Best 2 restaurants in Malacca


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Best 2 restaurants in Malacca

Malacca has always been widely popular for its food and the same exists until date. The joints and the restaurants will cater to your taste buds will all kinds of local as well as international cuisines and you are sure to ask for more! The restaurants have the perfect ambience for you to sit comfortably and munch on to all what you want. The restaurants witness scores of local visitors on weekends to the extent where these restaurants attend to them by keeping tables and chairs outside under the open roof. The visitors have no qualms either as they are here simply for the food. If you are planning to visit these restaurants on a weekend make sure to travel by bus or else you will end up paying exorbitant taxi fares thanks to the traffic.

It is a well-known fact that Malaysia has some of the best road networks compared to the rest of the world. The roads here have been strategically planned and made to reach every corner of the city. In stark contrast to the monorail here, the roads here provide true point-to-point connectivity to the most important landmarks. Locals have always preferred buses to cabs for this very reason. Apart from this, the fares of buses are fixed and do not change depending on the hour of the day. The buses are always on time and have real time tracking systems so that you are not left waiting at the bus stop either. You do not have to carry cash or change thanks to this website, which lets you book tickets and pay for them online so you just need to get out of your hotel, board a bus and zip through the city. They also have some exciting discounts to offer!

The River grill
If you are looking forward for an intimate place to dine this can be your best bet as it has some of the most scenic restaurants. The River Grill restaurant just as the name suggests is located by the side of the Malacca River and is well known for its grilled food like sirloin steak, salmon carbonara. It proves to be one of the best places to dine at as it has an impressive list of wines to serve to its guests.

Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant
It is widely believed that the best tandoori and naan restaurants are located in Malacca. Make sure to try out Pak Putra’s fluffy naan along with tandoori chicken. These tastes of these dishes will make you order one more not because you are hungry but because it trickles your taste buds. The tables are kept in line along the side of the streets. You might find the service to be a little slow but it is definitely worth the wait. The finger licking Asian menu is something that you will find only in this hotel in the whole of Malacca. Also, try out the lassi after you are done with your meal.

You can easily reach the two restaurants by boarding the hop on hop off bus, which will drop you off at the entrance of the lane where these restaurants are located.


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