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How Long Should We Wait for Mount & Blade Bannerlord?

The longing and anticipation that gamers once had following the announcement of the launch of Mount & Blade Banner has slowly diminished over the years. Since the set off of the first Mount & Blade sequel in 2008, TaleWorlds Entertainment developers have released other sequels such as Mount & Blade Warband in 2010 and Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword in 2011. Developers of Mount & Blade, TaleWorlds Entertainment first announced the launch of the new sequel in 2012 and since then it has experienced one dubious release window that has long wandered by.

Картинки по запросу Mount & Blade Bannerlord


The delayed release has left several gamers including students disappointed and less optimistic of its launch before humanity ceases to exist. Developers claim the long awaited Mount & Blade Bannerlord’s production is presently underway and various alterations are being implemented, learning from the previously published Mount & Blade games, to expand the game’s and transform it into a game like no other.


Since the first announcement of the new game’s launch 7 years ago, a recent interview revealed that the immensely anticipated game is currently in production specifically for consoles. The new speculated game alterations may include the entire graphic engine, crafting of weapons and taking part in diplomacy among other changes. The reason why developers are taking too long to release the new game is because they are working to make it a great on consoles.

Картинки по запросу Mount & Blade Bannerlord


Perhaps the most disappointed group of gaming maniacs is college students who rely on the gaming experiences to bring out their creativity and broaden their imagination, which they later translate into their paper writing. Unlike the past where books and novels reading was the only source of enhancement for our imagination, nowadays students can source education materials from the video games they indulge in, for instance, Mount & Blade Warband setting is 200 years ago, which amplifies Calradi world and the comprehensive fighting order. Sadly, some people believe gaming is a waste of time and just for your own personal amusement or simply to pass time.


 Aside from being a good study reference, games are useful in impacting skills such as social skills when you get to play as a group, problem solving skills when you have to overcome obstacles in a game in order to progress to the next level and also amplifies your attentiveness in class. Students who love video games and are great in writing can earn some cash by writing game reviews and research papers for sale.


Presently, TaleWorlds Entertainment developers have remained tight-lipped regarding Mount & Blade Bannerlord’s launch date, while other game enthusiasts have given up on waiting. With the time it has taken so far for the new game to be released, some believe the new game will be the epitome of the Mount & Blade sequel. As it is, most people prefer playing Mount & Blade Warband with mods than to wait for a new game with no near end.

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