Alone in Alaska

Do you fear being alone? Imagine losing a loved one in a dark land of cold and danger, not knowing if they are dead or alive. You have to decide whether to wait for their return or risk your life in search for them. Amelia Narraway fights for survival when her husband suddenly goes missing in the wintry depths of Alaska. Her only...


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Decades ago, a mistrusting king rose to power. As his anxiety grew, he cultivated a group of men loyal to his rule—branding them as the Ransackers. Under the king’s orders, the Ransackers demolished the villages outside of the grand city’s walls, leaving nothing but smoke and ashes. Caster Siyuk is one of the few surviving...


Deep underneath the ragged city of Marenis, Areeve Waters has a secret: her brother is a murderer. Sent years ago from her house in a flurry of tears and terror, Areeve lived on the streets, squabbling for meals-until the children of Below welcomed her to their world. She lives her life in bliss, oblivious to the troubles of her past....