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Chapter 1

 Troy Bolton walked up to the bottom of the steps that led to East High.He paused briefly and took a deep, calming breath. 'Here it is' He thought to himself. 'Sophomore year'.

With one more deep breath He ascended the steps toward the entrance to the school.

Once at the top of the steps he spotted his best friends, and fellow Wild Cat basketball team mates. He plastered a grin on his face to hide the nerves that he thought he had calmed already.

"Hey guys." He greeted happily. They all turned at once and grinned. "Hey Bolton" Chad was the first one to greet him and clap a hand on his back."Hey" Zeke and Jason echoed just as happy to see their Team Captain.

"How was your summers?" Troy asked to strike up a conversation among his friends as they made their way towards the doors and entered the building.


Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan are just now pulling into the parking lot of East High in their limo.

Sharpay took this time to pull out the mirror and reapply some foundation. Ryan grunted in disapproval. She cut her eyes at him "What?"

"Come on Shar, we are going to be late. It's our first day at this school." He said softly.

"I'm just making sure I look perfect for the guys today!" She defended.

Ryan just rolled his eyes, knowing good and well that boys would run as soon as they got to know the real her.

"And you're one to talk! You spent like three hours on your makeup this morning" she continued.

Ryan blushed at her emphasis on the word makeup. "I was NOT putting on makeup" he scoffed.

She didn't look like she believed him. He just rolled his eyes again and exited the limo. "Come on before we are really late, Ry!" Sharpay all but screeched.

Huffing he followed. "I hate being called 'Ry' " he mumbled as he hurried to keep up with his sister, wondering how she was moving so fast in those heels.

Troy and Chad had taken their seats in their homeroom class. Zeke and Jason had a different homeroom, they probably wouldn't see them until lunch but that was alright because he had his best friend with him.

He and Chad had been in the same class since kindergarten and have been best friends since day one.

The late bell was ringing as the door opened to the classroom. Everyone turned to look as Sharpay and Ryan Evans walked in.

She seemed to enjoy all of the eyes on her but he was blushing lightly and focusing on his feet. Ryan didn't really like the attention like he did.

All of the boys were staring and smiling at her. Ryan had to suppress a small laugh at mean look she was getting from the female population in the room.

"Ah! There you are!" Mrs. Darbus announced clapping her hands together to get everyone's attention(Not that it was necessary)

Except Troy, he was in his own little world. He barely noticed what was going on. "This is Sharpay Evans and her Brother Ryan" She introduced them.

Sharpay's eyes sparkled with happiness of being the center of attention. Ryan just placed himself behind her. "Hello everyone!" She bubbled "Its so nice to be here" She cooed.

Ryan kept his eyes on a particularly interesting spot on the floor. "Hello" He spoke softly, blushing slightly.

Troy picked this moment to look up and acknowledge the new students, which was a mistake on his part really.

Troy's POV

I was in my own little world. I barely noticed people gawking and someone talking. I looked up, and I really wish I hadn't, I caught with the sister...what was her name again?

I did all I could do. I smiled politely and looked everywhere but her, she had this mischievous look in her eyes that made me super uncomfortable.

In my effort to look anywhere, and I mean anywhere else, my gaze landed on the person basically being shielded by his sister.

I took in the way he looked, He had on a fedora...that is...unusual, blonde hair tucked under the hat. I can't see his eyes because he won't look up, he must be shy, nothing like his sister I noted.

I guess he could feel my eyes on him because he looked up quickly and met my gaze for a quick second. His eyes, he had beautiful eyes...wait beautiful? I shake my head and blush slightly but I don't look away, he does, back to his feet.

I take in the rest of him. He's pretty skinny with skin that is pale and the complete opposite to mine. He is wearing a pristine white polo pants...this guy is definitely...different he thought.

Regular POV

The seat next to and behind Troy were open. Of course Sharpay took the one next to him, which was fine by Ryan he preferred the back.

They took their seats. Sharpay immediate turned to Troy. "Hi, i'm Sharpay" She bubbled. Troy just looked at her for a second and managed to introduce himself "Um...Troy" he said politely.

Ryan just rolled his eyes and mumbled something inaudible. But it didn't go unnoticed. He looked up to see the very tan boy in front of him turned around looking at him intently.

'Oh crap, what did I miss? He looking at me like he's expecting something' Ryan panicked. "Wha...what?" He managed to stumble out only blushing slightly.

Troy chuckled slightly, making Ryan blush a little more, "I said, Hey I'm Troy" he repeated grinning at the other boy.

"Ry...Ryan" He managed.

"Nice to meet you." Troy said happily.

"" Ryan said with a small smile and blushing more.

Troy turned around still grinning. 'This is going to be a great year' He thought to himself. Ryan continued to smile as well for the rest of the period.

Ryan and Sharpay had different lunch hours so he was walking alone down the hall to trade his books for his next set of classes.

He had just closed his locker when part of the football team came down the hall in a group, leaving the lunchroom.

Ryan turned to walk towards the lunchroom when all of a sudden he was pushed up against the locker he had just closed.

"Hey Fag, nice pants." He heard one of the say before his stomach exploded in pain, he doubled over, guessing the owner of the voice had punched him.

The football players all laughed at his pain and kept walking in the direction they were going before, like nothing had happened.

Ryan took a deep breath and regained his composure, wiped his eyes from where a few tears had slipped out from the pain, and continued to make his way to his original destination, the lunchroom like nothing had happened.

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Chapter 2

 Ryan entered the cafeteria and looked around briefly before focusing on where he was going instead of the people he figured were looking at him. He took a deep breath and went to stand in the lunch line.

Troy was sitting around with all of his friends just laughing and joking when he noticed the new boy walk in. He noticed that the poor guy looked nervous.

Troy went to get up and go greet him when he felt a hand on his chest. He looked down at it and followed the offending hand up to its owner. "Chad? What are you doing" he asked curiously.

"Me? What are YOU doing?" Troy frowned. "Well for your information I was going to go say Hello to the new kid. He's in our first class." Chas just shook his head. "I know he is. Troy, look how he's dressed. You really think these guys" gesturing to their friends "would accept someone like him?"

The way Chad said "him" really got under his skin for some reason, but he just shook it off. Troy rolled his eyes and tried to walk over to Ryan again but was once again stopped by Chad.

"Come on man just let it go." Chad said. Troy huffed and nodded and returned to his place at the table, still watching Ryan out of the corner of his eye.

Ryan got his lunch and paid for it. He then turned to survey where he was going to sit. He spotted an empty table. 'Good, empty.' He thought and took another deep breath and headed over to the table. He sat his food down and pulled a book out of his bag and read while he ate.

Troy sighed 'He hasn't made any friends yet, he's eating alone' he thought sadly. 'Screw this' was his next thought as he got up before Chad could notice and walked over to The table where he was sitting. He didn't seem to notice Troy's presence at first so he cleared his throat which made the boy jump and flinch.

Ryan's POV

'This food is awful, but this book is pretty good.' I muse to myself while I enjoy my much needed silence and peace. Then someone clears their throat.

I almost jump out of my skin which makes the bruise I'm sure is forming on my abdomen hurt which makes me wince in pain. I look up and see who the offender is.

"T...Troy?" I mange. He gives me a, what I can only describe as dazzling, smile and I blush slightly, adverting my eyes.

"Hey Ryan." He continued and I'm trying really hard to focus on his words but it just isn't working.

"W...what?" I ask softly. Troy laughs and says "I said how is your first day going? Have you made any new friends" all I can do is shake my head no 'Great he probably thinks I'm an invalid.'

I sigh and was just about to speak up but then someone else approached with a basketball in tow. My eyes get a little wider but I advert them to the book I was reading to keep Troy from seeing my reaction.

Regular POV

Once Chad had realized where Troy had run off to, he decided he needed to "save" him. He grabbed his basketball and headed over. The two didn't know he was there until he was right on them.

He saw the new kids eyes get kinda big and look away. 'Jeez jumpy much? It's not like I'm going to hit him with the ball' Chad thought to himself.

Troy had caught Ryan's reaction as well but chose not to address it right now. Chad placed the ball on the table and leaned on it.

"Come on El Capitan. It's time to practice some free throws. Just because you're the captain doesn't mean you don't need practice" Chad joked.

Ryan spoke up softly "C...Captain?" He asked looking between the boys. Troy had a shy grin and his hand on the back of his head. 'Why am I blushing??' Troy thought but pushed it to the back of his mind as quickly as it had appeared there.

"Yeah...I'm the Captain of the Basketball team" he said a little embarrassed by the attention that was on him. "'re a jock..." Ryan said softly, it wasn't a question, just an observation. But he sound disappointed.

Troy smiled and said proudly "Yeah I am". He hasn't noticed the disappointed tone. "Come on man" Chad pushes. "I think my free throws are just fine thank you very much. I'm just gonna talk to Ryan here for a little longer." He shot Chad a look that said 'don't start'.

Chad was about to give up when Ryan spoke up again. "No, it's okay go practice I have to go anyways." He looked to Chad "Nice to meet you"

Ryan gatherd his stuff and was walking away before Troy could really even process it. He huffed and mumbled "good job Chad" and walked off. Chad just sat there confused 'What'd I do?' He thought.

Ryan made it out the doors of the lunchroom and he could finally take a breath. 'That was close, guess they didn't want to make a scene in the Cafeteria' he thought as he walked towards his locker.

When he reached his locker Sharpay was waiting on him. Signing in relief at the familiar face, he greeted his sister "Hey Shar. How's your day going?" She carried on about boys and classes and everything else. He wasn't really listening.

The bell rang and he sighed again. 'Time for gym' He thought.

Ryan walked into the gymnasium and saw everyone standing around with, who he assumed to be the coach, in the middle.

He spotted Troy and the other boy from the cafeteria, they had their Wildcat basketball uniforms on. 'Bolten' was written on the back of Troys and 'Danforth' on the back of the other boy's jersey he noticed.

They were laughing about something after the coach had said be quite. He then saw the Coach slap Troy upside his head and told him to hush, which Troy laughed and did. Ryan's face screwed up. 'Are the coaches allowed to do that here?'

"Okay everyone, I'm coach Bolton, most of you know that and you also know this will be a second study hall for everyone not on the basketball team. We use this class for an extra practice. So take your seats on the bleachers and do something productive with your time" Ryan understood now. 'His father' he thought to himself.

Everyone not on the team headed for the bleachers. Ryan saw Coach Bolton put his arm around Troy and ruffle his hair, to which Troy laughed and headed out to the court.

Ryan smiled sadly 'Maybe I should have taken up sports...then maybe dad would actually like me.' He then shook the thought from his head and pulled out his book again while the boys started practice.

About 20min before the period was over Coach Bolton told the boys to go shower up. Ryan had looked up and seen Troy wave at him as they headed into the locker room. He just pretended he didn't see it and looked back at his book. Troy frowned a little bit proceeded to the locker room. Chad saw this exchange and screwed his face up and followed his friends into the locker room.

When they got in the locker room Chad chose to speak up. "What are you doing Troy?" He asked. Troy frowned "What do you mean?"

Chad sighed. "With the new kid..." Chad was cut off by Troy "Ryan" he corrected. Chad shot him a look "With Ryan...he obviously doesn't want a friend. I mean he ignored you and barely talks" Chad reasoned.

"I think he's just shy. Everyone needs a friend, Chad" Troy defended. "If you hang out with him people are gonna think know..." Chad reasoned.

Troy's face screwed up, he knew what Chad was saying but he wanted to hear him say it. "They'll think I'm what exactly?" He lookedpointedly at his friend who now had his hand on the back of his neck looking everywhere but Troy.

"" Chad whispered like it was the worst thing ever. Troy huffed. "What if I was?" He found himself asking and not knowing why. Chads eyes got big "Are you??"

Troy cut his eyes at him, but he wavered a little bit "N...No! but if I was, would you just stop being my best friend?" Chad was mad now "Of course not! You're my BEST friend! Do you think something like that would change it??" He asked.

Troy smirked. Realization hit Chad, he sighed. "You're right, it shouldn't matter. We can both try to make him feel welcome." The bell rang.

Chad said defeated. "I forgot my books on the bleachers. I'm going to run and get them. I'll catch up with you." Troy grinned and nodded okay.

Chad walked out of the locker room mumbling "Stupid Troy...making me be a decent human.." he laughed to himself. He stopped walking when he heard a noise from the hallway that lead into the gym. He walked over and was shocked at what he found.

-With Ryan-

The be finally rang and everyone started to leave. Ryan wanted to finish up his chapter so he hung back for a minute. He marked his page and got up to leave.

He heard voices coming from the hall that lead out. "I have to talk to coach Bolton real quick" one male voice said, making Ryan freeze up. To which the other responded "You're not even on the basketball team" Relaxing Ryan as he walked for the hallway.

He got half way down only to be greeted with the wall. Someone had slammed him against the brick wall.'That's going to leave a mark' He thought.

He looked up to see who had done it. It was the same guy from ealier 'Just my luck' he thought bitterly. His thought was cut short by a fist connecting with his face, his attacker rared back again to hit him a second time.

He closed his eyes but nothing happened. He heard another voice "What's going on here?" The voice asked.

He couldn't see who it belonged to yet. 'I know that voice' Ryan thought. The bully responded to the voice "None of your business Danforth" he spat. Ryan flinched.

He could hear the smirk in the next response. "Well you're in MY gym so I believe I'll make it my business, or do we need to ask coach Bolton who's business it is?" The bully huffed and dropped Ryan, who immediately got up and collected his Things and his thoughts.

One more push from the bully ,against the wall and he mumbled "Not worth it". Ryan was trying to regain composure heard footsteps coming towards him, they stopped in front of him and offered him a hand and he flinched away.

He mumbled a "Thanks" and got up and headed out of the gym.

Chad's POV

I had just peeked around the corner to see the ne...Ryan pressed against the wall by one of the neadrathals on the Football team, Bryce I think it is" Looked like he was about to hit him.

I sigh, I can't let them do it, it's not the type of person I am. "What's going on here?" I ask. Bryce responded that it's none of my business in which I asked if I needed to ask the coach whose business it is.

I cringed when he pushed Ryan against the wall again. I walk down to give him a hand. He flinched away but I saw a bruise forming on his jaw. I sighed 'I was too late, I thought I stopped it'.

I was going to tell him that I was sorry for how he was being treated but he jumped up and left. But now I have a dilemma. "Do I tell Troy..."

Ryan's POV

I made it to my next class. My jaw was already swelling. But I just ignored it and came in and sat in the back, the only free seat was by Troy. 'Great' I thought.

I could feel his questioning eyes on me but I kept my eyes on my desk, I wouldn't be able to keep the tears away if I looked up and I refuse to cry. They won't get the satisfaction.

Troy's POV.

I hear the door open. I look up and see Ryan. 'What the...' I thought. His face looks like it has a bruise forming, it's puffy too. I keep looking at him, I know he can feel it, but he refuses to look up.

I make a mental note to talk to him after class. I hear the door open again. And I see Chad slip in looking...guilty? I automatically get angry.

'Did Chad do this to him?!' He thought. 'I'll talk to them both after class' He thought with a frown.

The frown lasted the entire class period.

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