Bloody Rose


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Seven nations

 The life I live, my reality is unbelievable. I live amongst vampires, werewolves, witches, humans, and fairies. All nations are divided into seven. White butterfly, Red Cross, Black x, Blue knight, Silver swords, Purple magic, and Pink gifts. Each nation is special. Each nation is powerful in their own way. Unfortunately power makes enemies.

Pink gift was the weakest nation out of the seven. Only farmers and fairies live on this small land. I mention them first  because I always admired them for their peaceful land. All six great nations agreed to leave them out of the wars. In return the pink gifts will provide all nations with food, supplies, and other essentials. So the land became more of a business related recourse. Most of the farmers are old retired humans who seek peace before they pass. The fairies were kind creatures. Most were two inches tall. All fairies had their own unique power. Some heal the sick, some help the harvest grow, others can control weather. But the queen was the only fairy to have the gift of granting wishes. That's what also made this nation powerful.

Silver swords was an all human nation. This nation was known for their silver. They make the best weapons and traps for all beast. Silver affected vampires and werewolves the most. They as a nation is willing to sell silver to make a profit with other nations as well. 

They're war tactics were outstanding. The swordsmanship was out of this world for humans to accomplish. The only ally silver swords had was blue knights and pink gifts. The stubbornness of this nation is unbelievable.

Black x, was an all vampire nation. This nation was cruel and evil at times. Unpredictable but wealthy. They're known to be thieves and provide excellent poison that can even kill other vampires. Their poison made them powerful. Unfortunately this nation tries to pick a fight with everyone except white butterfly and pink gifts.

Purple magic, a beautiful nation full of nature and color! Witches and wizards run the land with power from their souls. They can cast spells, make potions, and charmed items to curse people. But they limited the knowledge of their power to outsiders in order to protect their nations secrets. The only nation they had a problem with was Red Cross, I don't blame them.

Blue knights, was an all human nation third most powerful. They became powerful because of their war strategy and weapon inventions. Lucky for them they're also the second richest nation. The main problem with this nation was their hatred towards werewolves and all vampires. So the only allies they had were silver swords, purple magic, and pink gifts.

Red Cross, were do I begin with this one? This nation only held werewolves. Their bond with one another was amazing along with their powers and strength as beast. This made them the second strongest nation. Their ruler was a strong and mighty king and kept the wolves in one nation as a family to prove they're mighty strength. But with this strength brought hatred towards them from the other nations so the only ally they had was pink gifts.

White butterfly is the strongest nation and the largest. It's the richest above all. It held only held the mightiest vampires. Half were pure bloods. Noble blood meant power. This nation only had two enemies Red Cross and Blue knight.

These nations are important because at some point in my life I'm involved in every single one of them. For my story, it's uneasy unrealistic . But it's my reality.

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