Hero Of The Jungle


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 I have lived in the jungle as long as I can remember. Its a simple life. It almost makes me forget what happened that night. The men, they took away my parents. I escaped, not knowing what to come. Father had always told me to stay away from the jungle, but I guess without my parents I could do what I liked! Yet, that's exactly what my life is like here; free.

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My family

 Now how do you think I get along in the jungle so easy? Well, my first few nights were horrifying, snakes scattering around me as the moon rose above. But moons later, my family awaited me; the orangutan tribe. For me, it was destined. They found me dazing by the lake in the center, the men call it 'The Eye' as the jungle is completely circular around this one lake, where all animals gathered in peace. The orangutans were traveling there for their weekly water spree. The tribe seemed astonished to see man in the jungle; swinging their arms in the air and some cowering. Many were scared, but not the tribe leader, as I had figured out. He strode forward and gazed at me, puzzle. Unsure, I got up on my feet and started thumping my chest, showing them that I had some order of power. Surprised, he swung me on his back and headed back to hideout with the others. I was happy they took me in. I was starting to fear that I wouldn't last long without anyone to be with me.

Moments later, the leader set me down on some hard rock and plodded other to another of his tribe. I guessed that maybe they had mated. However, all of the other orangutans stayed clear of me, they didn't seem to have a significant other. They were very unsure of me, throwing me looks. I grunted loudly to clear them off, I wasn't sure that I liked them yet. I decided to call the leader 'Tachi', meaning 'strong' from where I came from. I also decided to call his other 'Meena' as she was very pretty. Finally I named the rest 'Ooka' for now as I didn't really like any of them personally yet. I predict we shall have to get along, or otherwise I wouldn't be able to settle into the tribe, and Tachi would have needed to kick me out.

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 Soon, I got to know everyone. But, in contrast, I still couldn't name them all, apart from the new baby Tachi and Meena had: 'Goru'. You see, now I had settled in, I had my favorite area to stay around the hideout. Tachi would always grunt at me if I went too far away.

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