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Organa Keto Food of industrial origin

Organa Keto Food with many quality nutrients, high in fiber, fats and proteins of vegetable origin. Your contribution to good nutrition should be daily. In the Mediterranean they have always been consumed as "seasoning", that is, in small portions that were added to the stew or stew. Currently they are consumed in excess, being very abundant in fats and proteins of animal origin. Especially on the part of children, who are not adapted to so many proteins and fats. We are not carnivorous animals!

Organa Keto Limit to the maximum. In the same way that to approve a new drug or drug a multitude of tests of adequacy are needed; To consume a new industrial food, multiple tests should be performed that validate it as appropriate. Until the academic authorities and state agencies do not make this regulation, we simply have to do without industrial foods. Most are governed by commercial and economic principles and in general, have excess sugar, salt, refined flours, cheap fats, additives, etc. They are harmful to preserve our health. I love sugar! And who does not? Come, who is the brave or the brave who raises his hand? (Not counting the exception that confirms the rule eh). We use a lot the label of people "addicted to sweet" to define those who have a difficulty in controlling the intake of sweet foods. In fact, just by putting in the search engine "Google" the words "addiction" and "sugar" we get more than 900,000 results. But is this assignment correct? Does sugar really create addiction?


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