Within Her Skin


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This is a work of fiction and an erotic kink fantasy intended for an adult audience. It is not intended to be a portrayal of healthy BDSM practises. The acts portrayed in this fiction should never be done without enthusiastic and informed consent. Please read with discretion.


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Within Her Skin

Her world was darkness.
As her mind awakened, her awareness beginning to focus on her environment, the darkness did not lift. She blinked, trying to shake away the fog, and felt something covering her eyes, holding them shut. Her eyelids fluttering against soft cloth. The next thing she realized was that she could not move.

Where am I?

She pulled at her wrists, straining against ropes that bound them firmly in place above her head. Panic began to set in as she found her mouth gagged, lips stretched over a round object that was tied tight around her head. Cries of alarm were muffled as she made the effort to struggle, finding her legs bound ankle to thigh where she knelt. No matter how she moved, kicked or contorted, the ropes that held her were firm and unmoving.

As her senses returned to her more fully, she became aware of the sound of cruel laughter, surrounding her where she knelt. The surface underneath her felt soft, but she was more aware of the cool feel of the air on her skin. She resumed her struggles, the ropes on her wrists beginning to chafe and hurt.

“Ahhh looks like she's awake, boys.” She heard the voice, somewhere in front of her, jerking her head towards the source of the sound. His voice was deep, a strange accent that she could not place. There was more laughter, and she could not tell how many men were present. Her cries of fear and outrage were stifled by the gag as she rocked, pulled against the ropes, then settled again as the pain became too much.
Who... who are these men?

Beautiful.. you look amazing squirming like this. I knew you would...” This time the voice came from behind her. Before she could reorient herself she felt a body pressed up against her back. Hands glided around from behind her, sliding over her naked breasts, grasping them in a firm grip. She cried out in the darkness, terrified as she realized she was completely naked.

In the inky blackness, unable to move and unable to speak, all she could do was feel. Her skin came alive under his touch, fingers moving to her nipples, pulling her breasts outwards. An electrifying stab of pain coursed through her from those points, tweaked between his fingertips. His lips were close to her ear as he whispered to her.
Perfect little toy, we're going to do so many things to you...” His breath was hot on her skin. Her body began to tremble as he spoke, and she could feel her pussy beginning to ache.

“It's going to be a long night...” Her mind was reeling as she felt his fingers pulling on her breasts, straining them and stretching her nipples. The pain felt alive, crawling through her skin as her legs trembled and her muffled squeals sounded through the room. She could feel his hands move then, releasing her breasts as he explored her body, firm palms on her waist and hips. “What shall we do to you first....

She could feel her arousal mounting in tandem with her fear. She whimpered and shook her head, the only movement that was available to her. That elicited more laughter, reminding her that her assailant was not alone, before she felt something wet and firm upon her left breast. Lips and tongue began to explore her skin, and she could only rock and moan as she felt it, felt hands grasp at her from the sides. Another set of lips to torment her, tongue tracing its way down her right breast, taking her already sore nipple into its mouth. The sensation of suction drove her mad, and she was squirming against them, lost in a sea of darkness and feeling.

“My what a responsive little thing...” A new voice chimed in, before she felt hands from behind her move down to her clit. They made slow, aggravatingly slow but firm circles around it, and she was howling through the gag, keening and leaning back against the waiting shoulder of whomever was behind her. His body was firm, the heat from him embracing her and making her flush. Her skin was crawling now with an insatiable itch, only soothed by the fingers that continued their exploration of her flesh.

The stimulation on her clit was unbearable, driving her wild with need. She could feel her thighs burn and her entrance slicken in anticipation, even as fear was overtaking her. She wanted to scream, but it came out in stifled moans, drool pooling at the corners of her stretched lips. Then his fingers moved from her clit, letting her writhe in the sweet torture of denied pleasure, before she felt a finger probe at her folds. “Oohh...” She heard breathed into her ear, a gasp of pure lust and exclamation. “So wet... She's really ready for us... look at this little slut...”

She howled again when two of his fingers delved deep inside of her, curling to that sweet spot. Her back arched, letting her weight fall against the man behind her, whose strong arms held her upright, the ropes that bound her pulling taught as he pushed his fingers in and out of her. “Oh dear... it seems like shes going to cum if I continue...”

There was another chuckle in the darkness, a cruel and teasing sound. “Oh let me.. I haven't had a chance to taste her yet... I want her to cum on my face...” The exchange made her shudder, still another voice chiming in. “Don't be so greedy... she can cum plenty of times with the aphrodisiacs we gave her, there's no need to play favourites here. We have her for as long as we want...” Lips moved to her neck, nibbles along the sensitive flesh as she felt his fingers leave her bereft.

Do you hear that?” The voice at her ear murmured to her, “Hear them fighting over a chance with you? Do you know just how many men are here waiting to have their way with you?” In response she whimpered, squirming again at the feel of lips locking around her clit.

The tongue made circles, hands coming forward to grasp her thighs, forcing her legs apart as he moved his lips to suck her. She felt the one behind her holding her with a firm grasp. “Mmmm such a pretty toy... that's all you are now, little slut, just our toy... and we're going to play with you all night...

She couldn't think anymore, didn't know how to respond to this new and terrifying situation. Hands roamed her body from all sides, she didn't know how many hands their were, how many sets of lips caressing her. How many teeth leaving little nibbles and love bites across her neck and shoulders.

Now she squirmed in ecstasy instead of struggling against them, her body moving on its own as she drowned in this sea of pleasure. Her hips thrust up to meet the tongue that explored her folds with boldness, as his tongue delved deep inside of her before licking all the way up again to torment her clit.

“Here, use this.” A voice in the darkness met her ears before she felt something hard probe her entrance, sliding deep inside of her with ease. “Fuck it just slides right in there...” Another voice commented as she screamed through the gag, her pussy being filled and stretched around the foreign object.

At once it began pumping in and out of her, more pressure and speed on her clit as she bucked and moaned from the attentions. As she felt the intrusion fill her, pressing in deeper while her clit throbbed at the suction she could hear herself crying out. Her breath and whimpering was loud in her own ears, while the sound of others chuckling made her face burn hot with embarrassment.

These men are watching me... going to watch me cummm...
She could not hold back, feeling pleasure mount to a climax, her whole body shaking and tensing, her clit bursting with sensation. She felt his mouth pressed tight to her as she rode out her orgasm, invisible hands never letting up their teasing and torment of her flesh as she came. Then the stimulation became too much, and she thrashed with renewed vigour, her throat going hoarse as she screamed and tried to move her legs. Cruel laughter filled the room from all around her, before finally she felt the hard object leave her, leaving a painfully empty feeling and an ache still deep in her core.

“What a fucking beautiful show.”
She heard jeers and approving comments, blushing to hear their praise as the hands that had enveloped her withdrew. Then the voice from behind was whispering again, his teeth nibbling on her earlobe as she shuddered and twitched in his arms, her body weight hanging on the ropes. “Ooohhhh toy, that was lovely... you got me so hard watching that. You got all of us so hard... oh yes, we'll definitely make you do that again...”

She heard her own voice whimpering through the gag as she felt his hands move around behind her, reaching between her legs. “Fuck you're wet... just like a little whore...” His fingers moved across her pussy, feeling her and making her moan again before they retreated back again, coming to rest directly on her asshole. The sudden realization made her give a cry of fright as she shook her head from side to side, trying to move her ass out of his reach, but it made no difference. There in the darkness the invisible finger probed her hole, still wet from her pussy, and she cried out in fear as she felt it work its way inside of her.

Ooohhh love, never been fucked here before? Don't worry... I'll make sure you're good and ready...” The laughter around her continued, gleeful voices that surrounded her and made her feel small and afraid. She felt another finger added as he moved deeper still. Hands grasped her from in front, gripping her shoulders and pulling her forward. Her surprised gasp came out as a gurgle as her front was forced down, her ass raised to his touch, giving the fingers that invaded her deeper access. She could feel the two fingers scissor inside of her, stretching her ass as they went.

“Fuckk this little slut is going to love it, just look at her...” The voice nearest her, holding her head down on the sheets and petting her hair sounded out, a chuckle resounding from somewhere on her left.
“I wonder if her ass tastes as good as her pussy....” She screamed again as a third finger wriggled its way inside of her, joining the other two. She felt like she was going to burst, and the faceless voices around her only jeering at her reactions.
“Awh fuck yes, look at this bitch moaning... you like that, slut? Yeah you do....

Then the fingers withdrew, and her breathing stilled, pants of breath drawn in to steady herself in the darkness. The relief was short lived as her ass was pulled forward, fingers gripping the cheeks and opening her up, and she felt a tongue press against her sore and aching hole. It felt soothing, pleasurable in a way she had never experienced before, her entire body shaking as she felt it make swirls, probing into her. It was as though her skin was vibrating, and each touch on her sensitive flesh only made her keen more.

Aaahh yeah, shes ready to get fucked hard, aren't you?” The sneering voice had lent near her ear, and she lost herself to the darkened world around her, a world she could not move in or effect, a world where all she could do was exist in a state of pure animal heat. In a whirl of motion the tongue was removed, and something bigger was pressed against her. It rubbed teasingly against it, making her squirm with need and want. “Awww, look at that. Look at how much she wants it, boys.”

More laughter as she moved her ass back to meet the hardness that rubbed against her. It was slickened with her own desire, her pussy positively on fire with need for more.
“It's your lucky day, whore. We've got all the cock you could need, all ready and waiting for you...” Then it slipped inside. She screamed again as she felt it, large and unyielding. It was so hard, and so thick she thought she would burst, the sensation reaching deeper inside of her core than she had ever felt before. Her head shook back and forth and she tried to beg, tried to get out some words. Nothing came out but groans and gurgles around the ball.

“Awww I think shes trying to talk.” She could hear them all now, could hear their pants of lust, and wondered if she could see if she would see a crowd of men with their cocks hard and straining in their hands. Watching her, waiting for their turn at her....
The man behind her gave another hard thrust, hilting completely and she screamed again. She could feel him pressed up against her cheeks, could feel him deep deep inside of her, and it made her shake and groan. It was an intense mixture of pleasure and pain that stabbed and filled her. She could feel tears wetting her eyes even as her pussy leaked over her thighs where she knelt. Hands on her hips, gripping her tight.

Then he began to thrust in earnest. She felt his cock move in and out of her, heard his grunts and groans as he fucked into her.
“Oh fuck yeah! This little toy is fucking tight!” More laughter, cruel taunts. “Hey now don't ruin her! I want her to still be tight when I get to her!” Her heart pounded loud in her ears, her throat felt raw and sore as she screamed again. His pace increased, and her mind gave in to the sensations pounding deep inside of her. Hands, teeth, lips, everywhere... it was insanity. She craved more, she needed more, she moved in a desperate attempt to feel more.

The sound of vibrations met her ears. “Here, I wanna see her cum with your cock in her ass.” Another hard thrust made her groan. She could feel drool pouring down her chin now, her teeth digging into the gag.
“Hah! That's a great fucking idea.”

Then her world fell to pieces. As something hard pressed against her clit, vibrations pouring into her, she screamed and bucked, stabs of pleasure and building ecstasy crashing through her body. Her hips began to move on their own, meeting his thrusts as she rutted against the vibe, humping it like an animal. The laughter began anew, along with moans from her spectators. Though she could not see their eyes on her, she could feel them. “Shit look at how desperate this little cunt is. Make her cum!”

She heard a clicking sound, and the vibrations increased. Screaming into the gag, she moved, her whole body shaking and tightening. “Fuuckkk shes getting tighter! Shes fucking milking me!” The taught string seemed to snap, unleashing a torrent of pleasure through her as she felt that hardness pounding her deep in her ass, moving in and out as her back arched and her toes curled. Everything in her body was spasming as she felt him make one final thrust deep inside of her. When the vibrator was finally turned off she felt him slide out of her, a warm wet fluid following his cock and wetting her hole.

FUCK! That's some of the best shit I've had in a long time.” The voice was breathless and panting, and as she lay there whimpering she felt another hard length slide into her. A new voice sounded in her ear as the warmth of a body bent over her, pulling her up to sit back in his lap. “It's my turn now, toy. Don't worry, I'm not quite as big as him... you tasted so good when you came on my face... now you're going to return the favour and make me cum in your ass.” Strong hands wrapped around her waist and bounced her up and down in his lap, impaled on his cock. It didn't stretch her quite so much, but it reached deep enough to still make her moan at the feel of it.

“What a pretty pussy....” She heard someone murmur, laying back limply now against the man thrusting his cock deep into her ass. “Shame to let it go to waste...” Then she felt another cock at her pussy, and gave a feeble whimper of fear.
Both? Both at once?

Oh fuck yes...” The familiar voice from before, the voice that had been speaking the most since she had woken up. “DP this slut. I wish I had my camera. Next time, for sure.” As his cock slid into her dripping entrance she moaned aloud in tandem with the breathless gasp of pleasure from this new lover. “Holy shit... shes so fucking wet!” His body pressed against her, and she was pinned between two men, both beginning to thrust in and out of her.

When one entered her the other withdrew, passing her hips back and forth between them over and over. She no longer had the strength or energy to move her own body, instead letting herself be manipulated between them as they liked. Then they both made a sudden thrust into her and once, and she thought she might burst as her body felt stretched beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her voice was loud as she screamed. Lips found her breasts, teeth biting hard on her nipples, shooting more pain and more sensation through her. Her neck was being attacked from behind, suction and teeth, certainly leaving marks in their wake. She was overwhelmed by sensations as she felt them continue to move in and out of her.

“She'll make a good little whore.” Someone commented, and she felt something hard against her face, unable to even think about the implications anymore. It rubbed against her, stroking up and down her cheek, gathering up the drool on her lips and sliding across her skin. She felt alive, so alive, every single touch and sensation tenfold as she was surrounded by hard cock.
Aw fuck, I'm gonna blow my load in her.” As she heard the words she felt a hard thrust from in front reach deep inside of her, her pussy clenching around it as a warmth filled her, and then withdrew. There was an unbearable moment of emptiness before the length that rest against her face was removed, and then she felt herself entered once more. “Fuck yes, I've been waiting for this...”

The movements were slow, but the pounding in her ass became harder. Stretched out again, hands passing her back and forth between their cocks, her fingers clenched tight around the rope that held her upright. “Look at those fucking tits... I want to make them jingle.” A new voice chimed in, eliciting groans from the others.

Fucking brilliant.”

“Who's got them?”

“Here they are.”

Voices meshed with each other before she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her breast, her body jumping upwards in shock, another scream pealing from her already raw throat. She could feel hands grasping her breasts, holding her in place as she tried to struggle away from where she thought the next might come. Another shriek as another clamp bit down on her, and then she could feel them being pulled. Breathlessly she gurgled out her protests, but it only made the men chuckle all the more.

Fuck she got wet from that, its fucking dripping down my dick!” As they resumed their thrusts into her the hands behind her made a point of bouncing her aching breasts, causing whatever they had attached to them to jingle, bells chiming her torment. It felt so good she thought she would burst, finding a renewed energy to rut forwards against the cock in her pussy, trying desperately to rub her clit against him as he fucked into her.

“This bitch is trying to cum again!” Someone exclaimed to the approving jeers of the rest. Her world was a blanket of desire now, nothing existed except for feeling, for instinct, for pleasure.
“Let's see it!” Someone else moaned. Rough hands from behind tightened their grip on her hips, pulling her back into the cock in her ass, giving her the feeling of balls slapping against her. Then there was another sharp tug on the bells and she came again, tightening every muscle in her already exhausted body as pleasure filled her senses. She could feel herself gush as she writhed between them, could smell her own wetness, could smell cock, sweat, and cum. It was a heady mixture that overwhelmed her and kept her mired in a world of pure ecstasy.

Aww fuck shes fucking tight!” She heard a shout of pure animal lust from behind as the cock in her ass shot inside of her, filling her with its cum before pulling out again. A grunt sounded from in front of her, another deep thrust in her pussy, crashing into her as the man in front of her shot deep inside of her as well, withdrawing with a gasp.

“Fuck! Fuck!” More exclamations and all of a sudden she felt a hot and sticky mess shooting across her face, soaking through the blindfold and dripping across her lips. The smell was intoxicating, making her moan aloud again with need.

Hot fucking damn! I'm gonna blow!” Another voice, and then the hot substance was across her breasts, dripping across her front. More and more, from all sides she could feel her skin drenched with cum, and the only thought that crossed her mind was how much she wished they would take out the gag so that she could taste it. She was panting and exhausted, resting forward against the ropes, no longer caring about the pain in her arms and wrists, her whole body trembling in its desire for more, more anything.

She could hear the grunts and the groans of the men around her, all of them finishing themselves before someone reached out to unclamp one of her nipples. The sudden pain that shot through her then made her jerk upwards again, arching her back, the other bell jingling with insistence. She screamed, shook her head imploringly, but the other one was caught a moment after. The man gave it a playful tug before unclamping it as well, making her shriek out again. Pain enveloped her, made her spasm and writhe, her clit throbbing with need for attention. As she shook there where she knelt, the familiar voice of the man spoke again, directly in her ear, whispering his words of lust to her.

“You're not done, precious. You just get a break, now. But all these men who came on you didn't get a chance to fuck you.... and you're not done until they are all satisfied. Don't worry though... I'll make sure you cum over and over again, until it hurts, until you can't imagine an existence where you're not cumming your brains out for the rest of your life. You're going to be a wonderful attraction here at my club little toy... and you're going to love every. Single. Minute. Of it.”

In the darkness that made up her world, she knew with trembling that he was right. She wanted, needed, more already. She was filled with dread, not that they would continue to have their way with her flesh, but that they would stop. She didn't want it to stop. She hadn't cum enough.... she didn't know if she could ever cum enough.

Fuck.... Yes... I'm just a fucktoy... I want to be just a fucktoy... don't let me move, don't let me talk...

Just fucking fuck me, please!

Her thoughts rolled through her in desperation before she felt hands at the straps to the gag, pulling the ball from her mouth. She moaned aloud, unimpeded for the first time as she breathed in breath after breath of air.

“I'm going to let you cum once more before we take a short break...” Hands from behind grasped her shoulders, pulling her backwards. She felt her legs spread open, not even attempting to stop it as she leaned backwards and felt something hard pressed down against her clit. There was weight to it, pushing against her, almost crushing. Then she could feel another cock rubbing against her cheek, and she felt her lips move on their own towards it.

“You can rut against my shoe...” She could feel his presence bent over her now, the weight on her clit almost painful as he spoke. Fingers laced their way through her hair, pulling her head close to that hard length even as her lips reached for it. Her mouth opened of its own accord and she felt the head of his cock on her tongue, felt it shoved all the way down her throat. Her stomach clenched and she struggled to pull away, but her head was held in place. “And you will choke on my cock.”

He let her go, pulling her off his length by the hair, and she coughed and sputtered. The world seemed to hang still for a moment before he shoved it back in again, pulling her up and down on it with vigour.
“Go on. Make yourself cum. Then you get a break.”

She moved her hips with abandon, any noise she might have made stifled by the thick length down her throat as he fucked her face. He made her gag with each thrust, and each time made her clit throb again as she rutted up against the offered boot heel that dug into her. It was intoxicating and alarming, but she was too far gone to think about it. The darkness embraced her, the sightless existence kept her deep within her own skin.

Mmm, you like how my cock tastes?” She heard his words as she moved her lips to suck, her tongue to explore. It tasted like leather and sweat, strong and musky. She couldn't help moaning around him as she continued to rub herself, felt her pleasure growing again, that unmistakable need deep inside of her aching core. “It was in your ass you know... do you like the taste of your own ass?”

She bucked against him, rutting like an animal for his amusement, taking his cock as deep as she could. Each time she gagged she felt her own ecstasy mount. It was hellish bliss that propelled her onward, saliva mixed with precum dripping down her face as she felt his cock move in and out of her with no remorse. Then, finally, she heard him grunt, an animalistic sort of sound as he thrust himself as deep inside of her as he could go, his balls pressed against her chin. Her throat constricted as her own orgasm crashed through her, her clit pressed up against his shoe and her ass in the air. Her entire body shook as she felt him fill her, felt the rush of his seed choke her throat.

When he pulled out she could taste it, taste him. The bitter taste of his cum consumed her as he pulled out, as her own orgasm subsided leaving her shaking and sputtering, a whimpering mess.
There you go....” He said between breaths and pants. She felt his thumb on her lip, gathering up drops of his fluid and then pushing it into her mouth. Her lips parted with eagerness as she accepted the offering, her tongue lolling out the find more.
Good girl...” The words made a thrill of joy rush through her, a feeling of warmth and acceptance. “You're going to be swallowing a lot of this from now on... better get used to it.”

The next thing she felt was a kiss pressed to her forehead before all forms of contact ceased. She was left sputtering, gasping for breath. A chill moved across her as cum dripped over her prone, still bound form. Though her skin still ached for a touch, none was to be found. “We'll be back soon, darling....

Don't go anywhere.

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Thomas Brown

Another well written and engrossing BDSM tale

Thomas Brown

A very entertaining and stimulating read . Thank you

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Thank you so very much for reading and commenting! Hope to hear from you again ;)

Thank you for reading!

Thank you very much for reading. If you "enjoyed" this short story (winkwink) please come check out my blog for more of my erotic writing and art. I would love to hear from you!


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