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 It was in Year 6. I know you might think I'm too young, but I had made up my mind. In this story, everything will be true. Every single word I write, is about my story. I'm tired of keeping who I am from everyone. I'm gay, and i want you to know how my story is. So here goes...

We were in Year 6, almost finishing with our End Of School Play, which was Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies, and I was thinking. It was a Sunday, and I had found out. I had realised why I would never go out with a boy in my class, or anyone actually. The first person I ever told was Abbi( I can't use second names on here). She was a very trusting friend and I knew I could tell her. We were at lunch, and I told her. She smiled and said she wouldn't tell anyone. Then when I told Holly, Sapphire and Lainee, we were walking home and I told them. None of them cared, they said I was still the same person, and will still be my friends. I didn't tell Abi though(different Abi). Abi was known for not being able to keep a secret. But she was my best friend, so I told her. Like Abbi, Abi promised to keep it a secret.

But it wasn't Abi who I was scared would tell anyone, I was scared that I would. What if I accidentally blurted it out. Well guess what, it was exactly what I did. 

When we were in the getting changed for P.E, girls in the bathroom, boys in the classroom, everyone was saying a rumour about how apparently I had a crush on 7 boys in my class. 7. They were calling me a slut, so I shouted 'I DONT LIKE BOYS. I'M GAY!" Everyone stopped what they were doing, and looked at me, I left into the classroom and sat in my chair. That didn't really help anything. Lainee, Holly, Abi,Abbi and Sapphire were always by my side. When we were walking up to the netball pitch, the girls came running up, and asking which girl I had a crush on. They were so stupid. They thought that just because I am gay, I have to have a crush on a girl. That wasn't true. Then Mia, one of the girls who thinks she is so hot and pretty said, "I bet you have a crush on me, don't you." I just walked in front of them, and tried to ignore them. Then we performed our play, and we finally all parted to our separate schools. The only people I really stayed in touch with was Lainee and Abi. Lainee went to my school, and Abi and I went round each other's every weekend. 

Then I came to my new school. It felt like a new start. Seeing as I had blabbed my secret to all the girls, who eventually told the boys, I wondered how long I could keep it a secret here. I told my new friend Alex, a couple of weeks in, because I knew I could trust her. Since then it has been three terms, and since then I had told about 10 people, who, like Alex, I knew I could trust. But then two people in my class found out, and promised not to tell anyone. Don't know if they have. When I started at my new school, I wanted a new start. You think that I didn't want anyone to find out, I did, but I wanted to tell them at my pace, when I wanted them to know, other than getting annoyed and shouting it again.

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Zoe Gillam

You're SO brave, Emily. Keep going and don't stress - your true friends will stay by you the whole time. You're an awesome writer by the way 😉


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