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Chapter 1

I...Zara Elui was getting married to someone I didn't even know about...

"Mom!!. I'm not marrying him."I screamed 

"Zara,you have to.."She said

"Why are you selling me off to a mafia?"I shouted

"Zara..Its not our choice.."She said

"What the hell do you mean!!"I said.

"When I was heavily pregnant with you,we were broke..and your father sought help from the mafia's family on a condition that you will marry their son.." She said

I sighed and apologized to my mom for being rude...

"Ok..dear..Get is the engagement.."She said

""I said

She gave me a hug and went outside.

I picked up the dress and started getting ready.Ugh


Zach's POV

"Dad, I'm not marrying anyone now.."I said.

"You have to." He said

"I don't even know her. Fuck."I said

"That was the same for me and your mom. We fell in love with each other later...and we had you so just go with the flow."He said with a tone that said FINAL

I picked up the keys to the car and went outside. I drove to a freaking bar wher I stayed until evening

 I went back home only to find different cars was my engagement. I entered inside through the back door. I went to my room. 

I heard water running from the tap. I picked up my gun,my favourite gun and opened the door in a swift manner....I looked at the person's face and saw that it was a innocent looking girl...I left her alone but my features didn't soften

"Who the hell are you!!" I shouted at her

"I..I.."She stuttered, her eyes fixed on the gun in my hands.

I threw the gun on the bed and looked back at her..

"Who are you?!!" I asked again.

"" She said. 

"Wha...." I said before getting interrupted by my mom who barged in.

"Oh...Zara,my dear. Are you okay?" She asked

"She is your wife."Mom said and she took Zara out.

Our eyes met when she was going. Her eyes were full of fear and innocence....

My wife was scared of me...Great

I sighed and went inside the bathroom to take a really quick shower...............


Author's Note

Hey guys...its me again,Empress....Read my 3rd book, Forced....Its really lit and you will love it. I assure you. Mmuah







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