The Light of Midnight Shadows


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Chapter 1: Johnson Household

A very pleasant morning in the Oxfordshire in the British Isles was not so very pleasant for April Johnson. She woke startled by a bang outside her door. She being the brave one, bolted toward the door, slammed it open and saw her brother lying face first at the bottom of stairs.


She yelled, "August Richard Johnson! That was the worst way to wake for my first day in High School! With such negligence to decency, I have no idea how you ended up being 2nd ranked and getting into the same school as me! If there is any indiscipline in Redwood High School I will make sure to beat you to next week!"



"Good Morning to you too. What am I supposed to do if I fell down?" August whined.



"Well, August dear, no one ever asked you to jump out your door onto April's, then trip backwards and fall down the stairs all the way to the breakfast table. You have really creative ways to come for breakfast." Emma, their mother, interrupted.


"Exactly." April finished.


"Women", August muttered and rolled his eyes. Both the women raised their eyebrows. "That’s totally ridiculous! Look at the two of you!"


"Morning Family!" Richard, their father, screamed. Being the first one to recover, August stood up and yelled back, "Morning Dad!" Emma and April shut their ears and started to mutter about 'loud and unpleasant men and mornings'. Richard and August while smirking, laughed hysterically at their antics.


"Morning girls" Richard choked out after being done with his laughing. "Morning Dad"; "Morning Love" they replied.


"April, why don't you and Auggie-doggie get ready while I help mom with breakfast?" Richard suggested. August scowled at the name. It had stuck with him since he turned up in a dog costume at a Halloween party three years back.


"Yes Dad. C'mon Auggie, first day of school!" 


"Don't call me that!" 


"Sure, I will. Now, shoo Auggie Doggie, got to get ready, yes? Good boy Auggie" April patted his head and messed up his hair. August grunted and went up to get ready.


"Dogs do listen, don't they?" she chuckled. 


"That's not nice April, better apologize later, now, off you go." Emma pointed out.


"Yes Mum". She went to get ready, skipping a stair as she went. April was very excited to get to school.


Emma and Richard looked at each other, thinking about the same thing...

'What's going to happen to her when she finds out?'


"How long can August hide it from April?" Emma sighs.

"Not long...She's turning 15 next week...” Richard said as he hugged her from behind.


They fell in a comfortable silence for a minute when Richard breaks it.


"What's for breakfast anyway?" Richard inquired. He turned her around. She draped her arms around his neck. 

"Well, I thought of Bacon and Eggs for us and cereals for the kids." Emma replied. He kissed her lightly on the lips. "Okay Love. I'll get the Eggs ready." He left to get the eggs. 

She sighed and looked at the man she loved so much, "Thanks Honey". She set to work on bacon and setting the table.




*Meanwhile with April*

'I don't know what to wear.' she sighed and squeezed more shampoo onto her hand. 'Maybe August and I can wear our suits.

'I wonder if I can make new friends here. What about classes? Will I do well?' She sighed again.

'I should really stop doing that'. She dried herself and called up August.




*With August*

'I don't know what to wear.' he groaned as some soap got into his eyes. 'Stupid soap! Maybe I could wear my suit. I'm sure April's thinking on the same lines. Our birthday is coming up. She'll find out everything. We'll be 15 in a few weeks. I wonder what mum and dad would tell her. She might even find her bond mate at school and it maybe today!' He dried himself and went into his bedroom. He heard his mobile ring. He looked at it and smiled as he picked it up.


"Hey Appy."

"Don't call me that 'Auggie Doggie'"

"Oye! Okay, what did you plan to wear?"

"I thought of wearing my suit?"

"Okay, don't mess up the tie."

"Yes Ma'am". 

"Hey April? Don't worry too much. You'll do excellent in school."

"Thanks August." She hung the call.


Both of them got out of their respective bedrooms. Looked at each other and smiled. They went down and sat for breakfast.

Although August is wild, he is ever the gentleman. He served cereals for both April and himself and smiled when April thanked him. Emma and Richard sat with their breakfast as well. 


They had breakfast in silence. Emma, Richard and August thinking on the same lines.


'April'. 'Bond'. 'The Truth'.

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 "He couldn't do it April. I tried. He just couldn't come past his saving people thing. " August said to his sister, holding the limp body of her soulmate, the king of the supernatural world. 

Zaria was no longer under their control. 

"I know something. A ritual. He has the sword. That'll help. We need the coven. Now!" April screamed. 

"April calm down and think straight." August said, looking at April pacing everywhere holding her grimoire. 

"Think straight?!" 

"Uh oh!" August muttered. 

"You want me to think straight when you are holding my husband's body in your hands?! Apparate to the coven's ritual center immediately!" she yelled at him. 

"I'm going to get you back Cecil. I'm getting you back." she said to herself and started to look through the grimoire. 


Okay, Hi! 

Umm... so I'm Elena. I'm new here. I hope you will like my story. That was the preface or prologue or whatever you want to call it. Please let me know if you're interested in the book. I already have a few chapters written. I'll update whoever I can. 

Thank you,


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