The Risk


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When a Dad gets brutally tortured and left for dead. Jacob must find his Dad's killer and get revenge for his Dad's Death. But there is Challenges when Jacob is separated  from his younger sister and his mother. He also must survive the war of WWll. Will he get back to his sister and mom or will he die brutally like his dad. 

"DU WIRST STERBEN!" (You will die!) a German solider yells right before Jacob's ears started ringing from the gunshots that were shooting at his village. " " mumbles Jacob, Jacob tried to run towards the village to save his family, then he blacked out. Jacobs wakes up and sees two German Soldiers on his side, Jacob tries to punch them but then he sees the rope used as handcuffs on him. "Stopfen Sie ihm in den Rücken" (Stuff him in the back) Yells the commander. "Wha..t" says Jacob The Commander walks over to Jacob and starts laughing, then the Commander takes his cigarette out of his mouth and says "You will die kid" then he walks away. A solider walks over to him and hits him in the head with the back of the gun. Jacob wakes up with two German soldiers on his side again but this time they are going into a building and he gets set on a chair and tied up. In front of him is a garage door, to his left is some tools like Hammer, Wrench and so on. To his right is a gun literally just sitting there. Jacob try's going for they gun but he forgets he is tied up to the chair so he falls to the ground "STOP SQUIRMING" yells a German soldier. The German solider lifts the chair up and puts it back where it was, all of a sudden there was a couple gunshots. The garage opens and all the soldiers go racing out. Jacob is thinking of what to do, he doesn't want to become a dead man like his father. A minutes of thinking and he sees someone running towards the garage. Then he sees at least 3 people running from behind him. The first person gets so close to the garage then then the other 3 people shot the first guy. Blood got on Jacob and he started squirming the 3 people aimed their guns at him and Jacob screamed, he blacks out. 

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2 Years Earlier. . .


👦🏻Jacob:17, 18, 19

👩🏻Mom:25, 27

2 years earlier 

"3 2 1 Gehen" (go) Yells people outside, then a big explosion happened near the front door. Mom screamed, Three soldiers entered and grabbed everyone and one of them yelled "Schnappen Sie sich den Vater und sage ihnen, dass sir ihn nie wieder sehen wird" (Grab the Father and tell them they will never see him again) All of the soliders started smiling and laughing. "What's so funny huh? What do you want?" Trembles Dad. The commander grabbed Dad and went through the door. Jacob grabbed a soldiers gun and quickly shot the other guard then hit the solider with the gun and ran for his life outside. The car started and the guard sped off. When the guards open the back door of the van to finish off the family members they saw Jacob, and he knocked them both out and threw them out. He saw his dad and started to untie the rope on his hands when a guard threw a punch at him but missed and Jacob tackled into the front seat. He was now into the passenger sit facing the driver, the driver pulled out his pistol and right when he did that the other guard ran in front of him and kicked him out the door. Right when he did that the driver shot and him the guard in the head. When Jacob got up he was like 2 towns away from his town, he had bruises on his knee and elbows. He decided he should get some help. A year later he hears about that his Father got tortured and left for dead in the desert. A year later, the day before he got kidnapped. *Knock Knock* "Hello Mom" says Jacob. The next day, "Jacob can you go get some water from the well?"

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New Plan!!!



"Wake up" yells the commander, He punches Jacob. Jacob's vision starts coming back, the back of his head really hurt. Jacob counts the guards in the room, There was 7 guards in the room. All of a sudden the garage blows up, Jacob falls to the ground, Jacob quickly used all his brain and did a double back flip and hit the guy behind him, Everyone aimed at Jacob, They were about to shoot then 4 guys entered from the blowed up garage and killed all the guards, then they aimed at Jacob but then someone yelled "Don't" "My name is David" says someone. "Uhh. . . Hi" frantically says Jacob, David walks over to Jacob and cuts the handcuff ropes. Jacob gets up frantically and starts backing up "Hey don't run, we the good guys" calmly explains David. Then all the people with guns dropped their gun, David then says "You can kill us right here If that would make you more safe, but just saying you got a ton of more people trying to kill you by now" "Whatever" says Jacob. "Everyone this is our command post for now, You grab all the guns and put them to the right, You get the knifes and stuff in the container You repair the garage, and . . . David you go with me" Commands Jacob. "Sir you probably want to learn everybody's names and their rank"






A few days later "This is a good team" excitedly says Jacob

End of Book 1

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Why are you still here? This book ended. . . Whatever

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