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Tranquille Road Animal Hospital is a popular animal clinic Kamloops that takes pride in its very thorough medical, surgical and dental care for pets and animals. This is the best Kamloops vet clinic that gives you and your furry friend a very ample and extendable time for more adventures through medical advice, quality veterinary and animal care, and the highest quality medications. Their founding Kamloops veterinarian, Dr. Anil Sharma, is a very experienced veterinarian and is licensed to treat pets and animals regardless of their diseases or needs.

They have the facilities, tools, equipment and many more that is really making use of modern day veterinary medicine. Modern Day Veterinary Medicine is very unique among all other fields in the medicine industry as it can be used on both animals and human beings. Dr. Sharma together with the other vets and staff is very open and very committed in serving and providing you and your furry friend the highest kind of care and compassion your pet needs. Due to this, your pet will get well and get back the way it was. Everyone at Tranquille Road Animal Clinic Kamloops is doing all of their best and efforts for you to enjoy the benefits of both modern medicine and highly specialized care. As a result, your pet has the most exciting and effective medical and treatment experience.

Everyone including the Kamloops veterinarian at TranquilleRoad Animal Hospital is still undergo several trainings and seminars just for them to stay on top of the veterinary business. They also continue to acquire medicine tools and equipment that make them a good healthcare provider in Kamloops. Aside from providing Behavioral counseling, Dental care, Urgent care appointments, Hospice services, In-house Lab and Pharmacy, Internal medicine, Microchipping, Nutritional counseling, Ophthalmology, Pain management, Parasite prevention and control, Radiology, Reproductive counseling, Surgery, Ultrasounds, Therapeutic Laser Therapy, Vaccinations, Wellness exams, Health Certificates, and International travel accreditation, they also offer full medical, diagnostic and surgical services, an in-house laboratory, pharmacy, boarding and grooming.

Have your furry friend checked in at Tranquille Road Animal Hospital now and be surprised on how healthy your pet is now as they can provide your pet with the best nutrition and enough exercise they need. The staff behind Tranquille Road Animal Hospital has also dedicated a lot of their personal time and effort just for them to be able to educate their clients what it really takes to keep their pets in their healthiest state for the whole year or even their whole life time. They are also staying on top of their competitors. And above all, they are also able to remember the reason why they came into this industry, to love and take care of animals and pets whether they only like to have themselves checked or have a surgical procedure done to them. 

If you are looking for the best Kamloops vet clinic, look no more as Tranquille Road Animal Hospital surely got your back. Contact the customer care team now and schedule an appointment with them!

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