you and your shampoo


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you and your shampoo

i get drunk off of cheap liquor and your absence

you missing is as mysterious as sold out socks

a dreary day turned rainy 

the soles of your shoes wearing out

you leaving was no surprise

but i'll use any excuse i have to 

if it means forgetting your ice blue eyes 


i didn't think twice when you left

i didn't see you leave

didn't hear you

but i knew as soon as i walked in

your book on the side table gone

your soap and shampoo missing 


i knew you would leave eventually 

you talked about far off cities

places that held your heart much tighter than i ever cared to

you just were a ghost i fell into 

curious to know how a wayfaring stranger fares

with no anchor to latch onto

except your goddamn awful soap and shampoo

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