Some Secrets Are Worth Keeping Secret


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 It was dark. The wind made me shiver. I don't know how, it was boiling a couple of hours earlier. I quickened my pace, eager to get home. This afternoon was so-. I don't know how to put it. I wanted to be in the soft, safe feeling of my home. I froze in my steps. I almost fell over, I was walking so quickly. I could hear it again. They had caught up with me. I walked quicker, being careful not to make a noise. I tripped. They saw me. I struggled to get up, but once I did, I ran and didn't stop. I don't know why, but I turned into an alleyway. It was long, and there was no lighting. I couldn't turn back they were too close. My heart and my mind were racing. I suddenly came to a dead end...

Let's just start it like this. My whole life I have been running. Running from my life. My choices. I found out why. I'd only just realised now. I had a big secret. And I should have kept it secret. I had a great life. My parents were rich, I had an amazing school. My friends were great and we were the most popular people in school. But then the new girl came, and it's how my life turned upside down. 

Her name was Ella, and she was so beautiful. I looked at her in awe. When she looked at me, when we talked, even when she was just walking by. I never found out until then why I never accepted Coby's date. Everyone expected me to say yes, but I didn't. This is why. I never really had an interest for boys, but as soon as Ella came, I understood why...I was gay. 

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 I spaced myself from my friends. Well they spaced from me really. They were in the crowd. Everyone in my year, my friends from primary. My parents aswell. They had all turned against me. Because of my choices. What I want for my life. 

When I first realised, I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't accept it. The main reason is because, I didn't mind, I was scared what everyone everyone else would think of me. Would it mean the end of my popularity? Even being liked in general? I thought about it, and I decided to tell my best friend, Alex. She would always be there, by my side. We had a meeting spot at school, where no one else goes. It was our place. It was behind the main building at school. There is a path through the forest, and in the middle, there is a grey paved circle with tiles, and in the middle is an elegant fountain with two unicorns and a dolphin on top. It was covered in lime green moss and it gave it an old look. We found it when we were running from Coby, Tailor and Bob during tag. We agreed this was our place. No one else. I sent her an email telling her to meet me at the fountain and she emailed back to meet before school. 

They were there before me, I climbed over the branch of the oak tree, and jumped down. They stood up and smiled at me. Alex asked what I wanted to say, I took a deep breath, and said the words I'd been dying to say "I'm gay. I really like Ella and I just really wanted you to know this.". She first looked surprised, and then said "ok", and walked off to lesson. I stood there confused. Did she not hear what I just said. She had a blank expression on her face. For the rest of the day, she completely ignored me. Just before I went to leave school, she texted me and said "meet by fountain. Need 2 talk"  Turning around, I thought it might be good to talk to Alex. I told her my thing, maybe she had something else to say that she couldn't fit in this morning. 

I walked down the path, and as I got closer, I could hear voices. It wasn't just Alex's though, there was more. I shimmied up the tree and jumped over. When I jumped over, the voices stopped. Alex looked at me, and whispered behind a bush. Did she think I was stupid? I trooped over and everyone in my class were behind the bushes and trees. I looked at Alex in horror. "What have you done? This was our place." I gasped. Alex laughed and laughed like it was funny. Everyone stood up, walked round so they weren't hidden, and they all started giggling, including Alex. Then all at once they shouted "WHO LOVES ELLA?" Alex had told them about our hiding spot, and she told them about my secret. How could she? I stood there, unable to move, I still couldn't believe what happened. They were now pointing at me,laughing and taunting me. I felt sick. I wanted to run. I climbed up the tree and jumped over the branch. I still felt eyes on me and the taunts were still there. I turned around, and one by one, everyone was climbing over the tree. I ran. Faster than I have ever ran before. From this point, I knew nothing in my life would be normal now, and I couldn't change it.

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