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Taking Care Of Your Tonkinese Cat

Ask any Tonk lovers, and the first thing they'll say is that their life companion, not just cats, is perfect. And they should be because that's the main reason for their deliberate cross-breeding. Even though they may have happened as a result of an experiment, for all we know, Tonkinese kitties come with all the love and affection that your family needs to get by this dog-eat-dog world we call home.

It's always a good idea to learn how to take care of them so that they can make you and your family happy for the long haul. That's why knowing how to groom them is extremely important. Below are some of the tips you may need to know:


Just like it's the case with any other pet, Tonkinese cats need grooming from time to time. First, don't allow eye boogies to accumulate in the eyes. A clean, damp cloth can do a great job cleaning the corners of their eyes and mouth. Disinfect the fabric for apparent reasons.

If you don't have a reliable disinfectant, fear not because you can make yours at home. An equal ration of warm water and cider vinegar can do wonders, especially when cleaning the ears. Cotton swabs can damage the inner ear of your cat. Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to keep using dump cloth. And remember to be gentle while you are at it.


Since humans bred the Tonkinese cats, they can come down with a few common ailments. Therefore, it is essential for you not only to be aware of how to prevent your Tonkinese cat from getting sick but also to know what to do when he or she falls ill. Speaking of the latter, having a legit vet on speed dial is comes highly recommended.

Also, make sure that the litter box is kept clean at all times. Having it cleaned out regularly will keep your Tonkinese happy and healthy. Allowing poo to pile up will force your cat to go elsewhere, at your expense. Also, letting cat stool stay in the litter for long increases your pet contracting ailments' chances. If cleaning the litter box isn't your cup of tea, you can have a professional do it for you at a small fee, of course.

Finally, always keep an eye on your pet because you're not the only one who fancies the Tonkinese breed. Many people love to own one but don't have the means. That said if you can have your chipped, the better because we don't have time to hire a private investigator to keep tabs on our cats while we are away at work.

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