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Introducing Geoff

Geoff’s violet eyes sparkled as they glanced over the menu above Sara’s strawberry and lavender streaked head.

“Um…” His velvet soft voice hummed.

Strong, she thought as she looked over his features. Like an ancient statue that lay in ruin, pale under a Mediterranean sky. Sara wondered what it would be like to curl her fingers through his inky waves. Soft.

“Tall, no short espresso.” His eyes crinkled from the large grin, happy he finally came to a decision.

Geoff’s gaze lowered to the cute barista’s honey-colored eyes, outlined heavily in charcoal. He pondered why so much makeup, she didn’t need it. The pale, supple skin that peeped out from under her brown polo shirt and beige apron, let him know her skin was too perfect to be covered by chemical decoration. He hoped he wouldn’t have to wipe it off her.

She nibbled her bottom lip, nodding as her gaze fell to the register in front of her.

“Two dollars and thirty cents. Please.”

Please, Geoff thought. Weeks have gone by and he has yet to ask her out. Take her to his favorite spot –  just out of town near the old civil war train tracks that meander through a dark forest. It’s quiet there, and secluded too. Perfect.

Would she say please for him? Would she try to run like the others?

“Here you go.” Geoff handed over the five dollar bill that was warm from being neatly folded in his pocket.

Sara’s hand nervously brushed her fingers over his as she took the money from his hand. She gasped as electricity sparked from his touch.

“Sorry. Static.” He said, growing more confident as he watched her cheeks grow crimson and her eyes fall to the ground in submission.

Sara quickly made change and handed it to him. His head shook and Sara watched in admiration as his locks shifted around his face, framing it perfectly. He’s perfect, she thought.

“No, you keep it.”

That familiar urge started to rise from his center and spread across his chest and neck. Perfect. She’s perfect.

“Thank you.” Sara’s eyes widened as the tip was larger than the cost of the drink.

She raced off to make his espresso, but taking time to catch glimpses of him. Geoff’s absorbing eyes stayed focused on her. He’s either impatient for his drink or he likes her. Sara hoped it’s the latter.

Geoff became fascinated as her delicate neck twisted and turned as she prepared his order. The porcelain skin stretched tight over fragile bones, veins and the little voice box that’s easily crushed.

“Tall espresso.” Geoff heard her sultry voice call out.

He smiled, taking the drink from her hand. This time, no spark.

“My name is Geoff and I was wondering if you are free Saturday night. I’d like to take you to dinner.”

The urge grew intense as he watched her mouth curve into a shy grin and she nodded her head.

“Yes, please.” Sara giggled with glee brightening her eyes.

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The Family Who Eats Together...

A hum comes from Geoff’s window as he turns to see rain streaking his pane. He groans and wipes his hand over his face, already irritated by the havoc Mother Nature is causing him.

“Fuck!” He blurts out. Hating that he is letting something as simple as rain get to him when he aches for the thrill Saturday will bring. He wanted to observe Sara today, but the weather had other plans. To help relieve some of the ache his hand dips under his waist band of his black and white striped boxers, curling over his stiff cock. It’s already dripping with anticipation.

Slowly his fingers glide over the taut surface as words like please and yes, float through his mind. Her image appearing before him, kneeling while pleading the words. Her face clear of the heavy blackness that normally darkens her eyes as his minds conjures her up for his arousal. She’s angelic, pushing her candy streaked hair out of the way, revealing a smooth neck. It glistens in his fantasy.

His hand moves faster over his hardness and he can feel his muscles tightening. Geoff roughly shoves his other hand down to tug on his balls, intensifying everything.

Now his hands are gripping her throat, squeezing as his body hums to feel the little muscles of her neck stretch in ways never intended. Her eyes will bulge, and…oh god, he’s so close…

Geoff is grunting now, his small double sized bed with warn grey sheets creek and rattle as he works his angry dick, the head now purple. Slick clicking sounds echo through his small room.

Bang. Bang.

The noise from his door forces Geoff to stop and grab the sheet that hangs partially from his bed. Tossing it over his hips just as the door swings open.

“Oh good, you’re awake. It’s time for breakfast. I’ve made scrambled eggs, your favorite.” His mom’s voice twinkles with delight causing Geoff to shudder. The happier she is, the worse breakfast will be.

“Mom I’m twenty two years old, I can just get my own breakfast.”

Her violet eyes darken to a deep purple. Her thin pink lips fall to a frown as she shakes her head, causing her soft brown curls to sway over her shoulders.

“We are a family Geoff. We eat together. We pray together. We live together. When you have found yourself a suitable wife and start your own family, then you can have her make your breakfast, until then you eat when I say you eat.”

She slams the door and the hard clacking sound from her wooden heels stomping down the hall cause him to cringe.

Now he’s done it.

Breakfast will be unbearable. He could have gotten away with a few lashes from the belt across his back as the family ‘prays’, but now it will be her wooden heels digging bloody wounds into him. She will cackle as she lists his sins while he’ll witness the hardness pressing against his father’s pants. 

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