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Chapter 1

One day in the forest where Drayton and his friends were camping, Drayton decided to take a walk around the forest. As he was walking, he saw a cave and he decided to explore it. When he entered inside, he found a white scarf lying on the floor.                    "What is a scarf doing here?'' He thought                                                                        '' HELLOOO!'' He called out hoping to see somebody

After a lot of trials, he gave up trying to reach anybody. He was about to walk out of the cave but he stopped when he felt someone touch his hand.                                              ''Aaaaah'' He shouted                                                                                                       '' Aaaaaah'' She also screamed.

'' Who are you?'' He asked while trying to grab a rock.                                                     '' I am a guminho'' She said                                                                                                     " What is a guminho?" He asked                                                                                      '' I am a nine tailed fox with magical powers.'' She said 

'' Why are you living in this cave'' He asked                                                                       '' I don't know anything about the outside world'' She said before falling unconscious '' Fuck'' He said catching her halfway before laying her on the floor.                             

AUTHOR'S NOTE                                                                                                                    Hey guys, I really hope you love my book. I put in a lot of efforts for my book.  Follow and I follow you back. Enjoy!!!!!!


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Chapter 2

'' Fuck'' He said catching her halfway before laying her on the floor.                                      After a lot of trial to wake her up but to no avail, he went to the camp to call his other friends.

'' Zayn, Bella, Zach.... Where are you guys?'' He shouted                                                  '' What's wrong??'' Zach asked                                                                                            '' Just come with me, I'll show you what is wrong'' He said in a hurry

They all ran towards the cave after Zayn took some water. As they entered the cave, they saw a girl lying on the floor, unconsciously.                                                                    "Wow, look at those legs. Smooth!" Zach, Zayn's twin brother, commented                    " She is in trouble and all you can think of is her body. You are an idiot" Zayn said.      " What the hell happened to her?" Bella, Drayton's girlfriend, asked.                              " I don't know..... Can you guys please focus on waking her up instead of asking questions?" Drayton said          

Drayton began splashing water on her face continuously until she woke up. Immediately she saw Drayton beside her, she moved away from him.                               '' Are you okay?" Drayton asked moving closer to her                                                       " STAY AWAY FROM ME!'' She exclaimed                                                                           " But... He saved you, girl. You should be grateful to him." Bella said                               " Trust me. I can't hurt you at all" He said

She decided to trust him and she went behind him and held his hand tightly.                        '' You will have to follow us to our camp. These are my friends and they are just like you too.'' He explained.                                                                                                               '' I don't want to leave this place at all" She said                                   

        '' You will have to leave this place. it doesn't seem safe at all." Drayton said

   " When you guys are done with your drama, you can meet me up at the camp'' Bella said

   " I'm going with her to the camp...... For safety'' Zach said

'' I'm gonna stay here with Dray and uh.... what's her name?'' Zayn asked

'' What is your name?" Drayton asked her

'' Alisa'' She replied

'' I'm outta here'' Bella said pulling Zach with her

'' We'll be there in a little while'' Drayton said

And they left......... Together



Watch out for the next update and find out the secret between Bella and Zach. I love you guys a lot. Favorite my book and follow me. I just got a new friend, Mikayla Farrell. ENJOY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!












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Chapter 3

And they left...... Together


Zach and Bella were together at the camp all alone

" Zach, I am totally done with Drayton and I want to be with you" Bella said

" Yeah, babe. I miss you too but if you call quits with Drayton, you won't be able to stay with me." Zach said

" I don't care!. Didn't you see the way he was so caring towards that girl?" She said

Zach held her hands and pecked her cheek

" That's even better because if he falls in love with her, he will leave you alone. Easy" He said

" So you want me to look like a girl that has just been dumped by the coolest guy in school!!!" Bella said

" That's not what I mean." Zach said

" Shut up. Im even more angry with you." Bella commented

" Why???"

" You were all like ' Wow, look at those legs. Smooth' uh" Bella said

Zach tried to move closer to her to apologize but he stopped as soon as he heard the voice of Drayton and Zayn, he stopped and turned around.

" Oh! Hey guys." He said

" Hey" Zayn said while showing Alisa the way to her tent.

" Drayton, I need to talk to you" Bella said

" Ok." Drayton said and walked towards his and Bella's tent

They entered the tent and they started talking

" Don't you think you were acting too overprotective towards Alisa." Bella asked

" Don't you think you were acting a little bit jealous towards Alisa."  Drayton shot back

" WHAT!.  So you are talking to me like this because of HER??" Bella said

" I think you should use an advil, Bella" Drayton said

" Aah" She screamed in frustration and went outside 

Drayton went outside but he did not go to meet her. He went to see how Alisa was doing. When he entered there, he saw Jang Mi laughing at something that Zayn told her.

" Hey guys." Drayton said and Alisa stopped laughing

" Hi" Zayn said

" I see you guys are getting along really well" Drayton said

" Yeah, we are" Zayn said

" It is time to eat. Let's go outside" Drayton said

Zayn stretched his hand forward to pull Alisa up. She also streched her hand to reach his and they walked hand in hand to the eating place. Drayton felt weird seeing them together. 

'' What the hell was happening to him???'' He thought.


SQUEEE!!!!. Zayn has taken his first move towards her and Drayton feels weird at that. Find out what he does in the next update.......

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