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Chapter 1

Kayla POV

OMG.......... I'm five minutes late for English class because of this stupid assignment I really have to do. After i finished the assignment (which i really didnt want to do), I ran towards the direction of the class. After taking a really deep breath, I entered the class.

" You had better have a genuine excuse for coming late to MY class" Mrs Brodie- Mends said.                                                                                              

Just as i was about to tell her the reason why i was late, Ryder, the most popular guy in school which i really do not like entered into the class and blurted out....

" It's my fault, I dropped the books she was carrying and we had to pick everything up....." He said

I shot him a look and Mrs Brodie- Mends also shot us a suspicious look before telling us to go over to our seats. Unluckily for me, we were sitting together for most of the classes all because of grades. ( Straight A students... Like seriously).

" You lied to her" I said looking directly at him ( for like the first time ever)

'' Yeah, i did... to save myself from detention" He said without even looking my direction

" Then I guess that you are going to get more detentions cause i'm feeling guilty now" I said.

" So you're gonna tell her?" He looked at me directly and chuckled.

" Yeah, I am." I said.

" You can't......" He said before he was interrupted by Mrs Brodie- Mends 

'' So what is an hyperbole, Ryder ???" She asked

'' Oh... Um, An hyperbole means exaggerated statements or claims that are not to be taken literally??

" Sit down and focus" She said.

"Okay" He said and shot me a glare

The classes we had before lunch finished quickly and it was the real time for lunch and believe me...... I was suprised by what i saw at the cafeteria......

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Chapter 2

Kayla's POV

After I entered the cafetaria with Amy, my best friend, I saw a huge crowd round the Bad boys table. There were a lot of cheers at the table. 

" I've gotta see this" Amy said

" No" I said with a boring tone

" Kay, you can not stop me today. This seems interesting" She said as she broke away from my clutch.

She ran there and stood on her tippytoes to see what was happening. When she saw it, she sucked in a breath

" Kay, come over here. You've gotta see this" She shouted

I had no other choice but to go there to see what was happening. I made a move and I saw Sugar, Leader of the bad bossy bitches group, giving Ryder a lap dance. I don't know why I felt hurt seeing them together. Just as I was about to look away, Ryder looked directly at me.

" OMG" I thought

The next thing I knew was Ryder shoving Sugar away and walking towards me. I had to react really fast so I ran towards the girls toilet and stayed there for the rest of lunch. That meant that I was not gonna have lunch today. I made up my mind to stay away from Ryder at all cost but we were having the same class again after lunch. Oh great!!. I walked out of the toilet and went to my class wondering if he was going to be there. 

   I entered the class and I greeted the teacher. Luckily, we were not sitting together for that class. I went to my seat and took a brief glance at Ryder's seat. He was there looking back at me. Suddenly, he stood up and walked over to my  seat. He made a signal to Derrick, my seat partner, and he stood up from the seat and went to Ryder's seat. 

" Why were you looking at me at the cafetaria??" He asked

" What do you mean, ' Why was I looking at you'" I asked

" Questions are meant to be answered" He said

"Except rhetorical ones" I said trying to change the topic

" Don't you try to change the topic !" He said

" What is wrong with you?. Can't I look at anybody I want?" I asked

" Both of you are in for detention". The teacher said

" But....." I said

Ryder stood up and exchanged seats back with Derrick. What the hell was wrong with him. He has gotten me a detention which I REALLY appreciate (Not!!!). Derrick dropped a note and said it was from Ryder. Some part of me wanted to open the letter and the other part of me wanted to rip it apart. I chose the first part.

The letter read, " Im sorry for shoting at you (Smiley face)." 

" Seriously, he can't draw a smiley face. He has to write it in a bracket. Did he even go to kindergarten at all" I thought.

I looked at him and he smiled back at me.

" Funny" I thought...



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Chapter 3

Ryder's POV

It was lunch time and I headed to the cafetaria. I was about collecting my tray from the lunch ladies when Ryan said that he was giving me a dare to ask Sugar to give me a lap dance. 

" What the hell" I whispered

" I publicly announce that I am giving Ryder a dare to ask Sugar to give him a lap dance." He shouted

" What the hell is wrong with you??" I said

I love dares and challenges but not more than I love Kayla. I totally had no choice but to accept the challenge. I sat down on a chair and the music began. Sugar started the lap dance and believe me, I was frustrated and I was also looking out for Kayla.     After some time, a crowd formed round us and I looked away for some time. I looked back only to find Kayla looking back at me. I shoved Sugar away and went towards Kayla. For some reason, Kayla turned around and went somewhere only God knows.

         This meant that she was not going to have lunch so I am planning to ask her to follow me to Cupcakes Castle, a restaurant that serves cupcakes in cute pink bags.    Every girl loves it.... so I hope she does. Most importantly, I hope she says YES. But I will have to apologize before that. Wait a minute, She seemed hurt while looking at me and Sugar.....

OH NO!!!!!!!


Kayla's POV



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