Fulfill Your Video Production Needs with New Kingdom Productions


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Fulfill Your Video Production Needs with New Kingdom Productions

Founded in 2010, New Kingdom Productions is a video marketing company Los Angeles and they are experienced (more than twelve years and counting) in the field of music video, infomercial, commercial and video production. This company is one of the best and highly recommended Los Angeles TV production companies that you will ever come across. Their services range widely and they offer you only high-quality work! As a video marketing company Los Angeles, New Kingdom Productions will cater to all of your video production needs. Their services include crowdfunding videos (crowdfunding video production company), commercials, corporate promotions, hospitality and music videos.


Because startup companies need something with which they can drive their initial success and eventually draw potential clients in with, this crowdfunding video production company can offer you their crowdfunding video production services because they know that you need something to help you build your success as a business. This is why they can offer you a Kickstarter project as you are a startup company. Their crowdfunding services include talent casting, creative writing, location scouting, location filming, filming permits, sound-stage rentals, hiring crew, editing, video finalizing, color grading, two dimensional and three dimensional graphics, music licensing, music voiceovers, and lastly, final delivery. As one of the top Los Angeles TV production companies, they promise you great service and will never fail to deliver. They have worked with and produced commercials for four different companies and have helped them grow tremendously and receive many clients alike.


The company’s corporate production and video marketing experience are located on their website at newkingdomproductions.com under the services link, which will then direct you to the link that reads “corporate/promo”. This will show you all the people they have worked with and who they currently are working with. Some of these particular people include Jillian Michaels, a world renown fitness enthusiast and instructor who everyone absolutely loves and adores. They also include different companies like KadusProfessional, Tailgate Fest and also Los Angeles Haunted Harvest. As an advertising company with such a broad range of experience that they have picked up and absorbed in more than twelve years, you cannot go wrong with this company that is called New Kingdom Productions. Their other corporate and promotional videos services include business video marketing, website commercials, company bio videos, company event videos and also company convention videos. They can also offer you amazing things like product demo videos and graphic videos. These things will greatly benefit you and you will be left speechless at how amazingly this company handles their clients and the work that their clients set out for them. You can advertise your company and/or your growing business with them if you are the adventurous entrepreneur type, you can produce your music videos with them and you will end up gaining more fans and receiving love from your current fans too if you are an artist. So, if you would like to have a company produce your videos for whatever the purpose, go to their website.

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