Manic Monkey


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This story changes a lot it was a challenge thing I did. The beginning is a little gross but yeah.... Hope you enjoy!

 “Daddy…” I whispered. The flames were so close, they were burning my skin, and charring the floor in front of me. I ignored all the shouts, the screams. I didn't understand what had just happened. I walked closer, until I saw the body, bloody and burned, melted to the ground. I stopped dead in my tracks, the little steps I took became smaller as I progressed closer. The whirring of the engine became louder until… BOOM

The accident happened four years ago. 21st September, 2013, at exactly 1:32 pm. That accident was a tragedy, it was the day I was branded a freak. When the second explosion happened, I was propelled backwards into the electricity circuit showing the leaderboards of the race. I rolled down the ditch and everyone raced towards me. I was no longer a little girl, I was… a monkey. 

It doesn't matter anymore, I don't live near the humans, what the others call ‘homosapiens’. I moved to the jungle, to be with my fellow monkey. But, of course, that home didn't last long. Everyone I ever love always finds a way to be taken away. My monkey bro fell down that waterfall. They pushed him down. I ran, but I was chased. I climbed up my sacred tree and I was banished from the Ooh-Ooh Aah-Aah tribe and was left to perish. I was making my way down the path of lightenment finding my new home, and I found an electronic device. I thought it was a toilet, but when I was about to begin my business, it rumbled from underneath me.

 ‘ I know who you are’ 

‘No don't poop on me!’

‘Meet me at the mall’ 

The phone said offline, so I put it in my cheek and made my way to the Homosapien village. I didn't know the way to the mall, but a large red machine came zooming down the solid grey mud path and I hitched a ride. I remember one at the explosion. They must know where places are so, I jumped on. Soon, I found a place saying MALL and it matched the spelling from the rectangle screen device-thingy. I walked up to it and by magic, the doors opened. I walked in and there was a chinchilla laying sausages on the floor from its behind. A little over cooked I would say, it was quite brown. I ran over and greedily scooped it all up and gobbled it. They were so nice I was absolutely fanatic about them. I cautiously looked around and entered a a big room with shelves. At the back of the room there was a temple past the doorway. It looked just the right size for me. A NEW HOME! This person wanted to give me a new home! How thoughtful. I ran over and tried to go through the door. With a thud I fell back. I tried again but the whole thing fell on top of me. I prepared for death, but it felt like a feather fell on me. I pushed it up and the temple was flat! I heard a noise and scampered back out the room and past the shelves. I ran all the way to the back and saw the most comfiest looking basket ever, I ran in and took a nap. Getting here took all my energy.

I woke up soon, feeling a breeze whoosh past me. I stood up dazily, and I was shocked at the sight of clouds. I was high up in the sky. 

I jumped out of my skin at the sound of voices. I swiftly turned around and there was a woman and a man in front of me. The woman turned round and I was stunned to see two large lumps on her chest. She should really be going to the doctors. But instead she said this

“I know what we'll do, we'll go to the pictures.” It started to get cold, so I wrapped up inside a blanket and waited till we were back down safe on the ground. When I woke up, we were besides a mysterious castle. I tried to push the curly flat trees but they wouldn't budge. Looking for an entrance, I decided to climb up the long rail beside the weirdly shaped trees. I jumped over and abruptly there was lots of sharp objects being pointed at me.

 “Well what have we got here…”

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