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Commercials with NKP

If you are a business and you are planning to have a commercial for advertising purposes, then there is a company that you should take a look at and who will definitely help you achieve your goals and dreams. This company is a TV commercial production company and they are efficient in providing services that you will love! New Kingdom Productions is this company and they are Beverley Hills based but they also have offices located in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, if need be, you can talk to them and they will fly out to wherever it is that you are located. If you wish to have a commercial made but have no solid idea of how to go about doing that, you can visit the New Kingdom Productions website at When you do visit their website, make sure to check their “about” page. For the information that is relevant to you, you will need to click on “services: and then on “commercials” because, of course, this is a commercial that you want to create and produce.


You can choose to, as they say, “green light” your production with them as they have professional staff that is there to help and assist and give you the best advice that you could possibly need. Stella Rosa Wines have used New Kingdom Productions to create and produce their advertisements and commercials, and you can view these either on the website or on YouTube. New Kingdom Productions is also a crowdfunding video production company and they have various things that they are capable of. This TV commercial production company tells you that you can, with them, showcase your Kickstarter project or crowdfunded project in style. New Kingdom Productions has done many of these crowdfunding video production commercials, music videos, infomercials and many more and they all amount to four hundred. Some of the companies which have used this crowdfunding video production company are El Wing, Quero Shoes, Cloud Keyz and Runway Heels. Because the people over at New Kingdom Productions know that everything about your commercial is important (especially the little details), they can assist you with professional advice and give you exactly what you ask for! They used their Kickstarter Project to fund Quero Shoes and this proved a huge success! They are smart people with great overall knowledge in the production industry, thus making them trustworthy and very valuable and reliable.


Their experience reaches far beyond even twelve years in the production world, and this is why you should choose them for your crowdfunding video production. New Kingdom Production always delivers the best quality videos and they find a way to always satisfy your needs. A lot goes into commercials and producing them, such as finding people to play certain roles, getting people to film your commercial, finding video editors with good knowledge for the best results, and finding people to finalize your commercial. NKP can promise you all of that if you just call them or go to their Beverley Hills location.

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