Pitch Black


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    The snow fell all around me, landing softly on the ground. A puddle of crimson shown through the whiteness, but darkness concealed everything else. Considering the conditions, I could see perfectly.

The white skin, blonde hair and skimpy skirt that now looked torn and unappealing is covered with blood. It stained my hands and the tips of my long black hair. The wind started to blow, strands of black and purple coming away from my head.   

I don’t know what had come over me, but I just stood there, letting the wind carry my thoughts away. The trees loomed in the background, the shadows taking over the night as the moon lights up the sky.

I decided this night needed something more, something to take away the quietness that seemed to loom on the outskirts of town. My hand reached into my left pocket, bringing the dark blue iPod nano with headphones neatly wrapped around the middle of it. I turn it over, brushing the small engraved initials that were my own. KH, it said in sweeping cursive. I turned it on, the bright light shining from the small screen onto my face. Instantly, my favorites playlist comes up and I press shuffle. The earphones go in both my ears, pressing lightly to make them stay, heavy guitar already streaming through the small speakers. I turn up the volume and put the iPod back into my warm pocket, stuffing both my hands into each side of my black wool coat.

I turn and leave, the women lying there in the snow with her own blood staining the ground and snow falling around her. It was almost poetic, if I hadn't been the one that had done it. With the crunch of newly fallen snow under foot and dawn slowly creeping up behind me, I cross my arms in front of my chest, feeling a smile play at my lips and walk home with no one else in sight. 

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Chapter 1

I hear the buzz of my alarm clock but don’t want to get up. It’s warm under my comforter and blankets I piled on top of my bed last night. The shrill sound of the buzzing makes me roll over and look at the clock: 5:34 am. I groan and wrap the blankets tighter around me, shifting to the middle of my queen sized bed. All the while the alarm still shaking and buzzing in the background. I hear silence and then clunk. Smash. I guess I’m going to need a new alarm clock.

Whoops... I think to myself. I swing my legs out and get up onto my feet, walking towards my closet door. I want something comfortable today. Somthing I can fight in, that's easy to move in and won't stain.

The thought flashed quickly through my mind. I only stopped for a minute, letting out a laugh, a smile playing at my lips. I grabbed one of my many pairs of black jeans from my closet, a lacy black t-shirt and my favorite black stiletoes with silver chains hanging off the side.

After I'm dressed, I head down the hall and into the kitchen. My heels clack loudly on the wood flooring, but no one is around to hear it.

I sweep my long black hair over my shoulder and away from my face. My eyes dart around the small kitchen. Nothing out of the ordinary catches my attention. I walk over to my one person coffee maker and turn it on.

Oh, what would I do without caffiene... My thoughts trail off. I know what would happen to me if there was no caffeine and it would not be a pretty sight. I let out a giggle and pour myself a cup of coffee, stirring in a bit of cream and a lot of sugar. What can I say? I have a sweet tooth. As I sip my coffee, I head back into my room and set my cup on the dresser by my bed.

My room is decorated in my style. Dark, with hints of the bands I listen to in every corner of the room. In the center is my queen size bed with black and red sheets. It's raised on a circular shaped platform which is covered in gray carpeting. The walls are a deep red and plastered with band posters, like Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White and Of Mice & Men, each darker than the last. A dark oak dresser is by the big windows across from the bed and two small nightstands are placed on either side of the bed. 

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