Paying Her Debt


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This is a work of fiction and an erotic kink fantasy intended for an adult audience. It is not intended to be a portrayal of healthy BDSM practises. The acts portrayed in this fiction should never be done without enthusiastic and informed consent. Please read with discretion.

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Paying Her Debt

She swallowed back the lump in her throat as she turned the handle of the door. The clipped and professional voice from the other end had resounded in her ears, a sharp sounding command.
"You may come in." There was no friendliness in the words, and she knew that she could not expect to find any once she entered. The door seemed to move at a painfully slow pace as she pushed it open, her heart beating in her chest as the office room came into view.

It was a plain looking room, sparse save for a desk and chair. There was no chair visible for a guest to sit on. The man sitting behind the desk looked tall and imposing, and she felt a shiver run down her spine as she stepped into office, her eyes locking with his. There were two other men as well, she noticed, a little younger. All three wore impeccable suits, tailored with perfection to their frames.

She frowned as she walked the steps towards the desk. The meeting was meant to be with the older man, the plaque on the desk naming him as a Mr. Richard Thatcher. The other two men were strangers to her. There was confusion in her eyes as she approached the desk, her stance and body language nervous. After waiting a moment, the silence in the room becoming unbearable, she cleared her throat with some hesitancy.
"Um... I believe this was to be a private meeting, Mr. Thatcher?"

The way he eyed her up, making no effort to hide his lecherous gaze, made her blush, heat rising on her cheeks. She fidgeted with some discomfort, waiting. Another painful moment of silence passed before he leaned back, the office chair creaking beneath him.
"Miss Morris, our firm recently gave you a rather substantial loan, is that correct?" He leaned forward for a moment, fingers riffling through pages before him on the desk, thumbing through files. His manor was casual and nonchalant, his voice pleasant and chipper.

She felt a bead of sweat dance on her brow, a nervous glance shot towards the strange men. One of them was standing, the other half sitting against the edge of the desk. Neither of them seemed about to speak, but the way they looked at her made her skin crawl. She set her jaw and made a resolute effort not to pay them any mind. Instead she directed her attention towards Mr. Thatcher.

"Yes, Mr. Thatcher, that is correct." She felt a lump of anxiety form in her throat as she spoke, knowing that this conversation could not end well. He nodded with an absentminded air, drumming his fingers against the surface of the desk.

"And, Miss Morris, that loan was due, oh... about a month ago, was it not?" The older man's voice was still the epitome of calm friendliness, a relaxed smile resting upon his features. Her blood ran cold as she struggled to keep calm under the intensity of his scrutinous eye.

"I... yes, Sir. And I.. I've come today to beg you for more time, I can't... I can't pay it but I swear, I'll get the money. I just.. I need more time... please." She found herself shaking as the torrent of word fell past her lips, waves of emotion crashing through her. Her eyes flickered between the man behind the desk and the two strangers. Who were these men, why were they here...?

He leafed through some papers again, seeming disinterested in her pleas as his fingers ran down several columns of numbers.
"I'm afraid in the time since your loan was up, there has been a substantial amount accrued in interest. Do your plans account for a 250% increase?" The question was posed as a matter of fact, and her eyes widened as she listened, panic setting in. Her body began to shake, but she bit her lip and narrowed her eyes, attempting to put on a brave face.

"I was told the interest was only 30%!" The indignance in her voice did not seem to sway Mr. Thatcher, who shrugged in dismissal and set aside the papers, folding his hands neatly before him. "It is 30% for the first three days... it climbs quite steadily afterwards. Did you not read the fine print?"

The world seemed to drop out from below her, the room shrinking and threatening to choke the life out of her as she considered his words. She was about to sputter out a reply when he cut her off, smooth words offering further food for thought.
"Do you know what we do with people who can't pay their debt, Miss Morris?" He let that thought hang in the air a moment. A lingering fear encircled her as he rose from where he sat, stretching his legs and leaning against the desk.

"You don't want to, I assure you. It sometimes gets a little... messy. People go missing.... it isn't a pretty story. Or, of course, if there's any chance someone they know might be able to cover their debts for them.... Well. You get the idea." She found herself taking a step backwards, fear enveloping her as he circled to come around the desk towards her. "But don't worry my dear. You are quite safe from any such... unseemly consequences. You're quite lucky, actually."

His tone brightened and he smiled an encouraging smile, though she could hardly bring herself to trust it. She could hear her heart pounding in her chest and in her ears. Her breath was coming heavy and in short gasps, her eyes wide as she looked at him, now directly in front of her.

"" She managed, her voice a small squeak. He nodded, his smile widening as he gestured for the first time towards the two strangers.

"These two brothers are some of the biggest investors in my company. And they have agreed to pay off your debt for you." At that they seemed to finally take an interest in their surroundings, nodding towards her with all politeness, gracious smiles upon their lips. Their expressions, however, were pure salaciousness as their eyes roamed across her body, making no attempt to hide their lustful intentions. He reached out to grasp her shoulder in his hand, a gentle and yet very firm grip propelling her towards the other two gentlemen.

"Why don't you do the polite thing and thank them."
She felt her heart sink, the flutter of hope dashed, her eyes widening at the thought. Shaking her head, she backed up again, taking steps towards the door behind her.

"I.. um... that's very generous of them, but.. no.. no thank you. You don't have to do that." As her slow steps backed her away from the men, the one leaning against the desk stood up, advancing upon her with swift steps. She was still edging towards the door when the other took care to circle around behind her, blocking her off.

"Oh no. It wasn't an offer." The man spoke with a heavy accent, his voice rich and deep. As he drew nearer she could smell his cologne, a spicy smell that danced across her senses and made her weak at the knees. She was only just aware of the clicking sound of the door locking behind her before her backtracking feet brought her back against the body of the other. She gasped in surprise, his hands coming around to grasp her arms in an instant, pulling them behind her back.

Before she knew what was happening she was pinned between them, their bodies hard and rigid against her. The first man grasped her chin in his grip, pulling her face upwards to meet his lips in a rough kiss, her startled cry muffled against his mouth. She could feel his hands on her waist, and she felt a shudder run through her as they boldly explored her curves. While he was kissing her, his brother was busying himself binding her wrists, a soft rope winding tight around them and pulling them together. She struggled, but their strong arms kept her still, and she felt her body growing hot from their attentions, her face flushed and her skin coming alive under his touch.

No, no... I can't be liking this...

As his lips broke away from her own, traveling downward along the nape of her neck she gasped aloud, a feeling of need beginning to coarse through her. Then she felt a ball slip between her lips, and she tried to give a scream of alarm, but it came out distorted as the gag was tightened around the nape of her neck.
"There, there now..." Smooth tones whispered from behind as he nipped at her earlobe, "None of that. We have a lot of money on the table for you, so you're going to be a good girl, yeah?"

"Don't worry..." Soothed the man in front of her, his hand stroking a calming and almost affectionate line down her her cheek as she stared at him with wide, fear filled eyes. "We'll make you like it, I promise. You'll enjoy being our own little whore."

She felt lips and tongues upon her neck then, and she tried to struggle out of their grasp to no avail. Her body squirmed on its own, and a whimpering sound began to fill the room. It took her a moment to realize that she was the one making that sound, when the man from behind her grasped her breasts in a sudden firm grip.

"These are quite nice, aren't they?" He breathed the words, bouncing them up and down for a moment, making her cringe in embarrassment. This couldn't possibly be happening...
"Mmmn, well let's have a look." The first man's hands went to the top of her blouse, ripping it open in one swift motion, tearing the fabric and loosening the buttons. He pulled down her bra, his hands rough and insistent, manhandling her breasts out from its confines. She gave a stifled cry at the treatment, horror on her face as she watched him stoop to take one of her nipples into his mouth.

Her back arched on its own as she felt his tongue explore the sensitive nipple, swirling around it and sending sharp waves of sensation through her. It drove her mad, and soon he had her writhing as his hand moved to pinch the other nipple. The suction of his lips made her vision blur for a moment, as he pulled at her aching breasts, teeth digging into her sensitive flesh. Then she felt a hand snake around from behind her, slowly begin to move down her front. His hand cupped at her pussy through her skirt, fingers finding her clit with expert movements and she found herself moaning through the gag. Her desperate cries filled the room as she squirmed back and forth between the two men.

"Aahhh, you know for all her protests, this little slut is really quite wet..." She heard him say, her clit beginning to ache from the attentions. She could feel it, could feel her panties dampen as she helplessly fell forward to lean against her assailants shoulder. They held her up between them, sinister chuckles upon their lips as they toyed with her. Each touch was calculated with meticulous care, as their hands crooked along the hem of her skirt, pulling it down to her knees.

The room seemed to careen around her as they lead her between them back to the desk. The man in front of her sat himself on the edge, a lustful smirk upon his lips as his brother directed her towards him. She felt hands all over her body as they moved her, and she was helpless in their grasp, her skirt being stripped away to fall in a loose heap on the ground and her legs spread wide. Her eyes widened and her pulse quickened as she saw the man before her reach casually for a pair of scissors, snipping at the air in front of her with a mean spirited chuckle.

"Careful now, don't hurt the poor dear..." The man behind her laughed as his brother leaned forward towards her with the implement. She shook her head and cried out, fear coursing through her as she felt the cool metal against her thigh.

"Oh come now... I wouldn't dream of it." His voice was a playful purr as he snipped through the fabric of her panties. She whimpered as he pulled the ruined garment away, then dragged the tip of the blades up along her front, just teasing her skin before he came to her bra. Another snip and her bra was undone from the front, leaving her exposed. She moaned aloud as she felt hands once again clasp her breasts from behind, barely noticing the sound of the discarded pair of scissors clattering to the ground.

She was maneuvered up to straddle the strangers lap, his merciless laughter making her face burn with heat at her predicament as she felt his hands grasp her ass, squeezing and humming his approval.
"Do you feel that?" A squeak of shock came from her as she felt his firm erection beneath her, hard and rigid. It rested against her clit, making her pussy clench and ache with anticipation. Her body trembled as she felt another bulge press against her from behind, rubbing against her ass. It wasn't right, but lord they felt so good, pressed up against her like that...

"You feel our cocks? What do you think we're going to do with you, hmm?" She moaned as she pictured it, pictured them undoing their belts, pictured their cocks in her hands, hard and throbbing as she took them into her mouth, running her tongue along them... The image wouldn't leave her mind as their hands continued their slow torment of her body.

Then she heard a clicking sound.

Her eyes flew open and she made a muffled sound of alarm, a sinking feeling of fear gripping her as she looked to the right to see a tripod and a camera. Mr. Thatcher was behind it, grinning a sadistic grin at her as another click went off, a bright light making her wince. She shook her head vehemently as she put up a renewed struggle, but all three men laughed as she was held with a firm grip in place.

"Smile for the camera, Miss Morris." Mr. Thatcher's voice was amiable and relaxed, as though he were prattling on about something as insignificant as the weather. "Your video will be quite popular, I'm sure."

She didn't have time to contemplate what was happening, as her attention was captured once again by the man she was straddling. His hips thrust upwards to rub against her clit and she moaned, her eyes closing and her back arching against the other's shoulder. The sound of buckles being undone filled her ear, and she opened her eyes again to see him free his length from his pants, taking his firm erection in his hand and rubbing it against her clit. She groaned in apprehension as she watched with wide eyes. The size was intimidating, but she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like...

"Must recoup some of our losses you know... we are, after all, putting up a great deal of money for you..." As she watched him, the sound of another buckle coming loose was soon filling the room. She could feel the head of another cock against her ass, and all of a sudden she contemplated what they were about to do to her in more detail.

No, I.. I've never... before...

"Look how hard you've made us, darling.... you feel that?" His teasing voice humiliated her, made her squirm between them as she felt the head of his cock rub up against her entrance. Her hips moved back and forth in a helpless dance, before they were gripped in his hands and pulled forward. She felt his cock delve deep into her, screaming through the gag at the feel of it as it penetrated her. It slid in with ease, her slick folds already wet and aching for it. It felt incredible, reaching deep inside of her as she came to rest on top of him.

He smiled a wicked smile as she felt him rock her hips back and forth, pulling her up and down on his length. A few thrusts, slow and methodical, and she felt like she was going to burst. She groaned and closed her eyes, taking in the feeling, whimpering as it left her and gasping when it hilted once more. Then she felt her body being tilted towards him, her front leaning against his shoulders as his hands pulled her forwards.

"Ready for me?" The mocking words came from behind, and she cried out, her voice obscured by the gag as she turned her head to see the other man positioning himself. There was a bottle of something in his hand, and then she felt something cold and wet on her asshole. It made her jolt, ass wiggling in the air as she tried to come to grips with what he was about to do. His cock firmly in hand, he grasped her ass, pressing himself against her tight hole. She shook her head, squirming helplessly, and felt a scream tear at her throat when he pressed into her.

He slid inside of her with one quick thrust, and all she could feel was an unbearable tightness. It was the most intense sensation she had ever felt in her life, and she felt like she was about to implode. Her body jerked forward, only driving the cock in her pussy deeper, moving back again in alarm to slam the other deep into her ass. After a moment of agony she found her hips going back and forth between them, unable to stop the delicious torment of the motion.

It was pure torture, trying to get accustomed to the tight feeling stretching her body and filling her in ways she had never imagined possible. Before she could become used to the sensation, they were both moving again, their hands grasping at her body and thrusting deep inside of her. She screamed through the gag, her body limp between them now.

"There now, I knew there was a filthy whore in there." Mr. Thatcher laughed as he watched from the behind the camera, and her attention was suddenly returned to him, gazing up at him with half lidded eyes. "She sure seems to be enjoying herself gentlemen." As in on cue the man behind her made a sudden hard thrust into her, staying deep within her for a moment as his brother continued to pound her pussy. She jolted and moaned, her body tightening and clenching against him before he resumed his previous pace.

There was never a moment she was not filled. When one pulled out the other thrusted deep inside of her, her ass and her pussy stretching to accommodate them. The room was filled with the sounds of her own voice whimpering and moaning, their breath hot and heavy, panting in her ear. The sound of their cocks driving deep inside of her, balls slapping against her skin. She felt her body hot with shame as their pounding motions hit depths she hadn't known possible. Heaven help her, she didn't want them to stop.

Then she felt something hard against her face, slapping her and making her open her eyes. Mr Thatcher was in front of her now, and his own cock was against her. It was large and uncut, and she could feel her mouth salivating at the thought of taking it between her lips. She could only just see his face smirking at her as he continued to strike her face with his firm erection, mocking her with his eyes.

"I think the audience would like to see you put those lips to work, hmmm?"
Her blush deepened as she remembered the camera. People would be watching this. Men would be jerking off to it. She found herself at once even more aroused at that thought, imagining hundreds of men sitting at home at their computers, cocks in hand as they watched her get fucked...
No! I'm... I'm not that kind of girl....

She felt his hands on her face, and the gag was loosened, the ball dragged from her mouth. A line of drool followed, and she drew in breath after breath, her tongue lolling out as she screamed aloud, her voice unimpeded now as the other two men continued to fuck her senseless. Without a thought, she leaned forward to take the offered cock between her now freed lips, drawing it into her mouth with her tongue.

"Woah! Look at that, gentleman, this bitch sure is eager. You picked a good one." The three men chuckled conspiratorially, and she was amazed how much she craved their approval and praise. Sucking his cock deeper into her mouth, she moved herself forward on it, trying to take it down her throat. She was impeded by her position, straining to move closer to him, and he let her struggle for a moment, leaning back to watch her as she bobbed up and down on his length.

"Pretty little thing!" One of the other men remarked, she couldn't tell which one at this point. "You're right, we picked a good little whore!" She felt Mr. Thatcher's hand on her cheek now, slapping her firmly with a mocking grin on his face as she did her best to suck his cock, relishing the feeling of him beneath her tongue. "C'mon now, smile! You love our cocks, don't you Miss Morris?"

In a daze, she did her best to smile around his length, her moans now stifled by his cock as he gagged her with it, slamming down her throat. His hands laced their way through her hair and he was fucking her face, all three men thrusting themselves deep into her. She was nothing but sensation now, her world had melted away from her and she was floating, reduced to nothing but a fuckhole. Nothing mattered except cock and the feel of cock, the taste of cock and the smell of cock.

Suddenly she felt a thumb pressed against her clit, and her world came undone.

She came hard, waves of pleasure tearing through her, her entire body clenching around them, convulsing and screaming. Her throat was raw and her body ached as she rode out spasm after spasm, unable to stop until they finally pulled out of her. First Mr. Thatcher, then the other two men grunted and cried out as they came, shoots of cum landing across her. It was across her front, in her hair and over her ass, the camera capturing every glorious moment as she was unceremoniously dumped on the floor.

The room seemed to spin for a long moment before she was able to pull herself to her knees, panting and dripping cum on the carpet beneath her. The men were fixing themselves, tucking themselves away, completely disregarding the woman at their feet. She felt used and discarded as she panted there on the floor, catching her breath and trying to understand what had just taken place.

"A week from now again, thank you gentlemen." She could hear the voice of Mr. Thatcher, but had trouble understanding it as the other two men walked past her, the doorknob clicking and opening. She had not even known their names...

When they were gone she was left peering up at the man who had brought this misery upon her. She bit her lip, hesitant to speak, as he walked around the camera, turning it off. It was taken off of the tripod and set on with a flourish on the desk before his attention returned to her.

When he spoke it was with derision, as if she were nothing more than an afterthought.
"You may leave.... but be here again in a week, same time. I don't think I need to tell you what will happen if you don't."

She felt a shiver run through her as she stumbled to her feet, clutching at herself and trying to draw her broken blouse close across her front.
"I... I thought they paid for my debt...?" She managed to whisper, her voice shaky and broken. She could hardly believe what had happened, let alone that it would happen again.

"They did, but you don't think just once as their fuckslave is going to cover it, do you? And we don't know how well your video is going to do yet, either." He sat himself again behind the desk, reaching for some papers that displayed charts and projection graphs. "If all goes well, I would estimate you still owe them another... four sessions, at least. If all goes well." His eyes raised from the paper to lock with hers. She gulped back a sob of resignation and bowed her head in acquiescence.

"Yes Sir.." Her voice was barely audible as she stooped to grasp her skirt, pulling it up past her legs with clumsy movements. How she would get home like this she didn't know. Hopefully she wouldn't encounter anyone between here and the carport.

And yet, as she exited the office, hunched over to clutch her clothes together, she felt a stirring between her legs at the promise of another time. She wouldn't miss the next appointment, she knew. And not just because of her debt.

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