Teen Love


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The start of love

Today was the the first day of high school for Luna she was scared she was shaking all thoughts going through her mind about friendship."what will the teachers be like they might hate me and then I will fail high school maybe the teachers will be out to get me".

breakfast crap I'm not changed"so quickly jumped out of bed the wooden floor making her shiver she ran across so the other end of the room to get her sparkly slippers on.She ran down the stairs her 15 year old brother came over to her "ha your first day of high school don't worry about friends nobody will want to be your friend"she ignored him she didn't want to listen to him he was a jerk face anyway but now the thought was on her mind "what if he is right nobody might not like me".Her dad came over to her seeing the worry on her face he said"don't worry I'm sure you will make plenty of friends and plus your a very smart young lady".A sense of reassurance came back to her mind even though the worry was still there she had some cereal not her favourite but all she wanted.

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The Nightmare Begins

It was time for her to go to school so she picked up black leather backpack and ran outside to catch the bus.she thought don't worry you will be fine,you will be fine she took a big breath in and out.She got on the bus now wear to sit she thought I want to be a normal girl like in the movies that is kinda in the background all the time just as she thought that a voice shouted her name it was her best friend Katie "over here Luna" Luna thought to herself thank god if thought I was doomed.As She sat down her worry disappeared.It was a long bus journey to her school her and Katie talked all the way about there summers.The bus driver stopped the bus and shouted "first years listen up can you all plz get off the bus the head teacher wants you all to go to room 197 which is the last room on the main floor I hope you have a wonderful year as I will no longer be your bus driver as you will get a different one after the incident last year.As they all got of the bus Luna asked about the incident"what happened last year"said to the bus driver the bus driver replied "best not talk about ".Luna nodded and got off she went to room 197 everybody was already there because Luna got lost the headteacher said "Miss Luna Greenwood I suppose" Luna said yes Miss......"the headteacher said Miss Opal please take a seat".The headteacher began to speak " now everyone is he welcome to sunny side high school please take your new bus info on your way out and class info now everyone I hope you all have a good year in our wonderful school this will be you student body this year we will be taking first years for the assistant student body please welcome Derek everybody".As he walked into the room it was as if the full world stopped.I thought to myself wow what's happening to me

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