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 A/N: Okay it's kind of short, but I swear I'm writing chapter 2 as soon as I post this. This is just in introduction to Dean. Next will be Castiel.

Comment and let me know if you think this story is any good. Hope you like it! Pleas let me know what you think! 


Dean reached over to turn off his alarm. Now that would be easy if he was cocooned in his covers,with only his hand reaching out to find the offending object in question. 

Finally his head emerged to scowl at his alarm clock which read 6:00am. Hitting the snooze button, admittedly a little too hard, he groaned. "Time to get up" he sighed, talking to no one. 

He grumbled and swayed as he walked down the dark hallway, cursing quietly as he ran over some toy that was left in the hallway. 

He made it to the bathroom without breaking his neck, shockingly. He made a mental note to make the kids clean up before bed, and not let them sucker him into another 'I'll do it tomorrow daddy'. "Damn puppy dog eyes" he grumbled as he starts the shower.

When the water was the right temperature he stepped in and sighed in content as the warm water cascaded over his skin. 

After his shower, and feeling more like he was now in the land of the living, Dean made his way to the kitchen and turn the coffee pot on. 'Time to get the demons up' he thought jokingly to himself. 

He sighed, for what felt like the hundredth time that morning, and made his way up the stairs to wake the kids. 

He made it to the top of the stairs and down the short hallway, he opened the first door on his left. He turned on the light, because no way was he navigating the mine field that was his son's room in the dark. 

Dean walked over to the bed and chuckled, his son was cocooned much like himself earlier. He pulled the cover off  "Come on kiddo, time to rise and shine" he said happily. All he got was a groan from the child. "Come on kiddo, first day at your new school." 

This time the child opened one emerald green eye, that matched perfectly with his father's, at him as if surveying the situation. Dean waited patiently until he saw the boy make a move. "Come on Xander, we are gonna be late. I still have to get your sister up" he explained. 

There was a thumbs up from the boy and Dean exited the room. He made his way to the door beside Xander's room. He opened the door and turned on the light, to yet another mine field. 

He repeated the process of getting Xander up and got about the same response. "Come on Sammy, it's time to wake up" he then got a thumbs up from her, much quicker than her brother He exited her room and headed for the stairs. 

Stopping on the landing he turned and called back "I'm going to drink coffee so I can feel human, get up and get dressed." He said before descending the stairs. "Don't forget your teeth" he called over his shoulder before he came to the bottom of the stairs.

About twenty minutes later, still no kids, Dean glanced at the clock 7:30. He walked over to the stairs and yelled up "The car is leaving at 7:45 with or without you, breakfast or no breakfast. I suggest you get your butts in gear" he warned. 

Before he could get the whole sentence out the kids came fumbling down the stairs, fully dressed and bickering on their way down. 'Hmmm I didn't have to use threats this morning' he thought to himself and chuckled out loud. 

You would think they were twins by the looks of them. They resembled each other so much, basically carbon copies of their father, with dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Not to mention the freckles that are scattered on their noses and cheeks. 

But they weren't twins. They were only a year apart. At  eleven Xander acts just like his father when he was younger, much to Dean's dismay, which included old band shirts and a temper. At ten Samantha was the exact opposite of her father and brother, Dean was definitely happy about this he didn't think he could handle another him or Xander. 

Samantha reminded him of his brother Sam, who she is named after. They haven't been close for years but Dean loves his little brother. She loves to read and has top marks in her class, just like Sam. They're so much alike sometimes it makes Dean smile a sad smile. He misses his brother. 

"Sorry but Xander" She said putting emphasis on her brother's name and glaring his direction "Took forever in the bathroom!" She finished exasperatedly. 

"Hey!" Her brother exclaimed "It takes a while to look this good" he said, gesturing to himself and smirking. That smirk could almost rival his father's, almost. Dean chuckled. "Okay okay, go eat some breakfast guys" He told them. They ran off to the kitchen for a pop tart and a juice. 

Once they ate all they wanted it was 7:45. "Okay, load up. School time" Dean Instructed them. They raced each other out to the Impala siting in the driveway, racing for the front seat. "Both in the back!" Dean called as he locked the door.

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 A/N: Here it is as promised, 2 chapters in one day! Hope you enjoy it! 

Please let me know if I should continue! Let me know what you think! 

Castiel awoke with a start 'I'm late!' He screamed internally and jumped out of bed, and ran to the bathroom. He turned on the water quickly, not waiting for it to get warm, he hissed as he stepped under the water. 

After a quick shower and literally throwing on his clothes, his tie was even lopsided, he grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of water and bounded out his front door. 

He made it to school in record time, before any students arrived. He plopped down at his desk just as students started to pile in, greeting him as they took their seats. 

"Good morning Cas!" Each of them called and he gave them a small wave. Once everyone was in their seats he went to the board and wrote "Good morning class!" In big letters and smiled when they all said good morning in unison. 

He grabbed his roll sheet and passed it around the room for the kids to put an 'X' by their name. He then wrote "History!" On the board. "Read chapter 3 and answer questions" was written under that, he turned and knocked on the board twice signaling the class to look up. 

He took up the roll sheet and went over to his desk to record the roll for the day while the kids got started on their history work. The day had gone by without a hitch, it was story time. Yes, they were in third grade now but Cas liked to keep them as young as possible for as long as possible. 

So he goes all out for story time, acting crazy and just having fun. He had them all seated on the floor and hit play on the radio. He was half way through the story, the kids were laughing like crazy when he hears a knock at the door. 

Dean's POV. 

It took longer than he thought to get to school. He had already went in and made sure the kids transcripts came and all that parental stuff. He then walked Xander to his room and were on their way to 'MR. Novak's room' Dean reminded himself. 

It was already thirty minutes into the morning, so all the classes had already began. 'So much paperwork. I hate paperwork ' he grumbled to himself as they made their way down the hallway. 

"You okay there squirt?" He asked Sam. She smiled up at her father "Yeah Dad, I'm fine" she assured him. "I just hope this school will be challenging" she finished. Dean chuckled softly 'Sounds just like Sammy.' He thought sadly. 

They finally found themselves in front of the correct class room. He knocked on the door and opened it. Dean was a little stunned. In front of him was a slightly thin man, with unruly black hair. Said man had beautiful blue eyes, eyes that you must definitely could lose yourself in. 

But that wasn't what shocked Dean, what shocked him was that the man had the sleeves of his white button down folded up, showing off a tattoo on both forearms and a tie tied around his head. 

They had heard laughing before they walked in, probably because of the site in front of him, but now you could hear a pin drop. The man in front of him straighten up, as if putting on his professional 'mask', and took off the tie on his head, setting it down. 

He made his way over to Dean and held out his hand, He took it and shook. "Hello, I'm Dean" he introduced himself with a crooked smile. 'What are you doing, don't smile at a stranger like that you idiot' he chided himself. "And this is Samantha, she's in your class" 

The man's face lit up but he didn't respond. Dean raised an eyebrow at the lack of communication coming from this man. The blue eyed man walked over to what Dean assumed to be his desk and he waved Dean over.  

Dean walked over there, Sam in tow, and watched as he sifted through the papers on his desk and grabbed a piece of blank paper and scribbled something down. Dean raised another eyebrow and read what the man wrote. 

"Hello! My name is Castiel Novak." 

Dean made a face and asked "What's going on..? Why aren't you saying anything..?" Dean asked hesitantly. 'Was this apart of whatever he was doing when we came in..?' He wondered to himself. 

Castiel grabbed the paper back and scrawled something else down quickly. 

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend you by not speaking. You see, I can't. I'm mute"

Dean just stared at the paper for a minute and nodded. He looked back up at Castiel, who was still smiling. 'He must be used to giving people a chance to let it sink in' Dean thought again. "Oh" was all Dean could say 'Real smooth Winchester!' He chided himself. 

Castiel went over to his board. "Time for math!" He wrote on, there was a collective groan for the class. He smiled and continued to write as the kids chattered. 

"Page 21-25 Show your work" he then knocked on the board twice and all the talking stopped and all eyes were forward, impressing Dean. Castiel wrote again "This is Samantha, she is new. Be NICE" he underlined the word nice a few time,Dean smiled. Castiel made his way back to his desk and grabbed the paper again "She can take any open Desk, it's nice to meet you Samantha!" He wrote with a smile. 

"Nice to meet you too Mr. Novak!" She said happily. He smiled and shook his head and scrawled "Call me Cas" across the page. "Cas" she corrected and went to take her seat. 

"It was nice to meet you Cas, I'm gonna go and let you get back to teaching" Dean said holding out his hand, Cas took his happily and nodded his head as if saying 'You too' 

Dean exited the classroom and made his way to his car. 'You do NOT have a hot teacher crush!' He told himself over and over again. But it was useless, he had a hot teacher crush. Dean sighed muttering "this will be an interesting year."

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