A super start


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Chapter 1

 I sit at the kitchen table as my little brother gets the post . I start to eat my toast when he hands me a letter. It's addressed to Emmy storey . I open and read. 

Dear Emmy , 

You have been accepted to Clar a school for the supernatural. You'll learn how to use your powers and the history behind your family . School starts in one week . Only take personal items . See you soon. 

Signed  CLAR 

I look up . This must be a prank a joke . This isn't real . I look at my parents and hand them the letter . They read then look at each other then me. " I didn't think you'd get it so early " spoke my mum. " She doesn't know her powers " My dad says ."Emmy"  says my mum " I'm sorry we didn't tell you earlier see we never thought you would get this we thought the school had closed" " When you where younger you received a necklace from a distant relative this is kivin to special people family when you get it your powers start " " We put it away because we thought you were too young and forgot about it that's why you can't use your powers " said my dad 

Suddenly it all came back the necklace , my powers everthing . They went and got the necklace and handed it to me . It had a silver chain and a small purple amulet with green vines holding it in place . " what's my powers"  I ask putting on the necklace. " Nature tranforming into animals controlling plant and understanding them " they say . Once on I feel weird . I look and see whiskers growing. I fall of my chair to see a tail sprouting . My legs shrink and I walk to a mirror to see I'm a wolf . 

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Chapter 1

 I wake to see my TV still on . I look and see it's red with the big white words run in it . Soon I hear big sirens sounding. I get changed and grab my survival bag . I knew this day would come that's why I'm prepared. I go through the fire exit . 

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