My Best friends Murder


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We found her

 When we found her she was lying on the floor with blood covering her face. I just stared and I saw bonnie come to lick it up. "BONNIE NO!" I yelled at the dog and it went back outside. I crouched down and wiped the blood off her eyes they where closed. Then I realised the frount door was unlocked and nobody was in the house. I sat next to her and heard a horn outside I remember we where going to my house. I didn't looked shocked because all of my emotions didn't know what to do. I went back to the car and reality hits me. "RICH LINAS DEAD AND THE DOOT WAS ULOCKED AND EVERYONES GONE!" I start crying and get out the car a fair bit of nausea swept me and I vomited violently in the bush. My stepdad calls the police and they come over as soon as they got there Carolinas family came around the corner and stopped in horror as they saw there daughter get stuffed into a body bag then which gets loaded into a police van. I didn't see what happend after because rich took me home. I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room. Tears ran down my face as I realised my best friend is gone. She made me feel special she was the only person who understood me helped me and made me laugh. She was somebody to look up too everybody likes her and she--. A knock on the door alerts me and I race down stairs to open it. "Esmai, Carolinas death was terrible and I want you to say a few words at her funiral."

"Please... can I plan it? We both talked about it a lot,"

"Yes you can. Please make it special."

"I will I promise."

I lock the door and turn to see my mother in tears she ran down and hugged me so tight and wisperd "Esmai we are going to make linas funiral special..."

But something came to me that made me angry. W H O 

D A R E S   T O   K I L L  M Y

S E N P I A? I will find them and I will kill them. I'll make them suffer like they did to Lina.

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