Seeking Truth ( Bts X Got7)


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Essie - you ( Rebel but kind)

Seira - BFF /sis/ squad ( Another Essy- Rebel / Dumb but smart - if you know what i mean)

Cris- Squad ( Party,Hyped one)

Amber- Squad ( lazy, dgaf one)

Tina- Squad ( Beauty , the "Holy"one)

Cilla and Gracie- essys cousins

James Lee as your Uncle / Chairman of Empire

Mr Wang - Uncle James Secretary/ Friend

Mr Tuan - Uncle James Men / Friend

Sun Hee- Evil Aunt

Kim Sungyeol - Chairman of  EDRO 

Lee Hana- Essy's twin/ Rapmons deceased Girlfriend

Namjoon- Seira's older brother/ Lee Hana's boyfriend

Jackson, Bambam, Yugyeom- Childhood friends 

Minnie, Shine and Crystaline- Queenkas of High School ... Also BTS sidehoes... 

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Authors note

  Haiiiii! This is my first fanfic of bts and Got7 so please bare with any errors of this sitory and you know vote or comment to this book and enjoy .

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Back home again

 'Flight NZ002197 has arrived to Seoul, please take your...', ' the worst day to leave NZ. Did it have to Rain so hard? Lucky there was no storm, but still shoulda extended my flight to the next 10 years' i thought to myself. 

As i walked through the arrival doors, i stopped with my luggages and searched around to find my Relatives or their sidehoes - i mean Men, Since they rich asf.

"Min Yeol Unnie" , i heard a girl call out, ' who the hell used my real name' i thought. Until i saw two beautiful girls who are my cousins, i power walked to them and gave them a bear hug.

"Hi, beauties, You guys have grown up so much"

"Hi Unnie, i know its been long since we ve last seen eachother. But how was your five year 'Studying' Unnie", said the taller one named Cilla .

"Ah well, it was great, and it was actually the best 5 years of my teenage life to be honest"

"oh wish i could go overseas and live far away from Mom" Gracie pouted

"Ah dont worry , one day you will be free from her " i said in a promising tone. 

"Anyways, wheres Uncle?"

"Appas busy with Work" Gracie sighed. I knew their dad has been extremely busy for a while ever since theyre Mom ran away with most of the money, the two timing witch. Glad she still isnt around while im here. It was like Was like living in hell while staying with them, along with my twin Lee Hana. But anyways i do feel sorry for Uncle this is one reason why i came back to help him. 

" I see, dont worry gracie , Unnie here will take care of us. She ll be our Mom, aye Unnie" Cilla said trying to cheer up little gracie. I grinned.

"Sure, Unnie will try her best to take of yous as a Unnie, Mother and Bestfriend" i patted Gracie and caressed her cheek. She gave a sweet smile.

"Well lets go home now Unnie" 

"Arasoo, but how did you guys get here?"

"Ah , Uncle Wang is waiting outside "

"In the rain?"

"No, in the car he didnt come out because he didnt want to bump into people we dislike"


"Omma and Mr Kims people"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"We ll tell you in the car since Uncle Wang must be waiting"

We all left to the car with Cilla and Gracie leading the way ,while each of us carrying a luggage.

"Ah Agasshi, nice to see you again " i see Mr Wang opening the boot of the car .

"Ne nice to see you too, Mr Wang , its been a while"

" Yeah, last time i saw you, you were like Miss Cilla, but now you look more beautiful and healthier just like your deceased sister", Yep my twin sister passed away, while i was in New Zealand and again i was told that she died from sickness. Im pretty sure she was the healthiest in our family, even the week before she died we had a video call and she looked no where near sick . But i know she didnt die from sickness.

"Thanks Mr Wang" i said with a sad smile. 

"so wanna tell me about your Mom" as i said after hopping in the car with the rest.

"oh Uncle can we tell?" Gracie said.

"okay go ahead", So Gracie started explaining about that witch.

"Okay ever since Mom left, we found out that she married a rich man named Mr Kim who is the chairman of EDRO company-"

"Oh that famous technology thingy?"

"Yeah, that company... I think"

"Okay carry on"

"so anyways they've been trying to take oir company down by trying to kill Dad but i dont know why tho, but we didnt find out until uncle Tuan ended up in hospital trying to save Appa"

"Wahhhhhh???! Mr Tuans in hospital? How is he now???"

"Dont worry , hes just had some minor injuries, but hes taking a long rest so he ll be fine"

"okay, i didnt know a 11 yr old like you would know everything about this"

"Hey, im not a child anymore"

"Yes i know Gracie your grown up" i giggled .

I felt really sorry for not being there for my family when they were in big danger, if it wasnt for that witch who was the one that sent me off to New Zealand everything wouldve been different, slightly. 

"oh and also about Aunty Ma" Cilla said out of the blue.

"Huh? What about Mom?"

"The cause of her dea-" Mr Wang cut 

Cilla off , " Miss Cilla, You shouldnt tell her this information"

"What information?" 


"Well that wasnt nothing to me, What information?!?" I started to get a bit aggressive. 

"Nothing, its not our place to tell you these information, if you want to know ask your Uncle. He will be the one to discuss this matter"

I sighed. " Fine". It wasnt long until we got to the entrance of their home ... Or more like a Palace. Still the same though. 

Mr Wang and the girls and I started to unload the boot and out came the house maids who took the luggages from us and bought it up to my room.  Gracie and cilla followed them aswell.

" Hello Miss Min yeol, good to see you again" one of the house maids came and greeted. 

"Ohhh Mrs Song?" I said excitedly. I hugged her so tight and embraced her. She was like a Mother to me and my twin. She always fed and helped us, not as maid but as a mother , that we both lost at a young age. I missed her so much. Now shes getting old.

"Omg Mrs Song, i missed you soo much. Ive got a lot to tell you about"

"Haha i missed you too Min yeol, lets go inside then we can start talking". Me and Mrs Song walked into the house and sat in the living room chatting away about my five year trip in New Zealand.

A/n: heyy , sorry if this chapter is kaea ( stink/gay/shiz) , il try write better in the next chapter. 

Waiirruuuaaaa, okyeaaaaa👌🏻

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Adelaide Rothstone

I'm normally not into fanfictions, but since I love Kpop, I gave your story a shot. The first chapter was fine, I guess. Just mind proper capitalization and punctuation. It's a bit off putting to see random capital letters in the middle of a sentence when it's not needed and see names not spelt with a capital letter. Just edit it, and you should be fine. I hope you love this site.

Reuniting w/squad (1)

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Reuniting w/squad (2)

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