Aint Nothing To It But To Do it.


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Aint nothing to it but to do it. In other words "shoot your shot." That's just another way of saying "go for it" for those afraid that I as a black man was already promoting gun violence not even a full minute into writing this book. Seeing how this will somewhat officially be my first book (I'll get into the somewhat later) I felt the need to make it not only relatable for myself but for others out there who are just starting out pursuing their passions. Sit back, relax and enjoy your read.

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Knowing Your Passion (where it all begins).

If you're passionate about something you should make it your life's purpose like lawyers and bounty hunters have a passion for justice. It took me a while to realize writing was my thing because my mind was directed toward other ventures. Ventures that I thought I had an interest in, but really didn't and ventures that I really wouldn't enjoy if I couldn't write about it. 

Where It All Began

    For me it started in the 5th grade during English class. Remember when I said I somewhat already written and published a book? Of course you do if you read the intro, but if you didn't I'll say it again. I somewhat wrote and published my first book in the 5th grade. Let me explain. During my 5th grade English class one of the projects we had to do in class was to write our very own short stories. Me being the moody pre-teen that I was I took that opportunity to write a ridiculous horror several months past October. heck, I believe it was the beginning of Spring. Long story about my first story short we (the students) wrote our story's and passed them around for the other's to read as well as the teacher. The room was silent for the most part except for the bits of giggles from various students. Me hearing these giggles thought "man, somebody must have written a really funny story. I wish people reacted to my story like that or at least like it" That somebodies story was mine. That was the first time in my life I made "a funny" and it felt good. Really good. My teacher said he liked how creative it was while a number of students just liked the comedy aspect of the story. One in particular raised the book up, looks right at me and says "Whoa! The Nose Knows...CLASSIC." The Nose Knows was the name of that book. 

Knowing Your Passion

    Anyways I'm getting distracted by my own 5th grade greatness. At the time I did not know I had a passion for writing. I wanted to be a fire fighter because I wanted to save lives without having to go to college. That is what I always knew. That I wanted to help people, save lives if possible. That and that I hated college, but that's for another story for another time. What I'm saying here is your passion can be connected to different career paths, but you should also know what works best for you. Confused? Let me give you another example. Remember when I mentioned my mind being focused on other career paths? Better hope to God you remember me saying that because It's literally stated at the beginning of this chapter, but I once thought of going into the field of Psychology once again because I wanted to help motherfuckas out (pointless comedic vulgarity. I mean no malice). Over the years of my college career I slowly began to realize that it was just too boring for me. The only times I'd get excited about Psyche was when I would daydream about all of the self help books I could write and when people came to me for guidance. Again that had nothing to do with Psychology and everything to do with my passion for helping people but because I told my high school guidance counselors and my personal guidance counselor (my mom) that I had a passion for helping people all three of the beautiful intelligent women told me that I should go into the field of Psychology, so I did. Well tried to do it and hated it. But shout out to all of the Psyche majors out there reading this. Bless your hearts and brains. Now do you get what I am saying? Your passion is what you love and may not be what you do. What you do is just an occupation. An occupation you can possibly lose due to a layoff or firing. Nobody who isn't you can take away your passion. So whatever it is to be on the safer side your Uncle, Brother, Father, Boyfriend, Husband, Male Mistress, Neighbor or friend, Ernest advises you to make your passion your life's work because no one can take that away from you. Not even Mr. Apprentice himself, Donald Trump.

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Green Light & The Waiting Game.

The Green Light

    Waiting for the opportunties to come your way is probably the worst thing you could do on your journey to greatness. I understand the feeling of not knowing where to start and being afraid to take risk, but I would not be writing this book if I just sat around and waited for handouts and opportunities. Would I accept any offers if I thought it'd be a good fit? Absolutely, but my drive doesn't start there. Believe it or not you are reading a book by an athor who has never seriously published a book. If you are reading this it is never too late to begin your journey. Do it until you die and I mean that literally. I don't care if you are 60 and looking back on your life wishing you could've spent more time and focus on your passion. You have time now. You have the green light. GO!

The waiting game is only good for one reason. Sex. To all the virgins out there reading this whether you are of legal breeding age or as old as Steve Carell was in that movie or older the only thing worth waiting for is your opportunity to lose your virginity. My first time was trash (that's a bad thing if you couldn't tell) and I wish I would've waited. Why did I just bring that up, well my can be like an over analyzed drawing of lines and dots. To some of you you're wondering "what the fuck is going on" to others you may see the lines and dots connecting clearly. Waiting for someone to recognize your greatness is an insult to someone else because that someone else is you. Before Oprah Winfrey or some other famous savior saw the bright green light in you, you saw that light within yourself. If you didn't you wouldn't have made it this far on your journey. You wouldn't be pursuing your passion. To consider your a "nobody" because someone famous hasn't recognized you is typically the first step to failure when on your journey. You should value your opinion about yourself over the opinions others may have. You should be your biggest most famous fan first before anyone else. Don't get me wrong I am all for taking advantage of the opportunities that you are fortunately given, but those opportunities can possibly be taken away. By giving yourself opportunities and creating your way there is no one with the power to stop or destroy those opportunities. Well no one but yourself. I told you before that only you can prevent your passion from flourishing. 


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The End...For Now.

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