The Magical Adventure At Hogwarts!


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Chapter 1.The magic happens!

 It was a, mild sunny day on a Sunday and I suddenly heard a loud hoot as I opened my window and to a surprise it was Luna (my pet snowy owl) and she was carefully clutching a letter in her beak "Thanks Luna!" I said happily as she handed it to me and I carefully read it, it said: Hi, Ella Had a good summer? I hope so but please come to school because me, and Harry would like to see you! From, your friend Ron "Luna lets go to Hogwarts!" I shouted cheerfully grabbing my nimbus 2000 (broom) as I jumped on it grabbing Lunas cage and my, wand as I flew off to, kings cross station.

As I finally got there I hurriedly got off so no one saw me and I grabbed a rusty trolley and put my bags and Luna on it, Iwalked slowly as I heard a familiar voice booming loudly ahead of me and I instantly knew who it was, It was Draco Malfoy who had, bright blonde hair,

A dark slyverin robe on and of course he was threatening a poor, dark chestnut brown cat as he kicked it carelessly to the side "Malfoy Stop!" I shouted dashing I front of the cat as it cried out in pain as Malfoy attempted to hit it again "Really! Look who it is! The Dirty little girl who Always likes lessons! Really!" Malfoy said grabbing out his long, dark wand "Malfoy you can't do magic out of school!" I shouted carefully as he, looked at me with, his stone cold blue eyes "No one told you to talk! Mud Blood!!" His voiced boomed as I saw Ron slowly walking round the corner as he looked in surprise "Malfoy leave Ella, Alone!" He said hurriedly running up to Malfoy as he ran through the wall onto the platform "Thanks Ron!" I said as I saw Harry trail behind us "Harry!" We both said happily as he came to see us "Ella!" Ron said looking at my leg wich was now bleeding because, Malfoy had kicked my leg "it's ok Ron I've had worse happen!" I said slowly as Harry looked happy "yeah more like voldermorts tried to kill you!" He said as we to ran through the platform and onto, the Hogwarts express.

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The beginning

After another week at hogwarts I woke up and to my surprise I saw Harry sat by the

Arched window with his invisibility cloak beside him "are you ok Harry?" I asked as he turned around slowly "Ella? know Sirius black?" He said slowly stroking Hedwig, (his pet snowy owl) "you mean, Sirius black your God..father?" I said carefully Ashe looked happily at me his eyes gleaming "Well Sirius has come see me and I'd like you and Ron to come with case a professor notices,." "Ok when are we going?" I asked as Ron moved quickly in his bed "I think we should go now!." He said hurriedly as I grabbed my wand and cloak and we woke up Ron who had no clue what we were doing. Once we snuck out of the castle we slowly walked past the sighn to Hogwarts and out of the distance we saw a jet black, soft wolf lying in the mud moving slowly as Ron, pulled out his wand "Sirius?" I said as the wolf shot up and and turned into Sirius and with instant Sirius started jumping around with joy "Harry, Ron, Ella!" He happily stated looking at us happily "Sirius black? Why are you here!" Ron announced pointing his wand at the grey, damp ground. "I'm here to tell you!" He said as he, looked at us with his shocking stare "Voldermorts,...he's returned..and now I must go!" He boomed as he dissapered into a circle of dust.

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The beginning at school!

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