The Showroom


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This is a work of fiction and an erotic kink fantasy intended for an adult audience. It is not intended to be a portrayal of healthy BDSM practises. The acts portrayed in this fiction should never be done without enthusiastic and informed consent. Please read with discretion.


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The Showroom

The crowd was a swell of sound around her. Up above the masses of men, she stood on a raised platform, her heart beating a consistent and urgent sound in her ears. Her throat constricted with nervousness as her eyes flitted from the well dressed man standing only a little to her left, to the various implements on the stage. Harsh lighting obscured her vision of the crowd. A variety of men were there to watch the show, but she could not make out their faces.

"Aaaand welcome once again gentleman to The Showroom!" The crowd cheered as she heard his voice ring out, a sing song tone that was laced with cruel amusement. From where she stood, she could watch him, microphone in hand as he addressed the throng of people. He was a short man, stocky build. The cut of his suit was tailored with perfection to his broad shoulders and neat waistline. It looked expensive. But he was the least of her concerns right now. She gulped back her anxiety as she waited.

"Those of you who are regulars are no doubt familiar already with the way this works, but for the benefit of any newcomers in the crowd... here's the rules." She saw his eyes flit towards her for a brief moment, a mischievous wink in her direction as he continued to address the visitors. "Miss Amanda here is going to give us a show!" As he made a broad gesture towards her she could hear the hoots and hollers from the crowd. Lewd gestures and lust filled grins were in abundance, and it made her skin flush with heat.

"She's agreed to do everything we tell her, and let us do anything we want to her.... with one stipulation." His voice had the cadence of a radio announcer. It rose and fell to hit the beats that would swell the crowd's excitement. All eyes were on her now, and more than a few of the men were already groping at their pants. She could feel sweat dancing on her brow under the heat of the lamps as she looked out in dismayed fear.

Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to this...

"Mandy here wants you all to know that she is not a prostitute. Isn't that right, Mandy?" His grin was smug and lecherous as he looked pointedly in her direction. She could only swallow back her nerves and nod, her stomach clenching as she stood there, the seconds ticking by in agony towards whatever was about to take place.

"So as usual!" He flashed the audience a bright grin. "Looking, but no touching. I will be taking suggestions from the audience... and I'll do absolutely anything you want to this lovely lady here... provided it doesn't involve my cock."

He turned and took a step towards her, extending his hand outwards to her as he moved.
"That's right, isn't it Mandy baby? You'll let me do anything to you... anything at all. As long as I don't fuck you." His eyes betrayed a sinister desire, and all she could do was nod mutely, her cheeks turning red as she considered what was about to happen. When she had been offered the job, she had asked around about it. Of course she had.

"What exactly do they... do? With the "show girls"?" She had inquired of one of the club workers. She was a young blond woman who couldn't have been a day older than 20, but carried herself as though she had far more worldly experience than Mandy could dream of. The girl had shrugged her shoulders in a vague motion before responding.

"Oh, you know... the show girls put on a show of themselves. Get tied up, toyed a little... cum for the audience. That's all." The girl had made it sound so easy. Still, she had nervously bit her lip as she considered the humiliation inherent in such a thing. "I.. It isn't... they don't have sex with them do they?" She wasn't prepared to cross that line. The money being offered was good, but she wasn't a prostitute. To her relief, the girl shook her head.

"Nah. It's for voyeurs who get their kicks watching a girl getting off. Don't worry... they won't fuck you." Still, despite the girls assurances, she had made it very clear to the man reviewing her application that she would absolutely not have sex with anyone for money. He had only shrugged and given her a regretful smile. "Your loss. Makes a load more cash, but... it's up to you."

Now she was having second thoughts. As she watched the predatory motions of the man before her on the stage, she nodded a brief nod before she heard him speak again.

"Come on now Mandy baby. You've gotta say it out loud. Right into the microphone. We can do anything we want to you. Right?"

She could hear the people in the crowd chuckle as time seemed to slow down around her. With a deep breath that resonated through her entire body, she nodded her head again, this time with more resolute decision.

“Yes. That's right.” She felt the words stick in her throat even as she spoke them, nervousness overwhelming her as the microphone carried the sound through the room and amplified her breathing. For a moment her breath was so loud it drowned out the sound of the laughter and the lust filled anticipation from the crowd of men below her. Then time, with a loud clap of his hands, time seemed to start up back again.

“Great!” His grin was wide and feral as he turned to smile back at the waiting audience. “Let's get this show started them!” He turned to her with a lazy motion, gesturing from top to bottom of her form with his hand.

“Strip, babygirl. Remember gentlemen, no pictures, cellphones or other recording devices! You saw it here, and only here!”

This was it. She felt her heartbeat pounding in her chest and in her eardrums, that familiar feeling of constricting in her veins as she began to disrobe. Starting first with her top, one button after the other. She had been coached beforehand, told to make the stripping slow and sensual, but she couldn't bring herself to act teasing now. Her face wore an expression of nervous apprehension as she peeled the blouse off bit by bit and dropped it to the floor. The crowd of men were teetering and giving groans of appreciation but she could barely hear them, her own breathing loud and all encompassing.

All she could see was a bright light that made her eyes water as she purposefully avoided meeting the gaze of anyone. Most of the crowd where now palming themselves, some more roughly than others, and she knew she would see more than that before this was over and done with. As she unbuttoned her jeans she stripped them down her legs with slow movements, stepping out of them and tossing them to the side as well.

Standing there on a stage in front of a crowd of men touching themselves in nothing but her bra and panties, she paused. Her face was red now with embarrassment, and she wondered if being a prostitute might have been a better option... Maybe it would have been less humiliating than this crowd of men, eyefucking her up and down.

“Awwww what a blush, girl! You got no reason to be shy, that's a lovely body. Isn't that right gentlemen?” The announcers voice rang out to the agreement of all, the crowd awakened to jeering and lust filled laughter.

“We want to see more of it, don't we?” The catcalls and the sound of impassioned breathing reminded her that she was not yet finished. With another gulp, she reached around behind herself to unhook the bra. Slipping it off of her form, her body trembling now as her skin tingled, she let it fall to the floor. Soon the panties followed as well.

There, naked, she felt more exposed and afraid than she ever had in her life. She bit her lip and closed her eyes to block out the sight of all of those men, lecherous eyes roaming her body. She could hear the sound of zippers coming undone, belt buckles clanking as cocks were grasped in hand.

Alright, good show baby... that's some body you got. Aren't those the cutest little tits, eh boys?” The crowd came alive, cheers hitting her ears as she opened her eyes to the sight of eager eyes and unsheathed erections.

“I'm sure we'll do a lot to those, but first... I want you to sit right here.” Her attention was drawn to where he was gesturing. What looked like a leather seat, that one might straddle, was being wheeled out into the middle of the stage. As two assistants left it there she could see cuffs and bars positioned around it. As her eyes inspected it, she noticed there was a hole in the centre of it. What that could possibly be for she wasn't sure.

She took timid steps towards the contraption, her feet kicking aside the discarded clothes as she went. The man watched her every movement, every step as she approached, eyeing her up and down.
Good girl... straddle it, nice and easy, there you go.” She could hear the crowd titter in anticipation as she swung a leg over it, her chest feeling like it was about to burst from the pounding of her heart. As she came to rest on the leather seat she looked over to the showman. He was watching her out of the corner of his eye now, a cruel smirk upon his lips as he busied himself pulling on a pair of black leather gloves. For some reason that act, cold and impersonal, only made her chest constrict with that wave of fear all the more. Ooh it definitely would have been better to agree to get fucked...

As he stalked back towards her she set her jaw and tried to steady herself, but she could not stop her body from shaking as she felt his presence behind her. He was so near, she could feel the heat from his body, smell the scent of leather and cologne. It was a heady mixture that shot straight through her, her clit twinging with a throb of desire that shocked her.

“Lean back, put your hands on the seat behind you.” His instructions were clipped and to the point, but there was a hint of mischief that danced in his voice and made her nervous. She did as she was told, a soft breath releasing as she leaned backwards against the palms of her hands. From the reaction of the crowd, she knew that this had the effect of putting her truly on display. With her shoulders back and her back arched, her breasts were high and perky. Perfect round globes that were now for the voyeuristic pleasure of others.

She was hardly aware of him behind her, grasping her wrists in hand as she looked out over the crowd of men. She no longer shielded herself by closing her eyes. Instead a fascination overcame her, and she felt for a moment out of herself as she absorbed their desire and their gazes. Why shouldn't they stare? My breasts are rather nice after all...

Then in an instant she was back in the moment, as the feeling of soft leather circled her wrists and the sound of buckles and clasps sounded in her ears. She was bound with secure cuffs to the seat by her wrists now, and the man was moving around in front of her.

“Yes yes, her tits are very nice...” She heard him address the crowd again, his voice carrying through the large room. “But let's see what else shes hiding, eh?”

Suddenly she felt him grasp her ankle, and with a swift motion he had pulled her leg back and up. She jerked in shock, wide eyes turning towards him as she realized what he was doing.

“Wha... what the-!”

Her words were cut short as her ankle was caught in another soft leather cuff, and then he had moved on to the other, ignoring her cries entirely. Before she knew what was happening her legs were bent and spread, exposing her every intimate part to the throng of onlookers.

From the wild hollers and cheers she could tell that it was a well appreciated view. The man looked her over with a critical gaze, and she found she was holding her breath despite herself. Her face was red with embarrassed shame now, but there was a twinge in her that wanted to know that he approved of what he saw. When his lips spread wide in a grin, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Fuck, what a cute little pussy she's got. Doesn't she gentleman!” She felt his arm hung around her shoulder then as he leaned in close to her as though they were longtime friends.

“You've got a very pretty pussy, dont'cha sweetheart? C'mon, say it.” With wide eyes she looked at him, and then out to the crowd of panting, grunting men. “I..I...” She stuttered her response, the crazy surrealism of the moment overwhelming her. Her pussy was beginning to ache, she hadn't expected this treatment would actually turn her on so much... despite, or maybe because of, how afraid she was of what was in store for her.

“Yes I... I have a.. p..p..pretty...pus..pussy...” She managed the requested words, breathing out a held breath as he stood up again, the cold air replacing the electric heat she had felt where his body had been. He clapped his hands, raising them out with a dramatic flair towards the audience. “Alright boys! What shall we do to her first?”

The crowd began to yell, voices upon voices of shouted requests that made her blush deepen and her eyes widen in horror. The things they wanted to do to her... she had never imagined people did these sorts of things. And yet.... their voices were making her wet. Each shouted suggestion only excited her curiosity. Just what have I gotten myself into...?

“Toy her pussy!”

“Put a clamp on her clit!”

Flog her tits!

“I wanna see her with a buttplug in!”

Make her squirm!

Voice after voice, and she was already squirming at the mere mention of all of these things that she was quite sure by now that she was about to experience. She could feel her wetness growing, dripping over her ass already. She could smell it, the scent of herself mingling with the smell of her tormentor and the sweat of the jeering crowd.

Now now, give the lady some warm up!” He chuckled, a joyous sound that made the crowd chuckle in response. “I said what are we gonna do to her first? No need to rush things boys, we're here for a while!” That seemed to calm the eager throng, and another voice called out above the din.

“Get her good and ready with the oil! I wanna see those tits glisten!”

That made him laugh, a real, full hearted laughter. He threw his head back and took a moment, before turning to her with a sly smile and a wink.

“That sounds like a great idea.” His grin was feral and frightening as she watched him move to a table that was laden with all manor of sexual toys and objects. She saw him take a bottle of something in hand before he came back towards her, making a big display of pouring out oil into his hand.

He was behind her, reaching around to her front. She felt the leather of his gloves on her skin, slickened with oil as he began to paw at her body. She had never been touched like this before, not with gloves on. The texture of the leather was soft, but less intimate than the feel of skin on skin, and that excited her. The oil smoothed across her flesh as he grasped her breasts, one in each hand. Massaging the oil into her skin, and gripping her nipples, twirling them and pinching them between his fingertips. At first it felt nice, a somewhat strange sensation that made her breath come short as she panted into his touch. Then, she felt her skin begin to heat.

Each place he had massaged the oil into her, her skin was starting to warm. It was hot, but not unbearably so, not painful. But, oh, it made her crave. Her body was beginning to ache with desire, with need, and soon she could hear the very female sound of moaning as he continued to work the heating oil into her. It took her a moment to realize that that sound was coming from her own lips. It mingled with the sound of breathless panting from the men who were now well going to town on themselves, their hands moving up and down over the shafts of their cocks. For a moment she eyed them up greedily, wishing she had agreed to get fucked because right now, her body was screaming for it.

“Wha.... what are you doing to me...” She muttered between gasps and breathless whimpers as she felt his hands moving across her stomach and then lower. They did not stop, not even hesitate before oil slicked leather had passed over her pussy lips, rubbing the stuff into her warm flesh.

Oooh, boys... this pretty little toy is wet already...” She heard him coo into the microphone. There were lust filled gasps in response as he worked the heating stuff in and around her clit. She groaned and squirmed as she felt it, felt throbs of pleasure fill her, a desperate ache for more.

She no longer cared what they did to her. She wanted them to do it all. Her body was a shaking, quivering mess of need now, panting and moaning out loud, which only excited her audience all the more. When he withdrew finally, she felt such an ache in her core she contemplated begging him not to stop. But she knew he wasn't done with her yet.

“There you go... one glistening little toy... damn girl you look so pretty like that...” She felt herself flush at the praise, in a state of confusion and wanting. Then he leaned in close to her to whisper into her ear, a sentiment intended only for her and not for the crowd.

“It's too bad we don't allow pictures taken at these shows... I'd love to jerk off everyday to a view like this.” Then he was standing again, moving towards the table, leaving her to the torment of the lack of stimulation as she waited.

The crowd began yelling out requests again, the voices more breathless than before. Pleas of “Make those tits bounce!” and “Let's get a vibe on that clit!”, all of which made her moan with want.
Fuck, I could probably cum just like this...

She bit her lip as she heard the sound of vibrations being turned on, watching intently to see him with a Hitachi in hand. She knew then, with a sinking feeling of dread that only served to excite her more, that she was going to become completely lost to this experience. As he approached again, the vibrator on its low setting, she squirmed in helpless eagerness.

“Should I gag her, do you think?” He paused to inquire of the crowd. Half of them cheered in response, the other half seemed reluctant.

“Nooo we wanna hear her scream!” Someone shouted, and he grinned ear to ear, nodding in acquiescence to the whims of the audience. “Very well... as you wish.” And then she did scream. As the vibrator was placed on her already throbbing clit she felt her whole body stiffen, her lips parting to let loose a scream of pure lust. Wave after wave of sensation shot through her as he rubbed it in circles, his lips exploring her neck as she thrashed helplessly in the bindings.

“Ahhh can you see how wet shes getting? Fuck its just pouring out of her...” His voice carried across the crowd, and she found herself locking eyes with different men in turn.

Each man in the room was hard, their thick cocks in hand, and they were all eyeing her as though they had never seen a naked woman before. Their lust filled gazes made her blush, the sensations coursing through her as her hips rocked of their own volition. Fuck, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum like this, in front of all these people while they jerk themselves off...

And then the pulse stopped. She whined at the loss of it as the vibe was switched off and turned an imploring eyes at her tormentor, who only laughed and shook his head.

Oooh no, not yet babygirl, we're not done with you yet. The show's only just started. What else can we do to you, I wonder?”

More suggestions were called out, and she felt her head spinning as desperate need overcame her. He stayed near her, and the smell of him was wrecking havoc on her senses. Reaching around her to the side of the seat, he flipped a switch, and it started moving.

Her eyes widened as she realized then what the hole in the seat was for. Positioned right below her exposed pussy, a bright pink dildo worked its way up. For just a moment, she could feel the excited fear that shot through her. This toy was going to penetrate her... not a man, she was not even being given the dignity of being able to give a man pleasure, instead just watched as she was fucked by a machine. She didn't have any time to think further before it was slowly moving up and into her, her wet pussy accepting it with ease. As the length of it slid inside of her she found herself moaning aloud again, throwing her head back and resting it on the man's shoulder.

“How's that boys? Faster?” His eyes were on her, on her body as she watched her pussy take the silicone cock. She was helpless to do anything, could not move, could not pull away, only watch herself be filled to the brim as it came to rest all the way inside of her. It was thick, thicker than she had had before, and she felt an unbearable stretching sensation as it moved into her, then slowly began to move out again. Jeers from the crowd met her ears, and the grunting of the men was growing louder.

Fuck yeah, fuck her faster!” They called out, cry after cry to see her violated further. She blushed and screamed again as he leaned around her to again flick a switch, and the motion became faster. It felt incredible, filling her up and pounding into her pussy. She could already feel her own wetness dripping out around it, and she was sure she was going to burst. And all the while the men who watched her, kept catcalling and leering at her as they stroked themselves... she felt a strange sense of power to have so captivated her audience. To be so looked at and so desired. It was a heady rush that made her feel vulnerable and afraid... and she liked that.

Fuck shes hot!” She heard amongst other calls, other things they wanted to see done to her. “Get out the crop! I wanna see red on her perfect fucking skin!” That made her eyes open in a state of near panic. A crop? What would that feel like? Would she like it?

She didn't have time to wonder as she heard the man behind her laugh, stroking her sides with his hands. The leather felt good, so good, it made her skin tingle before he had reached to side to grasp the handle of a long leather crop.

He snapped it against his hand a few time, holding it in front of her face so she could get a good look at it. The crowd cheered it's approval, laughter meeting her ears. She was scared, but that fear was a delicious aphrodisiac that she had never known existed before. Slowly and deliberately he dragged the leather crop across her body, making long strokes over her breasts, and her skin responded to the touch with an aching tingle that ran over her and made her moan.

He moved it downwards to tease her clit, her already aching for release clit, pressing the flat of it against her and creating pressure that sang through her core. She thought she might cum right then and there as the toy thrusted into her, filling her again, but he moved on, denying her the stimulation she needed to topple over the edge. The crop was resting against her thigh with perfect innocence. Then, without a chance to know when it was coming, it struck hard.

With a SNAP! she screamed out, rocking and jerking away from the blow as best she could. It came again, a little to the left and she screamed, the crowd of men cheering and laughing as she felt it. Over and over, the crop bit into her skin, leaving red marks across her thighs, making her whole body tremble.

“Fuck yeah make her dance!” Someone yelled, and the crop moved to her stomach, a SNAP! Making her groan and whimper. He covered her with red marks, heat rushing across her skin. She could feel the pain dancing over her, and soon she found herself leaning into the blows instead of away from them. More, she wanted, needed, to feel more.

“My god she's getting wet!” Voices swelled, the sound of animalistic grunts and groans now as the men were getting closer to their own climaxes. She turned to the man who caused her pain, wide eyes looking up at him.

Please!” She choked out, feeling a sob rise within her throat. She wasn't sure what she was asking for... for him to stop... or to keep going forever.

“I want to see her ride the cock herself! Make her titties bounce!”

The coarse language filled her ears as her eyes moved from the crowd to the man and back again. He was moving again, coming around to flip the switch once more. The machine stopped moving, but the dildo was still deep inside of her. As he moved she felt hands on the cuffs at her ankles, each being released in turn. As her legs came forward she felt herself leaning forward as well, driving the cock deeper inside of her as she came to rest. She gasped at the feeling of it filling her, probing deeper into her as she was sat right over it, impaled on its length.

You heard the them, sweetheart.” She heard his voice in her ear. “They want to see you do it. C'mon. Fuck yourself.” Her head was spinning, her body on a beautiful precipice, but unable to tumble over as she tried to do as told, rocking her hips on the cock, trying to lift herself. She was exhausted, trying to move up and down on it to no avail. She was too overwhelmed. The crowd was tittering now as they watched her struggle to fuck herself as instructed.

“Tsk, that won't do... too tired, love? Don't worry... this will help. Rut against this.” She felt the crop once again, this time pressed firmly against her clit. He didn't move it, just held it here, and as she moved her hips she could feel it, pressure building inside of her as she rutted forwards. Over and over again, spurred on by the sensations, she continued up and down on the silicone cock. Each forward motion brought her that much closer to climax as she felt the leather of his crop against her.

“That's it... your almost there. Fuck yourself on it until you cum. Make yourself cum on the same crop I just beat you with.” She heard his voice, and it propelled her, as did the hooting and the hollering from the audience. She could hear them all, each voice calling out in lust filled pants and moans. Her own voice moaning mixed with theirs, and the room was filled with a cacophony of impassioned moaning.
Fuck yeah! Make her cum!” One cried, followed by “Fuck, fuck... I'm gonna blow!

“Ahhh yes yes YES!” She heard more hollers and more cries as the men started cumming, their semen shooting out in a wave of white. She watched it all from where she was, fucking herself for their pleasure, for their enjoyment and entertainment. Then with a cry she came as well, rutting her hips against the crop and pushing the dildo deep and hard inside of herself. Her back arched, her head thrown over the man's shoulder. He gripped her tight as she rode out her orgasm, her body tight and spasming in waves of pleasure.

When finally she came down, her eyes focusing once more on the crowd below her. Though pants and stuttering shivers, she watched the last few cum as well, each man having spent his load. There was cum everywhere, some had reached the stage, and something inside of her was pleased by this. Proud that it was all, all of it, for her.

Aaaand that's our show!” The voice rang out from behind her, and she found herself collapsing against him. There was a clatter as the crop was discarded, landing on the ground at his feet. His hands encircled her, drawing her close to him in an embrace that made her feel warm, and comforted somehow. “Any tips can be left at the door, and please remember to come back next week!”

The curtain was drawn, and she was cut off from her adoring audience, alone with her employer. She could hear the sound of shuffling on the other side of that curtain, but all she cared about was the man with his arms around her. She felt like she had discovered a new world, one she would be powerless to leave. A frightening, but exciting and alluring world of pain and humiliation that she could not deny had aroused her thoroughly.

“You did very well, babygirl...” She heard him say, and a smile lit up her face at the words. Her hands were uncuffed where she sat, releasing her from where she had been trapped. She made no movement to get up.

“Now...” he began, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Your contract ends here. You're free to go, and collect your payment if you want to. But...” He turned her chin to face him, grasping her with a gentle but firm grip. His other hand grasped hers, pulling it towards an achingly hard bulge in his pants. “If you want to make a little extra, there's something else you can take care of....”

She gulped and nodded. Without saying a word, she moved up off of the dildo, feeling her wetness drip off of her as she went, before coming to rest on her knees in front of him. There was no question of it. She had gone down the rabbit hole.. and now she was lost.

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Thomas Brown

Another imaginative and well written story .

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Thank you very much! I hope you will check out my novel :)

Thank you for reading!

Thank you very much for reading. If you "enjoyed" this short story (winkwink) please come check out my blog for more of my erotic writing and art. I would love to hear from you!

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