My Bully's Best Friend


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Chapter 1, I like your outfit

 Lacie's POV

I walked up to my locker thinking please,please not today. I grab my stuff out of my locker as quick as I can,. I think I might escape today.Turning I go to run off but I freeze as I hear a voice,"not so fast". I recognise it. Lucas my bully. Lucas is the school jock and of course a massive players. In those sappy love stories I would fall in love but gag the thought of that makes me want to puke. I spin around and face him. "Hey nerd", he taunts," you know I have nomework but it'll actually be you doing it". He piles homework onto my books and I sigh. Goodbye weekend I think even though I wasn't doing anything anyway. Lucas smirks when I sigh and then punches me in the stomach hard and it really hurts because that boys  has got some abs I tell you." Come on". I hear a softer yet slightly angry voice behind me. Jace Henderson. Jace gets his own fair share of attention. Everday his locker is overflowing with notes from admiring girls but he's only dated like one or two. "I'm not done", says Lucas frowning. "Seriously leave her alone we gotta go." Jace growls and it sounds more like an order. Lucas walks away but as he does he sweeps all my papers and books out of my hands and I crouch down to pick them up. "Uhh Lacie", comes Jace's voice and he gives me a pile of paper. Then he gives me me a small smile and says," I like your outfit". I stare after Jace as he walks way getting swoons from girls and looks of pure envy from boys. Did he just say my outfit looked cute? I stand there completely shocked and perplexed. The bell goes and I rush off to class and even though I know it was probably some dumb, stupid joke my mind is on Jace all day.

Jace's POV

What the hell? Did I just tell Lacie I liked her outfit?"What was that for", Lucas roars at me . He's very very angry."Why did you stick up for her", Lucas asks still fuming. "I felt sorry for her",I mumble like an idiot. "Do you LIKE her", Lucas asks looking at me like I'm an comepletley crazy and emphasising the like. "No", I say slightly to loud and fast. I think I might like her though. Oh fuck, no this can't be happening. Why out of all the people in the world did I fall for Lacie? Lucas though buys my bad no and smiles. "Good",he says, " because you are not ever going out with that nerd". I plaster a fake grin on my face but I know it's to late. I Jace Henderson have completely,100% fallen head over heels in love with Lacie and  I have no clue what to do now.

Ok hi guys. I have no idea if people who use this normally write stuff at the end cause I'm new but I'm gonna do it anyways. First of all I know this chapter is kinda short but I promise that the next ones will be slightly longer, I think at least ;) I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to change my profile pic because I don't know how to do it. Wait can you even comment? LOL if you can please do and I'll follow you in return. Virtual hugs and cookies to everyone just for reading this  awful piece of writing. Lastly I will probably only update on weekends but I might squeeze the few odd updates on weekdays. Love you guys,



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