Professional and Creativity-Driven Production Services at New Kingdom Productions


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Professional and Creativity-Driven Production Services at New Kingdom Productions

The New Kingdom Productions is a Los Angeles production company that has done 400 productions so far. Created In 2010, the production company has been producing commercials, infomercials, music videos, online commercials, and television commercials. In fact, with its experience in the industry, it has become a one-stop shop for each and every one of its clients’ production needs. Why? That’s because they provide script writing, shooting, editing, motion graphics, voice over recording, and more! By satisfying the needs of their clients, they have become an authority in offering reliability, creativity, cost-effectiveness, and a professional product. After all, it is their goal to help the company of their clients to grow through worldwide marketing. They help clients market and brand their company with innovative and appealing first-class videos.


But that’s not all the company does! As a production company Los Angeles, they not only focus on producing commercials but also video marketing, tutorials, viral videos, and television pilots. Let’s take a deeper look into their services.


The production company offers crowdfunding videos, where a client can raise money for a project or venture through a video. The video production company Los Angeles does all the work for a hassle-free experience for the client, starting from a creative writing, talent casting, and location scouting. They are also the one to hire the crew, get film permits, shoot the video at the selected location, and rent a soundstage. Then the post-production comes where they organize and edit the videos, including color grading, 2d, and 3d graphics, music licensing, and voice-overs. Some of the successful videos they have produced are for El Wing Boards, an electric skateboard; Quero Shoes, and Runway Heels.


New Kingdom Productions also make commercial videos where their talented and dedicated team guides the clients through the production process in producing a commercial. Some of the commercials that they have produced are for PETA, Stella Rosa Wines, and Doritos. Another one of their services is corporate production and video marketing. The Los Angeles production company has plenty of years in the production industry where their video marketing services are ideal for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Their marketing services are sure to educate, engage, and entertain the target audience of the client. The company offers a wide selection of corporate videos from business video marketing, company bio videos, convention/event videos, and product demos.


They also offer music video productions where the company’s skilled team of professional cinematographers, camera assistants, audio operators, and make-up artists work together to provide the best music video for the artists. The video production company Los Angeles ensures that the client’s idea and concept are fulfilled and portrayed in the video.


With over 12 years of combined production experience, New Kingdom Productions understands that clients need a company they trust. That’s why as a production company Los Angeles, every team member on the production crew has been trained and has their own expertise that the company continually strives to improve in order to become even better in the industry.


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