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Chapter 2

    “Beep, Beep,” There goes my alarm for today. I don’t ever know why we have to get up today because there is no school. But one of the rules is always get and early start on the day. I get up as I open my clothing capsule. A plaid skirt and a white t-shirt. I was really hoping for a dress today but the clothing department always decides. I check my hair schedule for today, a braid. Easy enough. It seems like the society always decides everything for us. And always wants us to be perfect and everything to be perfect. But sometimes I just want to be myself and burst out of my society shell and see what the actual me is like. I know I would get cited for saying that but I honestly mean it. 

As I walk downstairs I see that mom and Dad have already left for work. My sister Cassie who is two bounces downstairs carying her cuddle object. It is a cute dog. Cassie got a dog as hers because the society let’s  you choose when you get a house if you want a dog to take care of. My parents never wanted one but Cassie did so that was her cuddle object. I was the oldest in my family Cassie was the youngest Sam was four so he was the second youngest. And Brianna who was eleven was the second oldest. It was my responsibility to watch all of them when there was no school and my parents were away. All of them should be coming downstairs soon. “Sissy I want my bwefkast.” Cassie demanded. I entered her name on the tablet and tapped breakfast and the food came up and she had pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. When you’re younger you get to have more sweet foods with flavorable toppings. Cassie bounced up and down “yay my favorwite!” I saw her wearing a little yellow dress and it was cute on her but Cassie’s hair wasn’t put in pigtails. “Cass do you need help with your hair?” I asked. “Ywes.” She responded and I put her hair up in two little pigtails. As Cassie ate I went to check on the rest of my siblings as they all came downstairs. I gave them all their breakfast and I ate mine. When we were all finished our alarms on our wrists went off and projected our next activity mine was to go on the trail 7 run. But first I had to take Cassie and Sam to the childcare center. “Cassie and Sam you two have to go to the childcare center.” I said. “Brianna where do you have to go?” “The Tween Center.” She responded. The society thought that kids who were in their tweens and teens wouldn’t be responsible enough to have their own schedule for the day so they made the Baby center which was just for babies. They also made the Childcare center for toddlers up to 7 and then the Tween center for 8 and up.

As we all went outside we entered where we wanted to go on our pod and it went there. I always thought the pods were fun to ride on. You could sit or stand on it  and it even had a roof if you got cold. But what was really cool about it is it hovered and it felt like you were flying in the sky. As we were riding in the pod I saw a boy who looked about my age it looked like he had something painted on his fist and it was black. I don’t know where he got it but I doubt if the society knew or approved of it. Our eyes met for a moment and I watched him standing there. When he met my gaze he looked almost suprised. The boy took a step forward and so did I. He kept my gaze until we were out of sight. I knew he just was another person but something felt different about him. I decided to let it go for now. As I dropped my brother and sister off I saw one of the girls that got her job last year and I remember it was a caretaker. I walk with my brother and sister to the door and she greets me. “Katrina was it?” She said. “Yes hi um Lily?” I said. “Yes, how are you?” She asked. “I’m good, today is the testing ceremony.” I replied. “Oh well I hope you get what you wish for, anyways I have to go.” Lily said. “Bye” I waved goodbye. 

I rode back on the pod but I didn’t see that boy again. I had a strange feeling about him and couldn’t get him out of my mind. “Relax Katrina.” I told myself. I went back to the house and changed into my athletic wear for today. And I ran the trail 7 run. My running had improved tremendously this year. First I started on the 1st trail but as I said I have improved a lot. My watch beeps and the next task on my schedule is to pick out my dress for the testing ceremony. I was really exited because we usually never get to wear anything fancy but this is the one night we get to wear something to stand out. This is one time and then when we get our pair at the pairing ceremony we also get to pick out dresses. And we get to pick our dress for our marriage at 21 though the dress must be white. 

I head on over to the clothing wear building. The lady at the front desk looks at me with sudden curiosity. “Hello I am hear for my dress, my testing ceremony is today.” I say. She squints at me like she is trying to figure something out but I don’t know what. “Your eyes they are different, they there um two different colors.” She studders. I hated it when people mentioned my eyes. I knew they were different colors one was bright blue and one was bright green. Everyone who was new to meeting me always mentioned or asked about them. And in the society’s rules it was rude to pint out unnecessary things that might be offensive to other people. I don’t know why I have two different eye colors. No one else has them in my family but I guessed it was just something that happened when I was born. “Yes I know.” I continued “I don’t know why or how it happened but I don’t like when people single me out for it.” I shared my feelings with her and I hoped she would recite the nessasary apology. “I am sorry for offending you.” She recited “I accept your apology.” I recited the response. I showed her my I.D card and she let me in to the dress room. I walked in and there were so many beautiful dresses that hung on the racks. I saw some other girls also picking out their dresses. I saw many dresses that were pretty but just not suit for me. Then I saw a dress that was teal and faded into a darker blue. I decided to take that one. It was floor length and had delicate lace sleeves. I took the tag and delivered it to the lady at the counter. It would be delivered to me tonight. And tonight is where the rest of my life will begin.

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Chapter 1

  I lean over the edge of the peer and feel the cool breeze blow over my face and tickle my skin. I wish it could be like this everyday. No responsiblites, no rules, and no society. I push the thought away. That is wrong the society knows what they are doing. They want everything to be fair and perfect and nothing has ever gone wrong so why stop?

I walk over and sit on the park bench. My friend Zach sits with me. “Big day today.” He says “Yes today determines your entire life.” I respond. “Gee thanks for the pep talk Kat no pressure at all.” He jokes and we both laugh but deep down inside I know that this is serious. Zach and I were both lucky we live in city 1 and have the best school so we should both do good but I hope I get into city 1 I don’t want to say goodbye to anyone. No one says anything we just sit appreciating the society and this perfect life but sometimes I wonder what is outside the barrier life, death, or a whole new way of living. The loudspeaker interrupts my thoughts “Will the following people please meet at the bus stop for testing, Emma Silver, John Brown, Zach Smith, Payten Rine, Cole Lock, Katrina Ride, Jake King, and Cora Sean.” Zach and I look at each other and I see  a look of nervousness in his eyes, something I have never seen before. He has always been so calm. “You ready?” I ask. “Yep.” He responds. He takes my hand and we walk to the bus stop where the bus is waiting for us.

“Welcome everyone, you are about to take the society’s test.” An officer starts. “This test has two parts a acidemical part and a physical part. Both will determine your results and the results will determine what city you get into and what job you get. You will find out your results tomorrow at the testing ceremony. I wish you all optimal results.” My friend Payten whispers “I really hope you do well.” I smile at her “You too.” The officer calls Cora up first and she looks really nervous but she is smart so I think she will do well. “Katrina Ride.” The officer says. I take a deep breath I got this I got this. Payten smiles at me and mouthes you will do great. Zach hugs me and then I go in the room. 

The officer hands me a tablet. “That is the test answer all the questions start now” I look on the tablet and I see some questions I learned in school but then I see real life situations like sort out the data. Or find the cure for the sickness. Some of the questions are hard but I end up figuring them out. Then a done shows up on my screen and the officer looks up. “Good  job on finishing now follow me please.” I follow the officer into this room. “Stand here” she commands. And I do so. A screen turns black and I look around. I am at a forest with a trail in front of me. “Welcome to the physical portion of the test.” A voice sounds in my ear. “Please complete the tasks that are in front of you.” Words appear on my screen that say run the trail so I do. It keeps getting harder but I keep running it. A rock appears in front of me and I trip. But I get back up as quick as I can. Then the trail disappears. And I am in what looks like a training room. More words appear that say task two combat. All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my back so I fling my elbow back and it hits something probably simulation people. More simulations keep showing up and I keep fighting. The room switches again and this one is a black hallway with a metal platform in the middle. Task three lift the platform. I grab it and it is heavy but I still lift it and again and again until I am too tired. Then the screen goes black and I am in the room I was before. “Congratulations Katrina Ride you have finished the test.” And I smile.


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Chapter 3

“Ok I’m coming down.” I called downstairs. I had my dress on and it felt amazing. Every time I spun around the dress flowed around me. I walked downstairs and my mom and Dad beamed with smiles. My dad looked handsome in his suit and my mom looked beautiful in her casual dress. All of my siblings were also dressesd up but I loved my dress and loved how it looked. Though I was happy I was also very nervous. This could possibly be one of the last nights I would see my family ever. Families are only allowed to visit once a year. Even if they are in the same city. The society encourages us to let go of our previous family and start a new one of our own even if it means loosing touch. “You ready?” My mom asked. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” I nervously replied. 

We took our seets in the banquet hall as the waiters started to pass out the food. It all looked delicious especially the dessert. As I started to eat one of the announcers stood up on stage. “Hello everyone. Today I welcome you to the testing ceremony. This ceremony keeps everything and everyone where they need to be based on one test and examiners watching you since you were born. As you might know in our society there are thirteen city’s city 1 being the best and city 13 being well the worst, but let’s not let that get the current young folk getting jobs today discouraged. Whatever job you have and whatever city you get placed into is for the best. So without feather a do let’s get into the ceremony. When I announce your name please come up on the stage. “Emma Silver.” I have seen Emma in school before but have never really gotten to know her, sill I hope she gets  a good city and job. “Emma Silver, City 4 Job clothing department worker.” I see Emma nod. It wasn’t the job or city she was hoping for, but she will take it. “Zach Smith” the lady announces. I see Zach at the table next to me. He looks really nervous. He has never been this nervous before. “City 1 job officer.” I see Zach smile with delight. He has always admired the officers though he has never told me what he wanted to be. As the officer went through the list I sat there anxiously waiting for my turn. “Payten Rine” I look up from my seat and see Payten and her blond hair and red dress walk nervously up to the stand. “City 3 job gardener” I could see Payten beam with a smile. She has loved the outside and I know that she would enjoy gardening. “Katrina Ride” I took a deep breath and smoothed my dress out and walked up to the podium. “City 1 job sorter” A huge smile appeared on my face. A sorter is a good job, and I was in city 1 I could stay with Zach. Though I could feel a twinge of sadness that I wasn’t going to be with Payten. The officer gave me my job folder and my city folder and I sat down. I didn’t really need the city folder, because it just tells information about the city. But I grew up in city 1 so I know everything about it. “Cora Sean” I looked up from my meal to listen. “City 13 job janitor of the society” I could see Cora’s breath catch and her face fall. I was surprised I thought she did well on the test. Getting city 13 is bad enough but janitor of the society means working all day and some nights making sure all the streets are clean. I feel really bad for her. A tear drops down her eye as she grabs her two folders and sits down by her parents with her head down in shame. 

As everyone got on their pods to go to their houses I couldn’t help feel bad for all the people who didn’t get a good city or a good job. My mom sqeezed my hand and said “Great job Katrina.” My Dad fallowed with a “Yes you must of had amazing test results.” I smiled “Yeah I am really happy.” 

As we arrived home I walked into my house. I took a deep breath and felt myself in my dress. It felt so beautiful, I didn’t want to take it off. But I knew that I would get to pick a new dress for my Pairing Ceremony next week. Man everything was just coming so fast, tomorrow I would be entering a house of my own and moving out. I would bearly get to see my family. Only occasionally when I would be taking a training run. I sighed, took of my dress and entered it in my clothing capsule. I watched the dress go down the container and saw my night clothes appear so I put them on. The band on my wrist beeped and showed the projection that it was time for bed. I crawled in my cozy bed and drifted off into sleep. This was my last night in my house.

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