How to teach children about abuse


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How to teach children about abuse

It is a common natural fact that children’s first tutor are the parents. They are the first to teach the child how to walk, talk, eat, to be careful with sharp or hot objects, among other things. However, many parents often shy away from discussing the abuse with their children probably because they are unsure of how the child will respond or behave. Child abuse in America and other countries of the world is now on the rise, parents have now realized that it is important to educate the children about abuse, both physical and sexual and the risks associated with it and the way to handle it. The following highlighted below explains how you can teach your children about abuse.

1)Define Abuse To Them

This means that you should let your children understand what abuse means. Explain to them in clear times that they can easily figure it out when they are at risk of getting abused.

2)Let Them Understand Basic Rules

It is also of paramount importance that you teach them the basic rules of what they could do and what they should not. Let them know what they could do and what they should not attempt or allow anyone to do with them. Teach them that they should report to you when threatened. When confronted with these types of essays, free examples and guidance are some of the resources you could find at GradesFixer. Also, teach them the ability to say ‘no’ and leave unsafe or scary places and to be careful of where they go with people. 

3)Build A Trust Relationship With Them

This is very important to stop child abuse. You should have a solid relationship with your children so that they are assured of your trust. This enabled them to have trust in you, and they can easily share their thoughts with you and other things that are going on in their life. This makes them feel secure.

4)Educate Them About Their Body Parts And Body Boundaries

This is also equally important. Educate your children about their body parts, let them understand that some of their body parts are private and it is not meant for anyone to see except mom, dad, and the doctor when necessary.

5)Spend Time With Them And Share Their Thoughts

It is very vital that you spend time with your children. Chat with them, hear from them, and discuss their thoughts with them. This enables you to learn about their secrets. You will know whatever they could be going through. You will be able to guide, advice, and protect them from child abuse


To conclude, it is important to educate children about sexual feelings and sexual touch. This is also very important. Let your children understand that they may feel good when tough in some parts of their body and assert to them that it is not in their best interest. Make them understand that they may feel pleasure when touched, but it may cause difficulty for them. This is to ensure that they are wary of being touched.

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