand the needs of your audience. Get to know more at Edubirdie. If your article does not relate to them, why should they read? If your article does not advance them in any way, it would be best not to write it. It doesn’t hurt doing your research. In fact, you’ll get to know what you had not known about your audience and you can make improvements.

3. Be yourself

When I was starting out, I used to do my best to sound like an expert or professional. I think my articles could be easily published on Wikipedia. Then I realized that people cannot be fooled. I had to do something different. I started writing from my heart. I let my personality shine through. And it worked!

When writing anything, be yourself. People will love your articles because of your personality. Once you embrace your personality, you will improve your productivity and most importantly, you’ll enjoy it.

4. Simplicity is key

Avoid complexity as much as you can. Avoid complex words. You do not want your reader to have a dictionary to understand what you’re saying. Simplicity is the key to writing great articles. Plus, no one will ever complain that your articles are too easy to understand.


Part of being a successful writer is failing. When you fail, learn from it and resolve never to repeat the mistake again. The tips discussed above will help you write like pro. Remember, your attitude determines everything.

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