The Nightwalker's Bride


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Nights are for Monsters

The lights of the theater were still on, but the real spectacle had not taken place on stage. The aisles were riddled with the dying and their blood painted the walls and floors. Their faces were still contorted in ghastly agony. Only two figures still stood amongst the terrible carnage looking down at the massacre.

"Any survivors? If you're alive, please make a sound." Victoria called, holstering her gun and then wiping the blood off her face. Her dark uniform contained the insignia of the Hellsing Institution of Danger Eradication, or HIDE for short. She walked down the main aisle sniffing around like a dog looking for a bone. 

"Do you sense anything, Master?" Victoria called out to the other figure that stood tall but concealed in the shadows. 

"Aye, a bit to your left is one, hiding under the ghoul." His deep voice grumbled almost bored. He had the tiniest trace of an accent. Only the trained ear could hear it and classify it coming from somewhere in eastern Europe. 

"Oh! I see her!" Victoria approached the corpse of a ghoul and tossed it aside as if it weighed nothing. Under the corpse, a terrified woman trembled in shock. Victoria cautiously grabbed her arm and pulled her up to a sitting position.

"Hello, I'm Victoria Morris. And you are?" she said sweetly crouching down to her level.

The woman only shook staring at nothing. 

"It's alright, you're safe now. No one is going to hurt you." She cooed trying to calm the woman. 

The woman finally glanced at Victoria. 

"That's it! What's your name?" she smiled.

The woman's eyes widened and she pulled away from Victoria. Unable to keep her eyes from Victoria's fangs. "You're one of them! You're one of the monsters!" The woman said backing away. 

"No, no. We're the good guys. We're here to help you!" Victoria said pointing at her badge. "See, we're from HIDE. We killed the monsters that attacked you." 

"No, stay away!" the woman ran towards the door, but in the same direction as the man in the shadows. 

He stepped in in front of her. "Tell us what happened?" he ordered. 

The woman screamed and curled herself into a little ball terrified. Victoria approached the woman and put her hand on her shoulder. "You must forgive my partner. He has no tack. But I promise that nothing will happen to you. You're safe. We won't hurt you."

The woman glanced up at Victoria. "You promise?" 

"On my beloved husband's grave." She smiled.

The woman stood up and Victoria led her to one of the empty seats. "Can you tell us what happened?" 

The woman gave a small nod. "It happened so fast." Her voice and lip quivered as she tried to form the words. "It was supposed to be a play. He was the lead, my boyfriend. But he started acting weird, not like himself and then, the monsters attacked. They said they would take over the night. Oh god! They were in the audience. And he was one of them. OH GOD! He was one of them!" she held her face in her hands still trying to process everything. "I loved him." She whispered crying. 

Victoria looked back at her Master sadly. This woman's life had been destroyed. "I'm so sorry," Victoria said pulling her up. "Let's get you out of here." Suddenly behind Victoria, the man from the shadows stood looking down at the woman grimly. 

She looked up at him scared. He was very intimidating. His long dark hair covered on one his red eyes and his fine three-piece suit had red accents. He stopped her from moving and before she could process it his long fangs where at her neck. She had no time to scream as she died. He devoured her and in seconds her lifeless body thumped to the floor.

Victoria stood to the side looking half shocked.

"You didn't have to do that," she said straightening her brown hair that pulled back in an oldfashioned bun. "She was cooperating." she huffed and straightened her skirt.

"Her mind was broken, no amount of therapy could have fixed that. It was a mercy killing," he said heading out not looking back.

"You don't know that. You could have at least erased her memory..." Victoria sighed. "But there's no point arguing with you." 

"That's correct," he smirked. "Besides, now we know this attack was part of something bigger."

"Yes, I heard what she said 'we will take over the night' that's nothing new. We've heard that phrase before." Victoria said annoyed.

"There are plots afloat. I don't like it." Alucard said as he kept on walking. There was an awkward pause between them until Victoria sighed.

"You made me break my promise, Alucard." there was disappointment in her voice. "I promised we wouldn't hurt her." 

"And now she's in a better place," Alucard said turning back. "Stop thinking about it and let's go, before you get softer." Victoria followed her dark Master out the theater.

"I'll have to report what you did." She sighed.

"I dare you to." He smirked again raising his brows amused. "Let see if you can do it this time." 

"Maybe I will!" she said miffed.

"You won't." He replied confidently.

Once they were both out of the building Victoria took out her phone. "Agent Victoria Morris, reporting from Brixton for Division A, investigating the theater attack." She said to her phone. "No survivors after our departure. Awaiting further instruction." she paused for a moment awaiting the reply then hung up the phone. "HQ wants us back," she stated.

"I'll give you a half point on this one." Alucard teased.

"Whatever. Let's go, before you cause more trouble." She rolled her eyes and walked to their car.

"Why? That night is made for monsters like me." Alucard said with a smile. "Tell Eddie, I'll stay out for a bit longer." Then he disappeared into the shadows of the crisp London night.

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1. Then She Returned

On the cold ground she walked only looking forward. The gates of the estate remained closed with guards and soldiers standing by blocking her entrance. But she was determined. She walked past them opening the gate with her bare hands, leaving the guards astonished. They tried to stop her and fired her way, their shells only bounced off her body leaving tiny scorched holes on her old faded white dress. 

"Stop!" They shouted. 

"One more step and we will end you." They threatened. 

But she walked on knowing she must continue.

From the inside, Lord Edvard Van Hellsing could hear the commotion. He sat on his desk with his work before him. Annoyed he picked up the phone and straightened his fine suit.

"What in Hell is going on out there?!" he paused for a moment  "Intruders?! How many?" Angry, he grunted when he heard his army was battling against a single opponent, one that had yet to throw a single punch. "I'm on my way." He hung the phone and stormed out of his office like a bull ready for a fight.

When Lord Hellsing reached the patio he was met by an angel. A young woman no more than 25 took small graceful steps toward the building as bullets rained on her delicate body. Her red eyes looked lost and bewildered, and her long platinum hair fell down in ringlets down her back. Her skin was in a shade so fair it had clearly never seen the sun, but down her coral lips ran a red trail of blood. The dress she wore was at least 4 centuries old; the gold trim was faded but dark red stains covered the front. Those were fresh. She was no angel, but some kind of blood-sucking demon.

"Ceasefire!" Hellsing ordered. Silence filled the air as the men put down their guns. "Stop! What do you want demon?" Hellsing addressed the girl who stopped walking and turned her attention to the man before her.

"Where is he?" Her voice came out small and childlike.

"Who?" Hellsing frowned.

"Where is my Lord? My Master?" She looked around once more. "He is here. I know it."

"I don't know who you speak of." Hellsing crossed his arms. "Here we exterminate demons like you. Tell us what you want and maybe we won't kill you."

"I want my Lord and Master. My one and only love. Please, where is he?" she took a step forward and the men raised their arms again. 

"Stop! Or we will end you." Lord Hellsing threatened.

But this time she didn't stop. She kept on walking into the building. The fortress began the full lockdown. All soldiers had one mission to take down the mysterious woman who had waltzed into their premises. But she seemed unfazed and continued on. Even Joaquin Butler, Lord Hellsing's right-hand man and one of the most successful vampire hunters in history, tried to restrain her with his sharp and deadly strings but they simply snapped when they touched her skin. It was only a large cannon that was able to toss her form out the window, but even then she rose from the rubble of shattered stone and glass.

"I've had enough of this." Lord Hellsing said calling in his ultimate weapon when the woman rose to her feet after being hit by another cannon blast. "Alucard, I have a mission for you."

There under the moonlight, he emerged from the dungeon of the fortress that was Hellsing's Manor. Lord Hellsing had given him a mission to destroy the intruder, but when his red demon eyes fell on her, he froze. Froze. The King of Vampires did nothing but utter her name.


She gazed upon him, her red eyes filled with light and tears. "My Heart!" she exclaimed with a wide smile running towards him.

"Stay where you are, Rosaline." He commanded and turned away back to the building, his dark coat flying behind him.

Rosaline froze and fell to her knees weeping.

"Alucard! What in hell's name was that?!" Lord Hellsing reprimanded his vassal as he followed him back to his dungeon.

"She is no threat." He simply stated and kept walking.

"Are you going to explain?"

"Only if you order me too, Master." He said between his teeth.

"I order you to! Who is that woman?"

"She is someone who I never thought to see again. She cannot be killed by me. Believe me."

"What are we supposed to do now then?"

"She will stay there as I told her too. At least until the next sundown."

"How do you know that?" Lord Hellsing questioned.

"That's what she was made for."

"You are doing a terrible job at explaining. Do you at least know what she wants?"

"Me. She wants me. I'm the only she's looking for." He stopped and answered the question before descending back into his dungeon.

"Alucard, who is she?" Lord Hellsing asked watching his back go further down the dark stairs.

"Her name is Rosaline, she is my bride." He said before his form was swallowed by the darkness.

✠     ✠     ✠     ✠     ✠

Lord Hellsing stood by the window of his office looking down at the figure below. The mysterious girl, Rosaline, sat where Alucard had last left her. She looked down at the ground before her, unmoving. Her face was like that of a doll, beautiful but cold and unfeeling. Hellsing had posted soldiers around her to make sure she didn't move from her spot. And true to Alucard's promise Rosaline remained. It was very early morning now, and the dawn was soon to break. Hellsing had not slept as he continued to watch the girl almost hypnotized by her beauty. "She can't sit there forever," Hellsing told himself and paced the room still gazing at her.

As the first rays of sunshine hit the ground something finally happened. Rosaline looked up at the sky as if she was just realizing the dawn had come. She sighed sadly and laid herself down on the ground looking up at the sky her hands neatly folded on her chest, then she closed her eyes, like a corpse at its funeral. When the sunlight hit her, her body changed. It became clear and crystalline. She'd become a sparkling glass statue.

All who saw gasped in amazement. A soldier cautiously approached the statue that was Rosaline and touched her, but nothing happened. They hit her but again nothing happened. Soon it became clear that she wouldn't move in this state. Lord Hellsing ordered her body to be moved and then finally retired to bed after ordering to be informed when Rosaline once again awoke, as he was sure she would.

It was dusk when Lord Hellsing once again stood before Rosaline. When the sun had completely disappeared behind the horizon, the color returned to her skin and her body returned to what it had been the night before. But now she was no longer laying on the grass, instead, she was on a bed in a room deep bellow Hellsing Manor.

"Welcome back, Rosaline." Lord Hellsing said as Rosaline took her first breath after her transformation.

Rosaline sat up and looked around the room before turning her attention to Hellsing. She could tell he was a powerful man. By his stance and way of speaking it was clear he was the one in charge. He had a hard gaze beneath his spectacles. Rosaline bowed her head acknowledging him, but remained silent.

Lord Hellsing introduced himself and Butler who stood behind him and again Rosaline bowed her head. "Last night you broke into my estate, which serves as headquarters to the Hellsing Institution for Danger Eradication, which is very illegal, to say the least," Hellsing told her.

"I'm sorry," Rosaline said not looking guilty. "I was looking."

"Yes, we are aware. We know that you've found what you were looking for."

"But he's still angry. He won't see me." Rosaline said, the sorrow in her eyes almost made Hellsing feel bad for her.

"Yes, Alucard seems... upset. A very rare state for him."

"Alucard?" Rosaline looked confused.

"Yes, that is the name he uses now. I'm guessing you didn't know that." Hellsing looked at Rosaline curiously forming a question in his mind. "Rosaline, when was the last time you saw Alucard?"

Rosaline tilted her head and stared at the wall thinking. She didn't know the answer to that question. How long had it been exactly? How many years had passed since she was buried under that mountain? Times had changed she knew that much, but how much time had passed, she didn't know.

Hellsing looked at her forming even more questions. "Rosaline, who are you?"

Rosaline looked back at Hellsing. "I am Rosaline."

"Yes, we know that much." Hellsing chuckled annoyed. "Who are you to Alucard?"

Her expression darkened. "To him I am nothing. But to me he is everything. The Almighty made me for him. He is my Lord and Master. My Heart and Soul."

"Yes, you've made that clear." Hellsing pushed up his glasses trying not to roll his eyes. "But how did you meet?"

"After The Almighty created me and gave me to him, he planted me by moonlight. And every day he shielded me my the sun and every night he watered me with his blood for two fortnights until the night I bloomed. And I have loved him ever since." Rosaline stated.

"Thank you, Rosaline." Lord Hellsing said taking his leave with the Butler behind him. "Please stay in this room until further notice."

Rosaline watched the pair leave and examined the room. There was nothing but the cot she laid in and a chair. She could hear voices outside the door.

"That girl speaks in riddles." Lord Hellsing told Butler as they closed the door behind them.

Alucard stood by the door having heard everything. A small smile painted his lips at the annoyance of his Master. "She's a gem, isn't she?" He teased.

"I don't know if I should believe a word she says." Hellsing ran his hands down his short blond hair clearly frustrated.

"Well you should, because she's no liar," Alucard said.

"'He planted me by moonlight'? Seriously?! What does that even mean?"

"I planted her by moonlight," Alucard said seriously.

"What?!" Came a voice from behind Hellsing. It was Victoria,  who had just returned from her mission abroad. She'd changed out of her usual uniform into her casual clothes, which for her were late 19th-century bustle dresses.

"Ah! Victoria, you've returned! How was my home country?" Alucard teased.

"Never mind that! Victoria, we have a more pressing matter to discuss. Report." Hellsing interrupted.

"I only found testimony for a few sightings, but no attacks besides the first. The sightings suggest the creature was moving westward. The descriptions say it looks like a beautiful young woman with platinum hair and a princess white dress."

"Sound like anyone familiar?" Hellsing turned to Alucard with a death glare.

"Oh! What is this tension?! What did I miss while I was gone?" Victoria asked.

"A new arrival happened. And she has been causing quite the stir. Vitoria, question her until we find out who she is and what she wants." Hellsing ordered. "This one has proven completely useless." He pointed at Alucard. Alucard simply grinned at Hellsing who turned walked away miffed.

Victoria looked between them confused before turning to Alucard. "Alright. What do we know about her? And why is she still alive?" She asked assuming that the creature she was supposed to investigate was already on the premises.

"I cannot kill her."

"You can't kill her?! You? The Unholy King? The Lord of Darkness? The Ultimate Vampire?"

"Victoria...." He warned.

"Alright sorry, what then? What did you mean when you said you 'planted' her?"

"What I said. I put her in the ground and covered her with dirt. Except she was an inch tall and she looked like a pear-shaped diamond." Alucard said miming with his gloved hands.

"What?!" Victoria's frowned deepened.

"You can ask her." He said turning away.

"Wait! You're not going to speak with her?"

"No." He kept on not looking back.

He made it to the dungeon that was his room and sat in his large throne-like chair pouring himself a glass of red wine. He refused to see her or to be in the same room with her. He despised her for everything she was. Her mere existence was a punishment for his sins. Yes, God had punished him the night she had bloomed and her reluctance to die was a reminder of that punishment. He thought he had freed himself of her long ago, but now she had returned to do what she was made for.

To love him.

What a joke. He let out a laugh, a truly tortured and cynical laugh.

No one could ever love a monster like him.

✠      ✠      ✠        ✠        ✠

Victoria stood before Rosaline amazed by her doll-like beauty.

"Call me Victoria." She said sitting on the chair.

"Victoria" Rosaline repeated.

"So, you're Rosaline? Everyone has been talking about you. I wish I could have seen you arrive. They say you're bulletproof."


"Yes, bullets don't hurt you."

"What are bullets?" Rosaline asked.

Victoria stood up from her chair and took out her gun. She took a few steps back and then shot at the backrest blowing a hole in the middle.

"That was a bullet. They put holes in things."

"Like my dress." She looked down at the holes that riddled the fabric of her dress.

"Yes, but they're supposed to go through you. And kill you."

"Oh, I see," Rosaline said like a child. There was an awkward pause for a moment.

"You don't go out much, do you?" Victoria asked feeling little bad for her.

"No." she shook her head confused not sure she actually knew what Victoria meant. 

"So how did you meet Alucard?" Victoria asked trying to continue the conversation.

"When I bloomed," Rosaline said as a matter of fact.  "How did you meet him?"

"Right... Hmm well, I met him a long time ago when he first arrived in England. Because of my friend. Her name was Lucy, she died. Everyone dies." Victoria looked sad for a second before shaking her head and resuming her cheerful disposition. "Anyway, because of Lucy, I got myself turned into a vampire, by Alucard no less. And now I work for HIDE killing all manner of dangerous superhuman beings." 

"I see," Rosaline repeated taking in all of the information.

"So, Rosaline, why are you here?" 


"Ah, Alucard! I think someone mentioned that on my way in. But the real question is: why?" 

"Because I love him."

"Okay... Is there any other reason? I mean I would understand if you'd come to put an end to him. After all the terrible things he's done, revenge seems reasonable. Quite a few people have had vendettas against him." 

"No." Rosaline interrupted. "That's not what I want." 

"What do you want then?"

"To be by his side. I want him to love me like I love him." Rosaline stated simply, her red eyes as clear as day. 

Victoria had always been smart and a good judge of character, so she knew there was no trace of irony in that girl's voice. No lies nor malice. That's why she knew this girl would travel the ends of the earth to prove her love. And that was terrifying.

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2. Rosaline

"...And there you have it, folks, the evil crone's motivation," Victoria finished sarcastically after reporting everything to Lord Hellsing who sat at his desk. Butler stood beside him taking casual drolls of his Cuban cigar while Alucard stood by the door like a shadow. Victoria continued, "She did confess to attacking the poor archeologist who found her. Apparently, they were looking for the remains of a supposed town that was crushed by a landslide in the middle ages. I guess petrified vampiress wasn't part of their expected findings."

"Well, that's one less thing to worry about I suppose." Lord Hellsing sighed displeased with the fact that this Rosaline situation had not been dealt with. He turned to Alucard "So what are you going to do about her? Because to me, this seems like your problem and I don't want HIDE to get caught up in the havoc of your little love affair or whatever this is."

Alucard stared directly at Hellsing and remained silent, but the message was clear.

"Nothing. That's your plan." Hellsing chided. Alucard nodded with a sneer. "At least talk to the girl!"

"I refuse," he said simply.

"Why? Why do you refuse?!" Hellsing hit the desk with his fist.

Alucard simply turned away and walked out the door.

"Come back here! This conversation isn't over!" Hellsing rose from his desk infuriated.

Victoria shook her head as Alucard walked further away.

"ALUCARD!" Hellsing bellowed. 

"Shall I have a word with him, Sir?" Butler finally spoke with his thick Spanish accent.

"Be my guest." Hellsing sunk back down in his chair holding his head with his gloved hand. 

"Lord Hellsing?" Rosaline's voice suddenly came from under the door frame where she stood. All heads spun her way, surprise painted in their faces. "Victoria explained to me that Master Alucard is bound to you in service. She also explained to me what your... guild does."

"Yes, that is correct." He replied.

"I'll like to pledge my allegiance to you as well," Rosaline said with a bow.

"You want to work for HIDE?" Butler crossed his arms. "Why?"

"Is it because Alucard is working here as well?" Victoria guessed.

Rosaline nodded holding her hands in front of her. She looked at Hellsing expectantly awaiting a reply. 

"What exactly is it that you can do?" Hellsing asked.

"Do?" She tilted her head.

"Yes, do you have any extraordinary abilities? Any skills?" 

"Besides, your apparent resilience  to bullets and cannon fire, that is." Victoria interrupted.

"No." she shook her head.

"No? Do you know how to do anything?" Hellsing sneered.

"I can read."

"She can read," Hellsing said sarcastically raising his hands in praise.

"Maybe she can be a maid?" Butler shrugged slightly pitting her.

"Anything is good at this point. Seeing as all we can do is lock you up in a cell, but somehow that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth." Hellsing sighed.

"Well, there have been no casualties since her arrival and her last meal isn't technically in our jurisdiction," Victoria pitched in.

"Very well, Victoria, please help, Miss Rosaline, adjust to life at HIDE." Hellsing smiled.

✠      ✠      ✠      ✠      ✠

A large stack of clothing fell on the cot before Rosaline. She looked at it wide-eyed and confused.

"I thought it was about time we got you out of those old clothes," Victoria said smiling. "You can borrow some of mine for the time being. After you've chosen, I'll show you where you can clean yourself if you so wish."

"Thank you, Victoria." Rosaline smiled sweetly.

"My pleasure! I refuse to have any ill words spoken about Hellsing hospitality. Lord Hellsing might be cold at times but he is a generous host. He asked me to move you to a better room." Victoria said laying down different outfits, most were victorian dresses, but there were several other choices from across the decades. "I must confess, I feel more comfortable in the clothes of my own time. However, I can't say I have any from yours. If I had to guess your dress is at least 400 years old."

Rosaline looked horrified. She had missed 400 years! Her last memory after being excavated out of that mountain was four centuries old. That was more than 15 lifetimes which she had spent being crushes by darkness. 

Victoria placed her hand on her shoulder, "I know I must be a shock for you, but you're here now and that's what matters. Tell me, what were the first two numbers of the year you last remember?"

"One and five."

"Fifteen?! You're from the 1500s. Talk about a blast from the past." Victoria laughed trying to lighten the mood. "You are a true goth then!"

Rosaline smiled at Victoria's cheerful mood, but in reality, she had no idea what she spoke of.

"Let's see... I think I might have something for you then... a new goth look." Victoria dug between the piles of her clothes until she came upon a simple black dress with a v-neckline and long angel sleeves. "It's less fabric than what you're used to so you will feel slightly naked, but you'll get used to it. It's very modern, actually, it's all the rage these days."

Rosaline took the dress and all of its accessories with a quizzical look. "Are you certain about this?"

"Absolutely!" Victoria smiled and put her arm around Rosaline. "Oh, it's so nice to have another woman around. This place had been nothing but a sausage party since Lord Hellsing's mother passed. Granted she wasn't very womanly, but she was a woman, none the less. Come, let's get you cleaned and into a more suitable room." 

After she was clean and dressed Rosaline emerged from the bathroom of the Victorian styled room in the black dress. She wore a choker and lacey tights and accompanied them with platform boots. "How do I look?"

Victoria clapped her hands pleased. "Marvelous! you look like you're about to hit the night at Camden!"

"I don't know what that means," Rosaline said pulling down the dress looking a bit uncomfortable. 

"You look wonderful! Don't worry. You hungry?" Victoria said opening the door to the hallway and taking a step outside. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the message written in blood just outside the door. 


Victoria rolled her eyes and looked back at Rosaline who stared at the message her red eyes glowing. "Um... I'll call someone to clean this up," Victoria said glancing around the hallway looking for any of the staff. She looked back at Rosaline again and went wide-eyed when she found her licking the blood off the wall and wiping it almost completely clean. "Oh! I guess you were hungry." Victoria gasped with her hand on her chest slightly terrified.

"Sorry," she said wiping her lips with her sleeve and smiling.  

"I hope you memorized those numbers you just licked off. Because it seems like our master left you a message."

"Yes! 823.0872908." Rosaline recited. "Do you know what they mean?" 

"I have a vague idea. But seriously what is he thinking? This is just childish." She pointed at the remains of the message shaking her head.  "Anyway, I'll show you to the library." Victoria led the way along the long hallways of Hellsing Manor. 

The building was quite beautiful. The decor was still styled in the Victorian fashion from its inauguration, despite having being rebuilt multiple times due to the several attacks it had suffered through the years. The red carpets had the same gold edges as the frames of the windows and the Hellsing crest could be found everywhere. 

"Is Alucard your master too?" Rosaline wondered as she followed Victoria.

"Well I am his fledgling after all, but it's been so many years I tend to use that word more loosely these days," Victoria said. 

"How many years?"

"Hmmm, about 90. Quite honestly, I've lost count." She glanced back at Rosaline who seemed deep in thought. "If you're worried about us having a romantic relationship, I can assure you it's nothing but business casual." She reassured her stopping in front of the library doors. 

"What were those numbers again?" Victoria asked leading Rosaline inside the large library. 

It was a place to behold. Rows upon rows of shelves could be seen and were two stories high. The walls were covered from top to bottom except for the large portrait of an old Victorian gentleman with a beard, Abraham Van Hellsing.  Rosaline stopped and stared at the rest of the general splendor in awe. 

"Rosaline! Over here!" Victoria called as she walked further in. 

"821, 822, Ah here it is 823." Victoria walked fast-paced across the aisle stopping when she found what she was looking for. "OH! Cheeky bastard!" Victoria took out the book and handed it to Rosaline, it was a first edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula. "I guess he wants you to know how he got here." 

"The Irishman took some creative liberties. But it's better than explaining it to you." Alucard's voice echoed from somewhere in the room.

"My Lord!" Rosaline gleamed.

"Since it appears you're here to stay. You might as well get reacquainted with the world. Read the Encyclopedia Britannica after you're done with that volume." Alucard appeared at the end of the aisle. 

"Yes, my Lord. Thank you." Rosaline curtsied. 

"So you finally agreed to speak with her?" Victoria said turning to Alucard.

"I have agreed to nothing." He hissed. 

"I missed you," Rosaline said in a whisper.

"If there was a word that meant insufferably pitiful, it would describe you completely." He spat at her.

"That was cruel Alucard, even for you." Victoria rebuked before Alucard disappeared. She turned to Rosaline "You don't have to take this shit from him, you know." 

"At least he speaks to me." 

"I'm not sure I'd count that as one of my blessings. If I were you his face would be under my foot right now."

"Oh! I could never harm him." Rosaline said hugging the book.

"Yes, I do get that impression from you. But sometimes he justs deserves it." Victoria shook her head.

"He pays for his sins in other ways," Rosaline said sadly.

✠        ✠        ✠        ✠       ✠

"What is your problem?! Why are you being such a royal arse? More than usual I mean." Victoria stormed Alucard's dungeon fuming and fists balled. Alucard sat in his chair while several empty blood bags laid crumpled on the table before him. 

"I don't answer to you." 

"You don't answer to anyone, but I don't have to tell you that! What did she do? What could she have possibly done for you to treat her so?" 

"She was born."

"Wow, really?! You're pissing me off!" Victoria slammed her fist on the table. 

"Then leave no one is keeping you here," he dared.

"Not until you've told me why you hate that poor girl."

"Have you fallen prey to her charms already? It's been what, like a day?"

"So far she has given me no reason to treat her like you do. Actually, she seems like quite a sweetheart. S-She reminds me of Lucy." 

"You know nothing." He scoffed.

"Then for all that is still good in this world, explain it to me. Or I swear I will make your demonic existence a true living hell." She threatened inches away from his smirking face.  

"I'm terrified, truly. I would love to see you try." He teased.

"You're insufferable." Victoria pulled away.

"Thank you." He said with a head bow. 

Victoria turned around ready to leave, her fists still balled. "Victoria" he called. She stopped for a moment waiting for him to continue. "She's empty inside. She's only a pitiful shell of a woman."

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