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5 Simple Tips to Study Effectively

Deadlines, finals, exams for every subject – this is all a burden every student has to carry around for years. But, studying is more bearable and even somewhat pleasurable when you know how to do it effectively. Here are some tested tricks that will help you study better for your exams.

1.   Make a Study Schedule.

A study schedule has more functions than just helping you meet those deadlines. With many subjects and many obligations as a student, you definitely need a plan that will remind you what needs to be done and when.

But, a study schedule can also help you study better. How? With a good plan that you are actually inclined to stick up to, you won’t procrastinate any longer. The only thing to remember here is to make your plan realistic and flexible. Leave some room for breaks and unexpected changes, write down all those deadlines, and split the big tasks into smaller chunks.

Then, all that’s left to do is follow the plan.

2.   Find the Perfect Study Spot.

There is such a thing as a perfect spot for writing and studying. There isn’t a clear definition as to where this is because it depends on the student, which makes it your job to find your study area.

If you find yourself procrastinating more often than you should, it is time to make some changes. Change the room you study in with a quieter one. Make sure you have just the right lighting to study. Turn off the TV and the noise. Visit the library if it’s better for you.

Basically, start experimenting. You might even have different spots for different things. For example, you might study best in the library, but write most effectively in a coffee shop. As for editing, find out more about editing at Edubirdie's site, also, you can find some great writing tips there.

3.   Go Distraction-Free.

At this point, your smartphone is probably your biggest enemy. When the time comes for you to study, go distraction-free. Leave that room in the other room, turn off the TV, shut off social media on your laptop – and simply focus on studying. Those constant notifications and emails will only make you lose focus and make studying more stressful and longer for you.

4.   Start Living Healthy.

Students have this terrible tendency of living as unhealthy as it goes. They rarely sleep because of procrastination and parties, they eat junk food, and never exercise.

All of this has to change if you want to study more effectively. The food you consume and the activities you do throughout the day will boost your energy and your brainpower. There’s such thing as brain food, so start eating it. Exercise makes you stronger and sharpens your focus, so do some every day. And most importantly, have a good night sleep to actually be able to study when you have to.

5.   Take Breaks.

Don’t go overboard with it, but definitely take breaks. Your brain and body will tell you loud and clear when you are too tired to understand the materials or remember them. When it happens, take a break.

Are you ready to test these tricks? We hope that they’ll help you achieve your study goals and score highly on all exams!


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