Child’s Imagination


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Children Have It Best

     It was all fun and games when we were young, when we didn't understand what the real world held. What monsters roamed the earth, and what horrors come to light. Everything is just in our imagination, thinking of fairies and magic and mythical creatures. But that isn't the real picture, our minds are protected by the frame, but the paintbrush is quickly changing its mind and painting a new reality, one of which isn't so jolly...

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90 years ago...

Knowingly , the Darricks  moved to the Black Thorn estate. Unknowingly, they moved to a house of hell with horrors and life that doesn't exist in a child's imagination. Nobody knew what happened that night, hundreds of years ago, except for the one girl who saw the whole thing. She loved writing, and that is how we come to know the terrorising events that occurred right in front of her eyes.

"The hallways were a lot darker than usual. The only thing lighting them was the wax lampshades. It was past ten 'o' clock, when the children come out to play. I asked to play with them once, but they said no. Quite snobby they are. Lucky they only come at night, they come when I am asleep, and they're gone before I wake up.

 They had the most marvellous toys . There was this one chest, beautifully embroidered with jewels and some Latin on the front. I'm not sure what it means, but it looks a little creepy with the scythe symbol next to it. One night they left it behind. I was about to crawl out of my  bed and inspect it when one appeared and took it away. 

I watched them from underneath my duvet. They play dollies very well. It looks like they are actually moving, without them touching it.The faces on the dolls were like they were at a theatre, with masks. Happy and sad. They brought them again, and I'm writing this underneath the duvet, they are playing right next to me.  I want to play with the dollies, with them. I want to learn how to make them move without touching them, and how to make them speak without moving their mouths. I want to play, I am going to play.

Diary Entry Number 47 

 The usual routine happened today. They came, they played, they left. But, when they left, the chest didn't go with them. It was so amazing. I thought they would come back so I turned around and closed my eyes. But, what seemed like a long time, I waited and they didn't come. It was bright now, so they were definitely not coming back. I uncovered my head and hesitantly crawled towards the chest. I let my fingers trace the swirly designs and the engravings led to a switch in each side of the chest. I pulled the switch but it seemed a but rusty so I crept downstairs and took some oil my father uses for his bicycle. I placed the chest on the table and lathered the switches. Working like magic, the switches slid across smoothly. 

Behind  the switches there was a little gap, and inside was what looked like a bottom half of a key. I tried the other side and it had the other part of the key. One side had marks inside that seemed like it was supposed to connect to something, and the other part had lines on the bottom that supposed they were supposed to go into the marks. I connected the edges and as soon as I did all the rust wore away and the key appeared to have welded together because it would not separate. Having connected the key, I picked up the shiny golden lock and carefully pushed it inside. Slowly, I shifted the key and stopped as I was sure it had reached the back of the lock. I turned it gently until it made a soft click and the latch had fallen. I pulled the key out and checked the click noise wasn't something snapping, and I jingled the lock out of the bar. Placing, both of my hands on each edge of the chest, I pulled it open. Instantly, the room was engulfed in black. My window curtains were completely shut and my door slammed against the frame. I closed the chest quickly but the mist had already gotten out and it was two late. It was like smoke, I breathed it in and it made my lungs hurt terribly.

 Soon after, it had cleared up, but I was still coughing and spluttering on the floor. I stumbled over to my nightstand and gulped down half the glass. Catching my breath, I turned around in the darkness, and the girls were back. They did not seem happy. I was standing there, so excited to finally meet them. I went to take a step forward and outstretched my hand for a greeting, but then I realised the sullen looks on their faces as they stared at the floor. I asked them if they were ok, but silence filled the room. No one moved, including me, until all three girls, in unison, looked up at me. I smiled, but then I noticed their eyes as black as the sky after sun is swallowed by stars and darkness. All in unison they said I had made a terrible mistake, and their faces started morphing and it was like their skin was starting to merge together. In one snap the girls were all pulled together and their skin started to turn black, from the face downward. In this instant, the face dropped down and  sunk deep into the pits of their soul. Rising Itsarms, the mist around me sent a shiver down my spine.  Outstretched, Its  fingers were elongated along with its legs and arms. 

This was a girl no more. Frozen, I stood paralysed to my spot. Breaking me from my trance, It craned it’s head towards me in a swift motion. Screaming I ran, with my Diary still in hand, straight to do the door and got out as quickly as I could. Sprinting, I jumped up the stairs towards the attic, and hid behind the boxes with my Grandmas things in, forgetting to pull up the staircase. It followed me, I could hear It’s low growth breathing

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Moving Alon


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