A Creative One-Stop Production Company with Innovative Video Ideas


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A Creative One-Stop Production Company with Innovative Video Ideas

There are a plenty of video production companies which make it hard to find a production company that a client would want to work with. However, that is not a problem for New Kingdom Productions. As one of the leading commercial production companies Los Angeles, the company has over 12 years of combined production experience with their trademark of creativity and attention to detail evident in their professional outputs. Since 2010, their goal is to create professional, innovative, and creative videos for their clients to further succeed and grow beyond their maximum potential.


As one of the many TV commercial production companies in the country, the company’s commercial production services ensure that the client’s production is green-lighted. With hundreds of elements that go into a TV commercial production, the production company’s team of experienced and talented directors, writers, graphic artists, editors, and crew are all specialized and experts in their respective fields.


And among the commercial production companies Los Angeles, New Kingdom Productions guide the client through every step and process of the production process. Starting from pre-production where the team’s creative developers work closely with the client to create a script and storyboard to ensure that the video’s message is portrayed and conveyed to the audience. Then the principle photography comes where the NKP’s team of skilled directors, producers, and cinematographers coordinate and cooperate with each other to have a unique and creative video. Afterward is the editing and color correction of the video to develop a cohesive and interesting output for the client. The final step is the voice over and sound design which focuses on the adjustment of audio levels, adding stock music or composing a customized track that fits the video to make sure that the project is broadcast safe and ready to be delivered.


Furthermore, not only do they serve the immediate market in Los Angeles and San Francisco, they can also fly out to the client’s company if requested. And as one of the trusted TV commercial production companies, New Kingdom Productions have completed 400 productions, ranging from crowdfunding videos, commercials, corporate or promotional videos, music videos, and even resort video production and hospitality marketing. This is thanks to the full-service video production that one of the reliable Los Angeles TV production companies offer, providing a one-stop shop production needs for all their clients; and maintaining in-house production operations with a production team that is composed of talented and dedicated individuals.


If you’re choosing among Los Angeles TV production companies, then New Kingdom Productions is the company to choose.  They understand that clients want creativity, skills, reliability, trust, cost-effectiveness, and a unique and professional output. That is why the company trains every member of their production crew to become an expert in their specific field and encourages them to keep on improving. This ensures our ability to produce different kinds of videos, from TV commercials, online commercials, music videos, infomercials, and more. This is to further improve our craft and potential as a production company that has served our growing list of clients.

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