Angel Eyes


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 3rd Person POV

Jinxx let out a sob as he was finally left alone, Jinxx's boyfriend was a Demon. And though he loved and cared about him dearly, he still hit Jinxx and battered him. Unfortunately for Jinxx his band audition was tomorrow and he was well beaten around his face and chest. He didn't get his flash with this current boyfriend, Kenneth, but he was forced to stay as he was threatened to be killed if he left. 

A flash was a sliver light that crossed your eyes if you saw your soul mate. The only time it would happen though was if you were a supernatural being. Jinxx being one of the several species:

Jinxx was beaten by this Male demon he considered his boyfriend like he was the scum of the earth. Now, a demon's powers included that of conjuring fire, sometimes they could control sexual urges in the body against other people's will. Some had the power of seduction, but all had the power to bring pain and suffering.

Angels where Angelic creatures, they often where considered holy being even though it was only their appearance that made them seem that way. They were often stolen from their homes and families for sex and gem trafficking. They were known to cry tears of diamonds if their hearts where broken as love was a being's most precious gift. Their tears, when they left their owners would solidify into perfectly smooth teardrops, and they were sought after for jewelry, namely earrings. But if an angel was too far gone with heartbreak they'd die within a month after the incident had broke their heart.

The where also, Vampires who were the classic blood thirsty creatures with the acceptation of a garlic allergy and fear of crosses; and the uncontrollable thirst part that was something they could control. They had varying powers anything from mind control to premonitions to healing. 

Werewolf's where an unfortunate breed as they were literally cursed into turning into a rabid animal for an entire night killing eating and biting others. Only when they could control themselves again would they regret it, it was an unfortunate to those who turned as they usually committed suicide within the first month of being turned.

And then there where Mystics, they had their powers under control as they usually had to do quite a few things for their powers to work. Most where healers and care givers, and could hardly hurt a fly... that was, unless they found darker powers.

Jinxx was a half Mystic, he delved in healing and in some of the grey magic in which deals with death where involved. The other half of Jinxx was unknown, he never knew his parents and he was sure he was only meant to be a toy of this world... he didn't see anything left in this world for him if this band audition didn't work out for him.

Suddenly, there was a small whoosh of Air only Jinxx could feel he looked up and saw the darkly cloaked figure he knew oh so well. He had become good friends with the being. Now, "being" was an umbrella term because... well, Jinxx wasn't sure what Death was. Death was neither a holy being nor was he a being of the underworld. He simply took soles to their destination in the afterlife weather that was paradise or the underworld only he would know. 

Death turned to eye Jinxx then, "Ah, so he's your significant other." Death said his clipboard hung from his scythe like a pendulum along with a few other trinkets that Death never talked about when asked. 

"Not really, we didn't connect with one another..." Jinxx said. Already knowing what Death was there for. "So, was it finally Alcohol poisoning?" Jinxx asked weakly, his lungs wheezing from his last beating.

"Indeed. I won't be coming for you yet my dear." Death said and went to the stairs where Kenneth had diapered to and with an eerie metallic ringing Jinxx felt the only other life in the house go out.  And so death came back dragging a ghostly soul out with him, seemingly in a drunk slumber. "I can promise you only this my friend, where this Demon is going he deserves fully." Death said before he and the spirit he dragged behind him diapered, back into the void.

Jinxx didn't remember passing out but he woke up early in the morning in the same place he had been beaten. Going up the stairs and to his bedroom, he found a blackened and scorched spot where his Demon Ex-Boyfriend had died. The only beings that ever stayed as a dead body where Angels and Mystics, the others burst into flame and turned to ash.

He sighed with relief, he could finally have his home to himself, he went to the mirror then and looked into it. He cringed at what he saw, he didn't like the look of this, his hair had matted blood in it, and his face was black and blue. Athough he supposed it didn't make much difference anyway, he didn't find himself very attractive. He sighed, his hart heavy, the cumbersome thoughts in his head tortured him telling him he was worthless and ugly, that no one would love him.

He turned on the shower next and made sure it was burning hot, he wanted the thoughts and the disgusting touch of his ex. removed from his body. He didn't want to feel so dirty, so used...

He scrubbed down so roughly and so thoroughly he was nearing the point his skin had been rubbed raw. Feeling he had done enough however he slipped out and dried himself off with some towels and blow-dried and straightened his hair. He didn't look much better so he decided to cover his bruises and cuts with some foundation. Once his face looked presentable he slunk out of the bathroom and to his closet he slipped on a black shirt his favorite zip up hoodie, with some dark jeans. He then grabbed his guitar and put it in its heavy, black case.

He then trudged down the stairs not bothering with breakfast, telling himself as he did every day that he wasn't hungry, and went to find the pace he was supposed to meet this band at. He found the studio within a reasonable amount of time, he then grabbed his guitar out of the backcourt the car, and headed inside to wait for the others.

As he sat down on a padded bench inside, he took out a flask of his own personal potion brew and took a small swig. He took it for the pain in his stomach and it cleared his head too, but only for a while. He sighed as he put it back in the small pocket on the inside of his hoodie.

He didn't like this beauty regimen he'd assigned himself but if it made him worth his future sole mate's time that was all that mattered. 

Soulmates could still reject one another if they did not find their partner fit to their desires, but would then either find a second someone or would never again be involved in the cycle.  And Jinxx feared the rejection of his soul mate, he feared it like he feared Dark magic. 

Jinxx had drifted off into his own thought on the bench he was sitting on when the band walked in, they all stood close as if they where afraid to drift too far from one another, they were all mated with one another then. It wasn't uncommon for soul mates to come in multiples but it was uncommon to see more than three like this.

Jinxx looked up to meet the first man's eyes and saw a strong and brilliant flash of silver cross them. And Jinxx's stomach dropped, he had feared and looked forward to this day, and now he was terrified...

Andy's POV

When I woke up that morning, I could feel something different. I couldn't pin point it, and it felt strange. But of course I always felt strange, as did the rest of my lovers. We always felt as if there was a piece missing from our relationship. 

I had three lovers total, CC, Jake and Ashley. And we all loved one another, we slowly collected one another over time, I had been with Ashley first, and then we found Jake and CC and we couldn't be parted scene. We had to buy a bigger house because the master bedrooms where too small for the four of us as we loved being together in the same bed at night when we slept. 

I felt Ashley turn over beside me, he then wrapped his arms around me, Ashley was a demon. His powers included sexual arousal, pain, and of course fire conjuring. He had beautiful tan skin and dark hair and eyes. He was the most adorkabe thing in the world to me. 

Behind me was CC he was a vampire. He had the powers to destroy and heal people, though he only ever used his power to heal as he was so gentle in nature. 

Jake was sleeping behind Ashley, Jake was a little bit different. He was half Angel half demon. He had the physical strength and fire power of a demon, but he would be able to tract and retract his beautiful wings. He was gentle but high spirited when it came down to it.

And, I... well I was half human, half angel. I was lucky enough to adapt most features from the angel side of my genes. I had blonde hair before I died it, and blue eyes. The only thing I didn't receive from my angel decent was wings... and that kind of sucked but I could live with it. 

"Babe, what are you thinking about?" Ashley asked quietly in my ear.

"You all, how lucky I am to have you." I smiled. 

Ashley chuckled and kissed my temple and then sat up then he got a funny look on his face. "Do you feel that?" He asked. 

"That weird emotional feeling?" I asked.

"Yeah. Like a closing like something's... right." Ashley said.

"Do you think we're going to find them today?" I asked hopeful.

"I sure hope so." Ashley smiled and then proceeded to wake the others, CC groaning that he wanted another five minutes to wake up.

"You guys feel it too don't you?" Said Jake mater of factly.

We all nodded, I smiled brightly I wanted to know who we where destined for. But I had to be patent, we had someone trying out for rhythm guitarist that day. We had to do that first, the band would have to come first. 

More determined than I was yesterday for this band to work, I went downstairs and helped with breakfast. I ate my portion and then went to groom myself.

The upside to a big house was the shower, the water would  e sprayed from all sides. Marking a fountain effect of sorts, once I started to wash up though Ashley joined me.

"I figured you'd like some company." he said and started to scrub my scalp for me. To this i sighed contentedly. It always felt good when he did that, sort of like going to a salon when you get your hair washed. And Ashley was VERY good.

"What about the others?" I asked.

"They're still eating." he said now rinceing my hair before he took some argon oil to the ends of my hair. "I know you don't like it, but it helps keep your hair nice." he said.

"I don't need my hair to grow any faster Ash. It already grows like a weed." I said as he washed out the oils and then put the conditioner in. 

I then turned to him wanting to do the same for him, and used his stupid hair oil in the same manor, before washing it out.

This was the point where we would wash each other's bodies now. I still blushed like crazy when he did, I couldn't help it. 

But washing one another only turned into shower sex. Panting from the tremendous sexual stimulation, I kissed him and he responded before letting me down slowly from the wall. 

"Now, let's get out before we use up all the hot water." Ashley said and turned the knob until the spray was off and we stood next to one another simply drenched.

Later that morning after we had all showered and dressed, went to meet at the studio.

We always stood so close to one another. Jake and I always between Ashley and CC as we where likely to be stolen away if we where discovered to be even part angel. 

If an Angel was taken away, terrible things could and would happen so that we could be used for angel tears and other's sexual pleasures in illegal brothels. 

Entering the studio we found that the man we had set up an appointment with over the phone already there. His head was down so we couldn't see his eyes he wore a large hoodie over his petite and abnormally thin frame. His black hair hung in his face, he looked like he was thinking. He was definitely Mystic, or maybe Angel? I wasn't sure, as Mystics usually have a powerful aura when they entered a room. But this man didn't, which seemed unusual in a mystic, but innocence didn't come from him like an Angel's aura did. 

The others where looking at him too, just as interested and skeptical as I was. CC glanced at us, he seemed to be very comfortable around the stranger, we all did and we had only had entered the room a few moments ago.

When he looked up he looked straight into my eyes with his baby blues, and something in me clicked immediately and I saw the flash of silver in his eyes. He was beautiful... and he was our missing piece.

Jinxx POV

I simply stared, it couldn't be happening now. No, not now, please not now I looked around at the other's eyes and theirs flashed with a silver light and I froze. 

This couldn't be happening, rejection from one person was enough to make me want to die, but four... I don't think I could take four. I gripped the small 'medicine' bag i kept for this time of emergency. 

Inside this bag was the simple ingredients to call death into that place in time. If I am to be rejected, I'll have what I need to never have existed. I feared the magic it took to make this dried brew, but I don't think I would live through this.

"So, you're the one." Said the first one. His face had lit up like a beam of light. The others seemed to be smiling too. 

"I'm here to audition for the band, if that's what you're talking about." I said nervously, trying to avoid getting connected immediately to them. If that happened it would be harder for them to reject me and be rejected.

Andy's POV

I watched the small man in front of us, Jinxx was what he preferred to be called if I remember right. He seemed nervous and was fiddling with something in his pocket.

"Well, why don't you show us what you can do." I said heading to the amps and letting him set up. Jake helping him as Jinxx's fingers seemed to slip and fumble with everything, he seemed to shake like a dry leaf in the wind.

"Do you think he's alright?" Ashley asked worried for the little figure.

"I don't know... I think he has a concealer in his system." I said feeling it fade over those few minutes.

Concealers where usually something made my Mystics to dilute an aura for a short time. Sometimes they used them as pain killers or to clear their heads. But they could be abused like drugs could. 

Auras where something Angels and half angels could sense about a person, usually detecting what they where and if they had bad intentions.     Namely towards themselves or others. 

When Jinxx finally had his guitar hooked up, he pulled out a small flask and took a sip. That must be the concealer he had in his system. He seemed to relax and his head seemed to lift a bit.

"So..." he said he must have felt awkward standing there by the amps without instruction.

"Just show us what you can do. Maybe you have something you've put together or... whatever really." I said.

"Yeah, just let it out." Ashley said now sitting down on a couch against the wall.

Jinxx nodded and started to play some revamped classical he'd revised and some other more classic rock before he stopped and sort of closed off.

"You're very good." Jake said smiling, I could tell Jinxx was good. But if Jake could say it with confidence, we must have a hook on Jinxx.

"Thanks." Jinxx said as he started to rub his arms a little, he looked cold.

"Well, why don't we stick around a bit with one another?" Ashley said eager to get to know Jinxx. 

"Why don't we go for coffee and lunch at the diner around the next block?" CC said getting up from his leaning position against the wall.

"Sure! You coming with us Jinxx?" Ashley asked  the small figure.

"Sure, I'll go with." he said nodding.

Walking around the corner the next black over, we walked inside and took a booth not very far from the door. He hadn't said anything about the flash I knew he had seen with each of us in turn.

"You're pretty quiet." I said looking at him from where he sat at the edge of his seat at the very end of the booth's seat. 

He seemed to shrink at this as if his confidence was wavering, "Sorry, I didn't mean to come about as rude." he said he had all the mannerisms of a Mystic. The little ticks they usually had, either fiddling with something in his pocket, seeming to keep to himself, fiddling with his rings or pendants. 

"I don't find it rude, I think it's a nice contrast to CC." Ashley said and laughed as CC gave him a mock hurt look.

"Me? Do I look like a jackass to you?" he asked.

"Well, you look like an ass to me." Jake said taking a sip on his coffee.

That made Ashley crack up his smile seeming to affect Jinxx as well but Jinxx tried to hide it by looking down and stirring his untouched drink.

After some time the waitress came back and took our orders. The strange thing was, Jinxx didn't order anything. I took a note of it, he wasn't trying to connect with us... and that's when I realized, he must be scared of us rejecting him!

When our food came, there was a small sound from Jinxx to which he drank a little from his flask again before her put it away. 

After a long silence, I looked at him intently. If anything I was good at giving a hard stare. Jinxx seemed to shake as he looked at me finally.

"Jinxx, we don't plan on rejecting you" I said and to this he  dropped the spoon he was using to stir his long cold coffee.

"I..." he tried to say but Ashley took his hand and looked at him reassuringly. Jinxx swallowed dryly before he continued horsily.

Jinxx POV

"Why?" I asked automatically I was still stunned they had said anything of the sort.

"What do you mean why? You're our mate, we couldn't reject you." CC said as he looked at me as if this question was ridiculous.

I wanted to open my mouth and tell them, tell them that I was horrible, that I wasn't very cleanly normally, and I had given up on life. I wanted to tell them I was too big of a mess to keep in their life's. 

"Jinxx, please let us connect with you. We want you in our life's." Ashley said quietly.

I could tell he and Jake where either Demon or of Demon decent. They both had dark eyes that seemed to capture the poor soul they stared into the eyes of. But they where gentle, Ashley's grip on my hand wasn't bruising or harsh. It was soft and comforting... but how good was it? It couldn't be true, it was too good of a thing.

"Come here hun." Ashley said and pulled me close whiping away something damp on my face. I hadn't realized I was crying...

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Death Toll

 Ashley POV

Once we had Jinxx settled down, we want to our group house to initiate Jinxx not only into or band, but into our small family. Jinxx kept drinking from the flask that he carried, once in a while. This worried us however, Jake would eye him occasionally worried, as would Andy and he seemed the most worried. As if he felt something the rest of us didn't probibly Jinxx's Aura, that was an Angel specific power. 

Auras, they where the feel of a person's thought and body. Andy could always tell if a person was physically hurt or was about to commit suicide. He often told police officers to keep an eye on random people he would see in the street.

That was Andy's calling it seemed, to help others in need, emotionally. He had an exaggerated worry though, but only those who knew him could tell. He always had ticks and anxious habits when he was worried. He was currently bouncing his leg and biting his nails. He wasn't his normally annoying-singing self as he usually was in the car.

My ear ticked a little, I was starting to feel the anxiety in the car as well. If Andy was worried that, usually, leaked into our behaviors too. My tick happened to be that my ears would turn to their normally pointed, demonesque, selfs and start twitching. CC was picking his teeth with a toothpick as a result of the tension. Jinxx was once again fiddlingwith something in his pocket.

Once we arrived at the house we walked Jinxx inside. He seemed to relax some as we all sat down in the living room, I went to the fridge to get each of us something to drink, I picked up a bottle of water for Jinxx as I wasn't sure what he liked.

Andy's POV

Once Ashley came back with out drinks Jinxx took the bottle of water and he downed half the bottle before he closed it back up and set it down by his feet. "Jinxx, what's in your flask?" I asked hoping he wouldn't blow up, Mystics could be suspicious with new people.

"Just something to clear my head, help with a stomach ache." He said fiddling with what ever was in his pocket again.

"You get stomach aches a lot?" Jake asked now looking at Jinxx with concern.

"I suppose..." Jinxx said he kept fidgeting with the thing in his pocket.

"Jinxx, I know we just met... but I know something's wrong." I said trying to be gentle.

"How so?" He asked trying to avoid the subject I was getting to.

"You don't eat regularly." I said bluntly, it may have been harsh to get to the point so quickly but I wasn't willing to loose what we had only just received.

"I..." Jinxx paused unsure of what to say.

"Jinxx, will you give me the flask?" I asked he looked at me for a very long minute, then he nodded and he handed it to me. He watched me closely, as if trying to figure out what I was going to do with it.

Jake grabbed it from me then, and opened it and a powerful wif of herbs that I hadn't noticed from it before came out. But from what I had been told and had smelt from the few mystic shops I had been to, it was a new brew of things. This was something of his design it seemed.

He then looked at me and gave it back, I closed it and put it in my back pocket. We'd have to bring it to someone who would tell us what was going on with him. I was worried because as I put it away and he had settled into the couch his Aura seems clearer now and it was very dark and troubled, as it something in his conscious was about to be exposed.

Jinxx POV

I paused as I felt something around me collapse, something was telling me my aura was showing to both half Angels in the room. I was more vulnerable than I had been in years and it made me anxious. I was fully exposed to at least two of them, and they could practically read me like a book.

I now realized I had begun to shake, and my breath became shallow and I couldn't get enough air. I could hear voices from far away but my vision was blurry and my ears seemed to be stuffed with cotton.

I don't think I've had a panic attack in years.

I felt someone touching me and I opened my mouth to scream, no I didn't want to be hit! Whatever I did I'm sorry! I can't breathe! My head grew light and my head began to spin, oh god what's happening I'm so scared... And then I seemed to  black out because I couldn't remember anymore.

Andy POV

I watched as Jinxx finally passed out. This didn't worry me half as much as what he had screamed. Apologies and that he didn't want to be hit. I held the small figure of Jinxx close and made sure he was going to wake up comfortable. But as I hugged his middle, it was so, so thin and his body seemed fragile.

 I then noticed something hard in his pocket poking into my arm. I reached inside, Ashley who had knelt beside me watched as I pulled out a small package wrapped in aged paper worn from being fiddled with. 

"What the hell is he doing with that!?" Jake said from behind me. Looking around if found that he was horrified by whatever this thing was.

"What is it?" I asked as he snatched it from my grip.

"It's a death toll." Jake said, "If this was activated it would kill Jinxx immediately!" I looked at Jake my eyes wide, horrified Jinxx would ever carry that.

"Give me that thing, I know how this is supposed to be distroyed." Ashley said taking it before going to a desk we kept in the back hallway coming back the small but deadly package was coated in sealing wax.

"That should neutralize it." he said still looking down at the Death Toll in his palm. "This is Dark magic. Only those with the intent to die make these." he said looking down at the unconscious figure in my arms.

"It looks like that was made years ago." Jake said referring to the age of the paper.

"We'll ask him about it when he wakes up." I said standing up with the deadly thin Jinxx still in my arms.

"As long as he's out, why don't we go down to Sammi's shop and ask her what the hell is in that flask." Ashley said as he threw the neutralized Death Tole in the garbage bin.

"Me and Jake will go." CC said taking the flask from my back pocket. "You and Ashley stay here with him." 

Once we had Jinxx situated in the bed Ashley went to get a cold cloth and we made sure he was going to be okay while the other two where out.


I walked quickly beside Jake, I was worried about Jinxx, something that made me abnormally silent. Usually I would make sure everyone was laughing throughout the day. But now I was full of anxiety, I needed to know what Jinxx was doing to himself.

This was usually a happy time, when we had all discovered each other, we always felt our spirits lift and our hearts cheered with happiness. Even if we where happy to find Jinxx we where more worried about his condition morethan anything. 

I could still see him in the back of my mind, he was beautiful no doubt. But his haunted eyes, and his dangerously thin frame showed only years of abuse not only from himself but from others. 

I could help, but I needed to know what was sickening him physically. For all the healing powers I had, I couldn't heal mental wounds. 

Rounding the corner we could smell the shop before we even saw it. Outside where different wind charms and oddities hung in the store front. Sort of like an oddity lawn ornament shop. Some of these wind charms where made of old pendants and coins, making a haunting clanging noise, rather than the pretty tinkling of other pipe wind charms. 

The sent radiating from the shop was that of incense and probably some perfumed oils that had either been out for display or as been shattered only to soak into the dingy carpet. Inside where hundreds of odd bundles hanging from the ceiling, some smaller ones of dried mushrooms or roots. And old antique furniture served as shelfs for; candles, bottles, flasks, and odd assortments of charms and jewelry. I always felt a little out of place at the shop despite knowing Sammi fairly well. 

Walking up to the glass counter I could see more... dark ingredients. Poisonous mushrooms, Nerium, cut up rhubarb leafs, and quite a few more that I had never seen or could name. On the back wall where even darker things, more murderous things. There was  several different dolls i supposed would be for causing pain or manipulation if activated, sacrificial knifes, incomplete Death Tolls, and bottles of glowing, purple love potion. 

Then a voice clear as a bell, creeped into our ears. "Afternoon gentlemen, how may I help you on this fine afternoon?" A slender blonde haired woman stepped out from behind a makeshift curtain leading to the back room and came to greet us at the counter.

"Hi, Sammi... we do have something you can help us with." Jake said pulling out the flask.

"I don't do refills on personal bottles." she said.

"No, we want to know what the hell is in it though. We're scared our new partner's been brewing some of the darker stuff." I said looking at her. She looked at me and then took the flask from Jake and opened it. The same powerful smell from the bottle earlier came wafting out. She held the bottle under her nose and let it's scent sink into her nostrils almost. Her eyes closeing a bit as she tried to make out what it was.

"Ginger root for the stomach, Lavender for soothing the nerves..." she began concentrating and then vaguely said something about lilac and pine. "He's from the old ages then." she muttered.

"What?" Jake asked.

"He's an older Mystic, he's from the early periods of classified society." She said, "The lilac and pine give it away. They always have that scent attached once the potion is brewed down some." she explained.

She then took another long smell and her brow furrowed. "Let me take this to the back..." she said and she left without another word.

We waited a few minutes, Jake looking at some of the candles that where on display, White for making healing magic, Red for more advanced practices, Purple for what Mystics called Grey Magic. And Black... for summoning and receiving Underworld beings.

"You two took this from your companion just in time I'm afraid." Sammi said coming back with the flask a trail of scented smoke accompanying her out of the back room.

"Why? What's wrong!?" I asked now feeling more worried than before.

"This is grey magic. I know it's a personal brew, but it's dangerous. He meant it for a calming effect for stomach aches and blurry thoughts but along with that and the combination of the purple candles I assumed he used, they've created a sort of combination of an Aura represent and a weak appetite suppressant."

"What!?" Jake said looking like he just heard that Jinxx had died.

"I'll be dumping this out. I suggest you watch your friend and be careful about getting him the nutrition he needs. A few more months of taking this... he would of been smothered." she said. She then went to the back again and we herd the sound of running tap water and she came back with a clean flask.

When a being was 'smothered' as Sammi put it, it meant that the life in them would have been snuffed out. When someone was smothered out it was usually from repressing your Aura or diluting it too much.

Jake took the empty flask from Sammi, and we both thanked her before we hurried home. We wanted to make sure Jinxx was okay.

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A Few Changes

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Worried Sick

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